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Wireless anti-theft system in kit: how to choose it

Almost all thefts occur when there is no one at home, and in recent years thefts from homes have increased, so much so that according to some estimates, assets worth around 40 million euros have been stolen, practically a theft every 2 minutes. For this reason it may be interesting to equip yourself with a wireless anti-theft kit, a low-cost system that can help you make your home thief-proof.


Home burglar alarm: how to choose and install it

The home burglar alarm is a technological product that requires great care in its choice because it is to it that we entrust our peace of mind when we are in the apartment and especially when we go out. Between perimeter systems, volumetric sensors, infrared, microwave and radio technologies, the choice is often really complicated, here is a guide that will help you shed some light.

Migliori stufe portatili a gas GPL

Best LPG gas stoves

LPG gas stoves are practical and economical systems for heating rooms and making them comfortable. They represent a valid alternative for the home or office, where air conditioning systems are missing, or to avoid using them at full capacity and limit consumption. There are several reasons for purchasing LPG gas stoves. First of all, the purchase prices which are quite accessible, their functionality and the low fuel supply costs.

Mobile coprilavatrice

Washing machine cover cabinet

A washing machine cover is a very useful solution for hiding this appliance from view and giving the environment a tidier, more organized and better appearance from an aesthetic point of view. There are many models on the market, different in materials used, finishes, dimensions and technical characteristics. It is therefore necessary to carefully evaluate various factors to choose the solution best suited to your needs.

Migliore insetticida anti formiche

Insecticide for ants

There are many products on the market to disinfest ants in your home or office, but be careful, not all are the same. So let's see together how to choose the best insecticide that is right for us to definitively solve the annoying problem of ants.

Termostato wifi controllato da smartphone

Best smartphone controlled thermostats

The new home thermostats, called intelligent, are quickly replacing the classic chronothermostats. These innovative systems can be managed through our smartphone and are able to act on the temperature of the various rooms in the house by connecting with the boiler thanks to the wifi network.

Stucco veneziano

How to apply Venetian plaster to the walls of your home

Venetian stucco is a very particular pictorial decoration for walls, certainly more elegant and classy than the simple monochromatic colour. It is used to give a touch of originality to environments and is a challenging choice, as its creation requires the necessary skills. This doesn't mean that you necessarily have to turn to a professional. To obtain good results with Venetian plaster, in fact, it may be sufficient to learn some basic technical knowledge and do a little practice to acquire the necessary manual skills.

dvr videosorveglianza

DVR Video surveillance

The DVR (digital video recorder) is a device that allows you to record all the images taken by video surveillance cameras installed outside or inside houses or shops. With the DVR, any anomalous movements are recorded, and then calmly watch the footage which is stored on the hard disk. But how does a DVR work specifically and what exactly is the presence of a recorder connected to the video surveillance cameras for? Continue reading the guide.

Come rasare una parete

How to smooth a wall

Smoothing the walls is an operation of primary importance when you decide to repaint the walls of a building, for example those of a house, an office or a shop. Read our guide for useful advice on how to DIY smooth walls.

Vasi fai da te

How to make DIY vases

Do you want to make pots for your garden at a low cost? The creation is really easy and quick, you can use everyday objects such as pebbles, wood, caps, containers, shells, cans and even broken terracotta vases. Read the guide to get creative ideas on how to make original pots for your plants.

Come curare le orchidee

How to care for orchids

Orchids are among the most beautiful flowers in the world. Present in many varieties, with different colors, sizes and shapes, orchid flowers are greatly appreciated. They can last a long time once cut, but they still need care. Let's see together how to grow and care for orchids at home.

Luci decorative da giardino

Decorative garden lights

Decorative garden lights are among the most appreciated and sought after outdoor accessories on the market: thanks to cutting-edge technology and an increasingly refined design, today it is possible to illuminate the garden, the entrance and other types of spaces by combining a pleasant aesthetic effect a wide variety of advantages from a practical and economic point of view. The following guide will help you learn more about its features and functions to make the most appropriate choice for your needs.


Perennial plants

Perennials are plants that last from season to season without needing someone to collect the seeds and plant them again each year. Technically, it is called perennial because it has an average lifespan of more than two years, while non-perennial ones live for one or two seasons and are therefore called annual or biennial.


Bird bath

A birdbath is an artificial puddle or small, shallow pond in which birds can bathe, cool off and drink. The tubs can be used as garden ornaments or as outdoor sculptures. They are easy to install and require very little maintenance.


Garden shed for tools

The garden shed is a simple solution for storing gardening tools. Also useful for carrying out small maintenance jobs inside. A garden shed can also be used as a refuge in the greenery where you can spend peaceful hours or days surrounded by nature and lulled by the rustling of the leaves.


Garden statues

Garden statues can be defined as mini works of art that transform the garden into an elegant place of great aesthetic value. In this guide you will find information and advice regarding the choice and purchase of garden statues.

Bordure da giardino

Garden borders

In a respectable green space, borders certainly cannot be missing, decorative elements that delimit the boundaries of the garden. But how are these borders created, and what plants should be used? In this guide you will find several useful tips and advice on how to create a garden border.

Sedie da giardino

Garden chairs

Garden chairs are furnishing accessories to be used during the summer. They are ideal for creating an area in which it is pleasant to stop and chat or drink something cool together. Let's see in this guide how to choose comfortable and good-looking garden chairs.


Electric pumps for water suction

Electric pumps are tools that allow you to move fluids, in particular they are used for the suction of water. The different models are distinguished from each other depending on the driving force used to move the fluid. Read our guide to discover features, models and prices.


Wood splitter

The log splitter is a useful tool for those who want to cut wood precisely for DIY projects or for those who want to use old logs for their fireplace. Read the guide to discover all the features, types and prices of wood splitters.


Luggage trolley

The luggage trolley is a tool used to move heavy loads within industrial or commercial premises, or to transport packages during a move. Read the guide to discover all the features, types and prices of luggage trolleys.



As housewives well know, it often happens that a drain gets blocked in the house and that the blockage causes quite a few problems. Keeping the pipes clean is sometimes not enough and more radical action must be taken. To solve this type of problem, the ideal tool is the drain cleaner.


Telescopic ladder

Telescopic ladders are useful tools in the most diverse contexts, but above all for those who need to be able to count on an extendable ladder at home which, when not in use, can be folded in such a way as to save space. In this guide you will find useful information on telescopic ladders and their uses.



The compressor is a useful device that cannot be missing from the tools of DIY enthusiasts. Thanks to this machinery it is possible to dedicate yourself to a wide range of activities, from painting to inflating, from cleaning to mechanical work, and much more. In this guide you will find information and suggestions for purchasing and using the compressor.


Angle grinder

The angle grinder is an indispensable tool for DIY and DIY enthusiasts. Thanks to this device it is in fact possible to carry out various cutting, sanding, abrasion and much more jobs, as explained in detail in this guide.


Work station

The workbench is a useful tool that is useful to all those who love do-it-yourself. Given its practicality, however, it is interesting even if you only carry out occasional work: on the other hand, the industry offers workbench models for all budgets and for every need.

Migliori crocchette per cani

Best kibble for dogs

Kibble is a safe and recommended food from the time our dog is weaned. But we know that choosing food for our pet can be really difficult. The important thing is to always pay attention to the information on the label. Let's see together how to choose the best kibble.

Tiragraffi per gatti

Cat scratching post

The cat scratching post is designed for our four-legged friends who love to sleep comfortably, play and sharpen their nails. Nothing better than a colorful model, in washable fabric and of a size suitable for our cat. Continue reading this guide to learn about its characteristics and choose the most suitable scratching post for your pet.


Dog stroller

The dog stroller is the right accessory for taking your friend for a walk, if you are planning a particularly long trip, for example. But it is also the suitable vehicle for small or sick dogs; it is therefore important that it has certain characteristics, different depending on the needs of your four-legged friend. But how to choose the right stroller? The solution is in this guide.



Faithful companion of man par excellence, the dog is often not just an animal but a real member of the family in which it lives. Speaking of dogs, we certainly cannot forget their vocation as a help to humans, which they have accompanied for millennia in herding and protection, up to the most modern uses in the anti-drug field and in the event of natural disasters. Here is a guide on the dog and its extraordinary role in human life.


Aquaterrarium for turtles

Water turtles are cute reptiles that frequently populate our homes. These are very delicate animals, with particular environmental needs and which require suitable spaces to grow, move and feed: for this reason, the choice of the aquaterrarium in which to house them should certainly not be left to chance. In this guide we will discover all the characteristics that a good aquaterrarium must have, in order to guarantee the well-being of its little guests.


Fish feed

Fish are cute little animals that can be kept at home without major problems, in a tank if it is a goldfish, in an aquarium if there is more than one and of a particular breed. Fish do not require excessive care. Typically you just clean the water often and feed them the right type of food to meet their nutritional needs.


Food for dogs

For the health and well-being of four-legged friends there is a need for a varied and balanced diet, capable of providing all the nutrients they need. There are various types of dog food on the market, which must be chosen based on the breed and age of the animal. In particular cases, it is useful to ask your vet for advice, who will be able to indicate the right foods to feed your friend.


Cat's food

The cat is a much loved pet. There are people who prefer him to the dog, for his privacy and cleanliness. In fact it is a rather habitual and methodical animal in its things, even in food. There are breeds of cats that are more valuable than others and require greater care and attention, especially when it comes to nutrition. If you want your cat to grow healthy, it is good to know some rules on how to feed it. Let's find out together how to choose the best cat food.


Dog kennel

The dog needs constant care and attention. It is important that he always feels calm and safe, whether we keep him at home with us, or whether he is in the garden or elsewhere. The kennel is an accessory that must be chosen with care, because it is the place where our faithful friend takes… Continua a leggere Dog kennel

Migliori antivirus gratis

The best free antiviruses

To protect your computer from the countless computer viruses, it is essential to carefully choose a good antivirus, perhaps free, which is able to ensure correct and constant protection without slowing down the computer's performance too much. Read the guide to discover the best free antiviruses for Windows.


Coin counter

The coin counter is a machine used to count and divide coins or tokens into denominations. There are manual and electronic models on the market. In the latter the coins are divided and counted automatically.

Scanner diapositive

Slide scanner

The slide scanner is a particular device to be connected to the computer that allows the digitization of analogue photographic media (both slides and negatives). This guide contains information and advice for choosing the slide scanner best suited to your needs.



The uninterruptible power supply is a device used to power electronic equipment in the event of a blackout and to avoid voltage spikes and surges. Thanks to the uninterruptible power supply, for example, it is possible to save your work and data by turning off the computer in complete safety.


Recover hard disk data

Due to mechanical or operating system failures, it may happen that data stored on a hard drive suddenly becomes inaccessible. Don't worry: there are many ways to recover data from a broken or damaged hard disk, although the best strategy is always prevention by performing frequent backups on other media.


Counterfeit banknote detector

The technical and methodological skill achieved by counterfeiters in recent years has made it increasingly difficult to distinguish real banknotes from fake ones. To avoid finding counterfeit money in your pocket, you can use the counterfeit banknote detector, a very useful device easily available on the market.


Blu-ray burner

The following guide describes the new technology of Blu Ray discs and burners, trying to clarify what they are, how they work and whether or not it is worth purchasing this product compared to HD DVD burners. In the final part of the guide, the main brands of Blu Ray burner manufacturing companies are presented.


Professional monitors

Guide to professional monitors Professional monitors for graphics professionals For years, Lacie, a large company which boasts a record as the best manufacturer of professional monitors, has launched a new product on the market: the Lacie 300 model professional monitors. These monitors are ideal, if not indispensable, for graphics and graphic design professionals. design. The… Continua a leggere Professional monitors


operating system

Operating system guide Features of the operating system Operating system, or system software, set of programs in a computer that controls the execution of user programs and the use of the hardware resources they use, acting as an interface between the hardware and the user who uses it. The operating system acts both as a… Continua a leggere operating system

Migliori cover Samsung S9

Best covers for Samsung Galaxy S9

When you buy a smartphone of the caliber of the Samsung Galaxy S9 you can't simply hope not to scratch or ruin it: it becomes necessary to buy a cover that acts as protection but is also able to enhance the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the phone.

Migliori cover iphone x

Best iPhone X cases

The iPhone Given its considerable cost, it is strongly recommended to use a cover that protects the smartphone while best preserving its integrity and functionality. And there are so many covers designed and created specifically for the iPhone X: let's see which ones are the best.

Migliori custodie impermeabili per smartphone

Best waterproof cases for smartphones

Waterproof covers for iPhone, or for Samsung, or any other smartphone, are an excellent way to protect your cell phone from water. Also useful if you want to take photos or shoot videos underwater. Read our guide to find out rankings and reviews of the best waterproof cases selected for offers, functions, price and quality of materials.

Migliori cover per galaxy s7 e s7 Edge

Best covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

The covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are an excellent system for adequately protecting the smartphone against accidental falls and impacts that could somehow cause damage. There are many models in circulation, each with its own peculiarities and characteristics, which make them suitable to satisfy every need.


netgear SPH 101 voip phone

Netgear SPH 101 VoIP phone guide Netgear SPH 101 VoIP phone features When turned off it looks like a modern mobile phone, even if not the latest generation, thanks to the Nokia-style design and the white colour. When turned on, however, it reveals its task: it uses Wi-Fi for calls with Skype. You read that… Continua a leggere netgear SPH 101 voip phone


Cell Phone Holder

Cell phone holder guide for various cell phones The cell phone holder The cell phone holder, created with the function of protecting the cell phone from possible risks and scratches, becomes a widely consumed object year after year. In fact, in addition to its primary function, many people consider the cell phone holder as a… Continua a leggere Cell Phone Holder

Migliori scope elettriche senza fili

Best cordless electric brooms

Are you interested in purchasing a cordless electric broom but don't know which one to choose? Our editorial staff has selected, based on their features and reviews, the best electric brooms of 2017. Continue reading to find the one best suited to your floor.


Best water purifiers

Home water purifiers are devices that can eliminate any pollutants that may be in tap water. Read the guide to find out which are the best water filter systems.

Migliori condizionatori portatili

Best portable air conditioners

When it is not possible to install a fixed air conditioner inside your home or office, the alternative solution is to purchase a portable air conditioner, a useful household appliance for seeking partial relief from the heat, especially on the hottest summer days.

Migliori deumidificatori portatili

Best portable dehumidifiers

The portable dehumidifier is a household appliance that serves to reduce the formation of condensation, remove humidity and above all to prevent mold from walls. But which one to choose? In this guide you will find the best portable dehumidifiers currently on the market.


Smoothing brush

The electric straightening brush is an unmissable accessory for always having perfect hair: it is useful both for women who want to have tidy hair and for those who want to change their look and are tired of curls. Read the guide to find out about the features, prices and offers of the best straightening brushes on the market.


Activated carbon hood

The activated carbon hood is a new generation appliance that has a very high air purification and deodorization efficiency compared to traditional hoods on the market. Particularly suitable for those who own a commercial business, such as pizzerias or restaurants. Read the guide for useful advice on how to choose the best hood with carbon filter suited to your needs.


Cold juice extractor

After making their first appearance on US markets in the 1960s, juice extractors are enjoying great success today. In fact, people's greater attention towards healthy eating makes them precious allies of well-being: cold-pressed juices are in fact much richer in vitamins and nutritional principles than common fruit and vegetable juices. Read the guide to correctly orient yourself in choosing and purchasing the cold juice extractors best suited to your needs.


Best irons

The market currently offers many different models of irons and before purchasing you must consider various aspects such as the technical characteristics, the type of use we will make of them and the quality/price ratio. Here is a short guide to find your way among the best irons of 2016 and choose the one that's right for us.

Asciugatrice a gas

How to choose the gas dryer

The gas dryer solves the problem of damp clothes in winter, it is also long-lasting and guarantees lower consumption than the electric dryer. Forget about the drying racks in the bathroom, bedroom and even the living room which can make the environment unhealthy due to the appearance of mould, and invest in a gas dryer which will revolutionize your habits.

migliori maglie termiche

Best thermal shirts

Thermal shirts are a garment to be worn under clothes, in direct contact with the skin, to keep the body at an ideal temperature. They are the ideal garment for anyone who spends most of the day outdoors or lives in particularly cold areas. Usually, thermal shirts are used by athletes who practice outdoor sports. Just think of those who practice skiing or other snow sports, but also footballers, cyclists, etc. Read our guide to learn about the best thermal shirts on the market.

Migliori siti web dove acquistare scarpe

Best online shoe stores

Today, online purchasing is a rapidly expanding market and the shoe sector is the most popular. There are a large number of sites on the internet that offer more exclusive shoe models at competitive prices but it is important to be careful as you often run the risk of being scammed. So if we decide to buy a pair of shoes online it is preferable to opt for a trusted portal with an excellent return service. Here are the five best online shoe stores.


Carnival costume ideas for children

Every year children want to celebrate Carnival by dressing up as various characters from cartoons, comics or their favorite books. For them it is a dream come true, for parents it can sometimes be difficult to satisfy their children's wishes and help them choose their costume. Read the guide to get useful ideas on how to choose a carnival costume for your child.


Jogging clothing

It is universally recognized that physical activity is good for the body and mind, it helps us keep us healthy and eliminate negative substances that would otherwise accumulate in our body. Among the activities, the simplest, most natural and economical for everyone is certainly light running. So let's see what the most suitable jogging clothing is.


Brazilian bikini

It's no news that Brazilian beaches are among the most dreamed of in the world, not only for the crystal clear water, but also for the bathing beauties! The Brazilian bikini trend has now broken out everywhere, making us dream of those very white beaches.


Thermal underwear

When the harsh winter temperatures give no respite, and in the most extreme climatic situations, to always stay warm it is necessary to wear good thermal underwear under your clothing. By continuing to read this guide you will have the opportunity to discover the characteristics of thermal underwear, the advantages linked to its use and advice for choosing it best.

Abito da sera donna

Women's evening dress

For elegant evenings, a woman always wants to wear a dress that enhances her beauty while hiding, if possible, small imperfections. How best to choose an evening dress? In this guide you will find useful advice and tips.


Cycling clothing

Cycling is a widely practiced sport in Italy, both at a professional level and by thousands and thousands of enthusiasts. The choice of clothing is of fundamental importance in a sport like this, which continually exposes you to the atmospheric agents of all seasons. Here are some tips for best choosing your cycling clothing.


Riding clothing

In such a particular sport as horse riding, clothing and accessories play a fundamental role in the comfort, safety and performance of those who ride. In this guide you will find useful information regarding both racing and training clothing and for beginners.

Cosa regalare ad una neomamma

What to give to a new mother

A friend or family member of yours has just become a new mother and you will surely have to go and visit her, regardless of whether at home or in the hospital, bringing her a gift for the happy event. In most cases, choosing the right gift for a new mother is very difficult, especially if you have a close friendship. So you need to give a heartfelt, thoughtful and carefully studied gift for the person who has just given birth.

Come aprire un'impresa di pulizie

How to open a cleaning business

Are you thinking of opening a cleaning business but don't know how? Read our guide to get useful advice and information regarding the bureaucracy, the requirements and the investments to make to start this business in the best possible way.

Cosa regalare alla migliore amica

What to give to your best friend

Choosing a gift for your best friend can be an incredibly difficult choice to make. We talk to her every day, but when it comes to giving her a gift we fall into total uncertainty, because we are afraid of giving something that she might not like. Remember that the gift must always be personal and based on your interests, hobbies, passions or sports practiced. If you don't know what to give your best friend, we recommend you continue reading this guide for advice and ideas.

Regalo compleanno suocera

What to give your mother-in-law for her birthday

Giving your mother-in-law a birthday gift can be more complicated than expected. Navigating between objects that this person already owns, personal tastes and economic availability is certainly not easy, however it is possible to follow some advice to make the best choice.

Quale GoPro comprare

Which GoPro to buy

The Gopro is a video camera capable of filming the dynamic action of one or more subjects in any weather condition or in any mobile context. It is estimated that 40% of professional videos on YouTube were shot with a GoPro camera, this says a lot about the technological impact that the product has had and continues to have on consumers. Read the guide if you don't know which GoPro to buy.

Come aprire negozio Tezenis

How to open a Tezenis underwear shop

Tezenis is a brand belonging to the Calzedonia Spa group and is characterized by having a vast franchising network throughout Italy. Its sales and affiliation strategies, in fact, have allowed it to penetrate the market and establish itself in a solid position. Read the guide to find out how to open a Tezenis store.


How to open an Intimissimi shop

Intimissimi is one of the best known and most appreciated underwear brands. Present widely in Italy, it is certainly one of the brands that those who want to open a franchising business can most easily think of. Here, then, is a guide on how to open an Intimissimi franchise store.

Idee regalo originali per lei

Original gift ideas for her

Whether it's your mother, daughter, girlfriend, sister or friend, when it comes to a special occasion you always need to give a suitable gift. Furthermore, it is necessary to take into account what the event in question is: in fact Valentine's Day is different from Christmas, a birthday is not the same as a wedding anniversary. At the same time, gifts are very different depending on the person who gives them. Let's see some original ideas for various occasions.

Idee regalo per compleanno 30 anni

Gift ideas for men aged 30

If your friend, relative, brother or boyfriend is about to turn 30, you need to find an appropriate gift. Obviously the gift ideas you can choose from change depending on the recipient's relationship with the person giving the gift. Let's see together some original ideas for the occasion.

Migliori scarpe running

Best Running Shoes

Running shoes must have precise technical characteristics that make them capable of correctly supporting the body, offering it the stability it needs and, why not, helping to optimize the performance of the athlete who wears them. Read the guide to find out which are the best running shoes 2017.


Best BCAA Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAA branched chain amino acids represent one of the most frequently used types of supplements in the sports world, especially in body building. Made up of three essential amino acids, Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine, they are fundamental for plastic and muscular function, as well as for energy production, for the stimulation of protein synthesis and for strengthening the immune system. Here is a guide to knowing the best amino acids of the moment, taking into consideration the intrinsic qualities of the product and the price-quality ratio.


How to choose a folding electric bike

The folding electric bike stands out from normal bicycles as it is much lighter and more practical, in fact it is possible to fold it and transport it anywhere, even on the bus. Continue reading this guide to find out how it works, what the advantages are and the purchase prices.


Room bike

The indoor bike is the ideal tool for training from home in complete comfort, keeping yourself fit while watching a film or listening to your favorite music, comfortably in your living room without having to go to the gym or pay any subscription.

Occhiali da vista per sport

Sports eyeglasses

When playing a sport it is essential to see well, but often those who suffer from vision defects can find it difficult due to the inability to wear their traditional eyeglasses. This is why you can find special sports eyeglasses on the market, which are light, practical and reliable.

Antifurto bicicletta

Bicycle anti-theft

When purchasing a bicycle it is essential to equip it with an anti-theft system to prevent it from being stolen if left unattended. In this guide you will find useful information to choose the most suitable anti-theft device for your needs.


Bicycle odometer

For amateur cyclists and professional cyclists, the odometer represents a valid tool for knowing parameters such as travel times, distances and speed of your bicycle journey. This guide contains useful information to orient yourself in the panorama of bicycle odometers and purchase the model best suited to your needs.


Ping pong table

Ping pong is a game that excites both children and adults, groups of friends and entire families. If you have sufficient space available, you can practice this recreational activity directly at home by purchasing a ping pong table: in this guide we will discover some advice for the "right" purchase.


Pool table

Buying a pool table is a big investment. In order to make an informed decision, you will need to answer some important questions: Who will be using the pool table, will it be used for fun or professionally? What is the available budget? How large is the room where the pool table will be placed? Our guide will help you answer all these questions.


How to care for facial skin

Facial skin is a real business card, as well as one of the most effective beauty tools and a litmus test of our health. To preserve its natural splendor, however, it is essential to use the right precautions and dedicate the best daily care to it, diversifying it according to the specific problems of our epidermis. Thanks to the help of cosmetics and natural remedies, it is possible to take care of the appearance of our facial skin day after day: here's how.

Lampada uv per unghie

UV nail lamp

The UV nail lamp, also called UV oven, is a fundamental tool in the nail reconstruction process since through its ultraviolet ray technology it is able to dry the nails very quickly, saving you time and effort.

Cosmetici senza nichel

Nickel-free cosmetics

In recent years, more and more people are discovering that they are allergic to nickel. They discover it because they suddenly show the typical symptoms of an allergy but they don't know what it is. This metal is found in many objects; also in cosmetics, and the latter are dangerous precisely because they are in direct contact with the skin for many hours.


Pulsed light epilators

The problem of unwanted hair is addressed today with new methodologies that guarantee better results and greater comfort compared to traditional systems. The pulsating light epilator represents the most innovative technique for almost painless hair removal. Since the treatments performed in medical and beauty centers are expensive, the market offers domestic equipment that ensures appreciable results, even if inferior to professional ones. To guide your purchase, it is good to understand how pulsed light epilators work and what features to evaluate for a good choice.


Anti-cellulite cream

What's sadder than orange peel skin when summer approaches and swimsuit rehearsals arrive? Cellulite is truly an ugly beast, but there is more than one anti-cellulite cream to help you eradicate it permanently.


Cellulite blemishes

For many women this is a real condemnation, which with the arrival of the beautiful season and the infamous "swimsuit test" recurs every year with renewed intensity. We are talking about cellulite, which affects women of all ages and which can be fought with different types of approaches. Let's find out more about these blemishes, delving into their causes and strategies to deal with them.

Rimedi contro la caduta dei capelli

Remedies for hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that affects many people, and which manifests itself especially with advancing age. To stem this phenomenon and maintain thick hair over time, it is necessary to choose truly effective remedies, without being influenced by advertising.

Kit ricostruzione unghie

Nail reconstruction kit

Having nails of an irregular shape or color can cause embarrassment and dissatisfaction, but in some cases also problems at work when you have to be in close contact with the public. To bring your nails back to excellent condition you can use the reconstruction kit: to find out more, continue reading this guide.

Il peeling è un trattamento estetico per migliorare la pelle


Peeling is an aesthetic technique which, by exfoliating the most superficial portion of the skin, allows it to improve its appearance by restoring brightness and homogeneity. In this guide you will find all the information relating to this effective dermoaesthetic practice.


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