What to give to your best friend

Cosa regalare alla migliore amica
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A gift for a friend is never easy to find as it must be heartfelt, original and in line with her personal tastes. It also needs to demonstrate how much you mean to the other person. There are many ideas that can be created depending on the budget available and the occasion you want to celebrate. For example, a much appreciated gift is the organization of an outing together, so as to make the gift a real experience designed down to the smallest detail. These solutions are particularly appreciated because they are unique and truly memorable; they also allow friends to spend time together. The choice of destination depends on the occasion and, alternatively, you can focus on an experience designed only for the birthday girl. In this case it is best that he can enjoy it on the day he prefers, so as to avoid problems regarding commitments and schedules. For example, for her birthday you can give her a treatment in a beauty centre , a concert ticket or a dinner in a restaurant . If you want to give a personal gift for a small occasion, you can opt for a DIY creation: you can prepare a collage of photos , perhaps create a notebook of scraps and decorate it with accessories, ribbons or ticket stubs of various kinds. Alternatively, you can opt for a personalized photo book or calendar , choosing only the images that portray you together. In this way, a chronological history of friendship is created to remember the many moments spent together. On the first page you write a beautiful dedication, which expresses your feelings or a quote from a much loved author or character. You can also leave some pages free to insert other images and continue the story. In this way the photo album given is also a wish to continue the friendship for a long time. Photos can also be printed on a mug, smartphone case or T-shirt. It is a tangible testimony of the friendship and bond created, to be remembered every time the donated object is used. For the same reason, videos that bring together the most important video messages exchanged or a compilation made especially for the birthday girl with the musical pieces she appreciates most are highly appreciated. Furthermore, it is good to keep in mind your friend's personal tastes, character, interests and hobbies, so as to always choose a gift that you find pleasant. In fact, the object to be donated must arouse his interest, not that of the person who buys it. For example, if she loves films, a personalized collection is created, while for a girl who practices physical activity, we recommend technical sports clothes or a gym membership . Very often we decide to opt for a jewel as it is an excellent gift idea for a woman. However, to avoid it being a generic and little-felt gift, it is good to give a touch of originality to the gift. Among the most popular solutions are a necklace with the infinity symbol , a pendant with the names of both combined with a piece of jewelry with a simple design or a personalized bracelet. These are jewels that give the idea of a deep friendship that lasts a long time. Alternatively, two bracelets can be made, one for the birthday girl and one for the donor, each with the other's name. Another original gift idea for small but heartfelt occasions consists of a key ring that splits in half : it is a useful and valid object both for lovers and for a couple of best friends. The key ring can reflect the Chinese symbol of Yin and Yang, be smooth or engraved on the surface. For example, the element can bear the words Forever or the names of both friends: in both cases it is the symbol of a friendship that continues over time and will never end.

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