How to care for facial skin

Facial skin is a real business card, as well as one of the most effective beauty tools and a litmus test of our health. To preserve its natural splendor, however, it is essential to use the right precautions and dedicate the best daily care to it, diversifying it according to the specific problems of our epidermis. Thanks to the help of cosmetics and natural remedies, it is possible to take care of the appearance of our facial skin day after day: here's how.

Lampada uv per unghie

UV nail lamp

The UV nail lamp, also called UV oven, is a fundamental tool in the nail reconstruction process since through its ultraviolet ray technology it is able to dry the nails very quickly, saving you time and effort.

Cosmetici senza nichel

Nickel-free cosmetics

In recent years, more and more people are discovering that they are allergic to nickel. They discover it because they suddenly show the typical symptoms of an allergy but they don't know what it is. This metal is found in many objects; also in cosmetics, and the latter are dangerous precisely because they are in direct contact with the skin for many hours.


Pulsed light epilators

The problem of unwanted hair is addressed today with new methodologies that guarantee better results and greater comfort compared to traditional systems. The pulsating light epilator represents the most innovative technique for almost painless hair removal. Since the treatments performed in medical and beauty centers are expensive, the market offers domestic equipment that ensures appreciable results, even if inferior to professional ones. To guide your purchase, it is good to understand how pulsed light epilators work and what features to evaluate for a good choice.


Anti-cellulite cream

What's sadder than orange peel skin when summer approaches and swimsuit rehearsals arrive? Cellulite is truly an ugly beast, but there is more than one anti-cellulite cream to help you eradicate it permanently.


Cellulite blemishes

For many women this is a real condemnation, which with the arrival of the beautiful season and the infamous "swimsuit test" recurs every year with renewed intensity. We are talking about cellulite, which affects women of all ages and which can be fought with different types of approaches. Let's find out more about these blemishes, delving into their causes and strategies to deal with them.

Rimedi contro la caduta dei capelli

Remedies for hair loss

Hair loss is a problem that affects many people, and which manifests itself especially with advancing age. To stem this phenomenon and maintain thick hair over time, it is necessary to choose truly effective remedies, without being influenced by advertising.

Kit ricostruzione unghie

Nail reconstruction kit

Having nails of an irregular shape or color can cause embarrassment and dissatisfaction, but in some cases also problems at work when you have to be in close contact with the public. To bring your nails back to excellent condition you can use the reconstruction kit: to find out more, continue reading this guide.

Il peeling è un trattamento estetico per migliorare la pelle


Peeling is an aesthetic technique which, by exfoliating the most superficial portion of the skin, allows it to improve its appearance by restoring brightness and homogeneity. In this guide you will find all the information relating to this effective dermoaesthetic practice.