Vasi fai da te

How to make DIY vases

Do you want to make pots for your garden at a low cost? The creation is really easy and quick, you can use everyday objects such as pebbles, wood, caps, containers, shells, cans and even broken terracotta vases. Read the guide to get creative ideas on how to make original pots for your plants.

Come curare le orchidee

How to care for orchids

Orchids are among the most beautiful flowers in the world. Present in many varieties, with different colors, sizes and shapes, orchid flowers are greatly appreciated. They can last a long time once cut, but they still need care. Let's see together how to grow and care for orchids at home.

Luci decorative da giardino

Decorative garden lights

Decorative garden lights are among the most appreciated and sought after outdoor accessories on the market: thanks to cutting-edge technology and an increasingly refined design, today it is possible to illuminate the garden, the entrance and other types of spaces by combining a pleasant aesthetic effect a wide variety of advantages from a practical and economic point of view. The following guide will help you learn more about its features and functions to make the most appropriate choice for your needs.


Perennial plants

Perennials are plants that last from season to season without needing someone to collect the seeds and plant them again each year. Technically, it is called perennial because it has an average lifespan of more than two years, while non-perennial ones live for one or two seasons and are therefore called annual or biennial.


Bird bath

A birdbath is an artificial puddle or small, shallow pond in which birds can bathe, cool off and drink. The tubs can be used as garden ornaments or as outdoor sculptures. They are easy to install and require very little maintenance.