What to give to a new mother

Cosa regalare ad una neomamma
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Very often gifts to a new mother consist of clothes for newborns from 0 to 3-4 months, however it is possible to opt for more personal and original solutions. A heartfelt gift must never be banal or repetitive, but combine usefulness, irony, originality and a personal touch. There are various solutions from which you can choose based on your financial availability. In fact, we must always keep in mind that often a truly particular low-cost gift is appreciated more than an expensive gift given without much participation. A truly useful gift for a new mother is diapers as they represent a considerable and essential expense. Please remember that a newborn baby needs to be changed 8-10 times a day during the first weeks of life. However, giving a few packs of these products as gifts is not very nice, so the gift must be presented appropriately. For example, you can make a diaper cake with a minimum of effort. It is advisable to package the diapers by placing them in transparent supports (this is a measure to ensure hygiene) and purchase a branded product. You can only opt for washable diapers if you know the new mother very well and know that she uses these models. In fact they are ecological but more difficult to manage. A very special gift is the baby sling , the purpose of which is not only to support the newborn so as to have free hands, but also to encourage closeness between the baby and the mother. There are various models on the market, so as to meet all tastes and needs. They range from tubular bands to long, rigid and elastic ones, from mei tais to ring models. An accessory for newborns that promotes rest and is truly multifunctional is the sleeping pacifier holder . It is a blanket with matching plush that allows you to warm the child, calm him, allow him to play and make sure he feels cuddled and protected. The new mother can be advised to keep the blanket on for a few hours before placing it in the crib. In this way the baby is guaranteed a peaceful rest because he can smell his mother's smell. Alternatively, you can give a sleeping bag as a gift, a kind of very useful sleeveless sleeping bag that is used up to 36 months. There are many types of sleeping bags, however it is essential that these products are made with safe, certified materials and free of any toxic substance that can compromise the health of the newborn. Consequently, it is essential to make a conscious and informed purchase. Ecological, bio, anti-mite and anti-allergic solutions are preferable. The same goes for the anti-turn pillow , which can also be used after the newborn is one year old. It is always a sleeping pillow that allows the child to have fun and that also protects him when he turns over during sleep. It also promotes a correct position to avoid muscle problems. Another very useful object that makes the life of new mothers easier is the breastfeeding pillow : it is a support that promotes the baby's rest, protects the back and can also be used as a practical and functional bumper. Long models, equipped with laces at the ends, are preferable as they guarantee optimal comfort and are very comfortable. There are many different versions of this accessory on the market, some of which are padded with organic spelled husk or other materials with zero environmental impact. Very useful gifts that are often not purchased in advance by new parents are bouncers . They are fundamental and truly practical elements: in the first months of the baby's life, the rocking and vibration functions are used, followed by the fixed position. In both cases, the bouncers allow the newborn to fall asleep quickly for the afternoon nap. Tall models are preferred because they are more comfortable and safe for the baby.

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