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Cosa regalare ad una neomamma

What to give to a new mother

A friend or family member of yours has just become a new mother and you will surely have to go and visit her, regardless of whether at home or in the hospital, bringing her a gift for the happy event. In most cases, choosing the right gift for a new mother is very difficult, especially if you have a close friendship. So you need to give a heartfelt, thoughtful and carefully studied gift for the person who has just given birth.

Come aprire un'impresa di pulizie

How to open a cleaning business

Are you thinking of opening a cleaning business but don't know how? Read our guide to get useful advice and information regarding the bureaucracy, the requirements and the investments to make to start this business in the best possible way.

Cosa regalare alla migliore amica

What to give to your best friend

Choosing a gift for your best friend can be an incredibly difficult choice to make. We talk to her every day, but when it comes to giving her a gift we fall into total uncertainty, because we are afraid of giving something that she might not like. Remember that the gift must always be personal and based on your interests, hobbies, passions or sports practiced. If you don't know what to give your best friend, we recommend you continue reading this guide for advice and ideas.

Regalo compleanno suocera

What to give your mother-in-law for her birthday

Giving your mother-in-law a birthday gift can be more complicated than expected. Navigating between objects that this person already owns, personal tastes and economic availability is certainly not easy, however it is possible to follow some advice to make the best choice.

Quale GoPro comprare

Which GoPro to buy

The Gopro is a video camera capable of filming the dynamic action of one or more subjects in any weather condition or in any mobile context. It is estimated that 40% of professional videos on YouTube were shot with a GoPro camera, this says a lot about the technological impact that the product has had and continues to have on consumers. Read the guide if you don't know which GoPro to buy.

Come aprire negozio Tezenis

How to open a Tezenis underwear shop

Tezenis is a brand belonging to the Calzedonia Spa group and is characterized by having a vast franchising network throughout Italy. Its sales and affiliation strategies, in fact, have allowed it to penetrate the market and establish itself in a solid position. Read the guide to find out how to open a Tezenis store.


How to open an Intimissimi shop

Intimissimi is one of the best known and most appreciated underwear brands. Present widely in Italy, it is certainly one of the brands that those who want to open a franchising business can most easily think of. Here, then, is a guide on how to open an Intimissimi franchise store.

Idee regalo originali per lei

Original gift ideas for her

Whether it's your mother, daughter, girlfriend, sister or friend, when it comes to a special occasion you always need to give a suitable gift. Furthermore, it is necessary to take into account what the event in question is: in fact Valentine's Day is different from Christmas, a birthday is not the same as a wedding anniversary. At the same time, gifts are very different depending on the person who gives them. Let's see some original ideas for various occasions.

Idee regalo per compleanno 30 anni

Gift ideas for men aged 30

If your friend, relative, brother or boyfriend is about to turn 30, you need to find an appropriate gift. Obviously the gift ideas you can choose from change depending on the recipient's relationship with the person giving the gift. Let's see together some original ideas for the occasion.