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There are so many women's evening dresses, and so different from each other, that it is difficult to give a precise definition. However, there is one factor that they all have in common, whether short or long, tight or soft on the hips: elegance. On special occasions a woman wants to feel admired and at the center of attention, and these are the right moments to show off all her femininity. After all, who doesn't dream of a grand entrance that attracts the attention of everyone present? The choice of the type of dress must be made considering the event in which you will participate: on more formal occasions the dress must completely cover the shoulders and be free of necklines or slits; in all other cases, go ahead with "V" necklines or strapless models. By knowing who is organizing the event, and why, it will still be possible to have an idea of what the most appropriate clothing will be. In case of uncertainty, evening dresses that can be combined with a shawl or a bolero are very practical: once the style of the evening is clear, it will be possible to remove these accessories if necessary. Buying a highly elegant evening dress can represent a significant investment, perhaps the most demanding of a woman's entire wardrobe. But if you can find a model that makes you feel beautiful and elegant, it will definitely be worth the expense.

Dress length and straps

Generally evening dresses are long, and even if there are relatively short and elegant ones, models that almost touch the ground are generally preferred. It is therefore important that, when trying on a dress, you are careful to wear the same shoes that you will use during the event. Alternatively, if you still don't have clear ideas about footwear, you still need to consider the height of the heel you want to wear. In any case, in case of length problems, it is always possible to redo the hem of the evening dress in such a way as to make it perfect for the wearer. Shoulder straps are, in evening dresses, available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In fact, they range from shoulder straps of different thicknesses (always quite thin, however) to women's dresses with a single shoulder strap which make the wearer look a little like the goddesses of antiquity. The straps that cross in an "X" shape on the back are also very elegant, but there are also strapless evening dresses. The latter are ideal especially in spring and summer, and support the breasts, enhancing the female form.

Choice of colour

Every woman knows well which shades can bring out the color of her complexion, eyes and hair. Since evening dresses are so important on special occasions, it is no surprise that there are so many different combinations of colors and shades of these dresses. Generally, for more formal events we tend to choose evening dresses in a dark, solid color, such as blue, dark green or burgundy. Even the 'classic' black, gold and silver colors are ideal for the most important events, and are the safe choice even if you don't know for sure how the other guests will dress. Pastel colors and ivory shades are perfect for evening dresses to wear during the warmer months, when perhaps attending outdoor receptions. In fact, these soft colors adapt perfectly to the most 'natural' locations, such as in the case of events taking place in gardens or on terraces.

Enhance your body

Regardless of what the latest fashion trends are, it is always important to choose evening dresses that make you feel beautiful. Even the most recent novelty appearing on the world fashion catwalks may not be suitable for all women! For example, just think of very tight clothes which, perfect for women with a slim and long-limbed body, can excessively highlight the curves of people who are a little more plump. In addition to choosing a dress that flatters your physical build and height, it is preferable to also choose a model that is comfortable to wear: there is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable during an important appointment. In general, you can never go wrong with classic and not too tight-fitting models: with these you can in fact dance, walk and remain seated without any problem. However, it is enough to try on the dress to immediately notice whether it is comfortable or not.

Plus size evening dress

When you are thin and long-limbed it is relatively simple to choose an evening dress, since these models are generally designed for this type of female figure. What to do, however, when you are a little chubbier and struggle to find the dress that best suits your silhouette? For example, if the hips are generous, as are the breasts, the ideal is a dress with a skirt that falls softly and loosely, with a band on the waist and a "V" neckline that enhances the curves. To enhance your body you can also choose clothes with ribbons, decorations or sequins, but without exaggerating so as not to run the risk of being considered cloying or even worse ridiculous. If, however, the hips are particularly important, many evening dresses will not be suitable precisely because they tend to accentuate female curves. But don't worry: even in this case it is possible to find a model that is right for you. The first thing to keep in mind is that trying to hide curves at all costs with puffs and other solutions only makes the problem worse, rather than solving it. Rather, it is better to choose models that, while accentuating the shape of the female body, 'shift' the attention, for example, to the décolleté.

Choose accessories

After purchasing the dress that's right for you, the choice of accessories is equally important. For this choice, you need to think about what you want to accentuate: the dress, or the accessories themselves and in particular the jewels? If you wear large rings, bracelets and earrings, these will probably attract attention, rather than the dress; the opposite will happen with less flashy jewels. However, to avoid the 'Christmas tree' effect, it is always a good idea to choose jewelery that is not excessively flashy and which enhances femininity without appearing kitsch. Warning: if you wear a dress with a rather accentuated "V" neckline, it would be better not to exaggerate with the size of a pendant: a simple necklace or a string of pearls is much better. Earrings, bracelets and necklaces can be coordinated, but if you decide to combine them, be careful that they do not clash with each other in shape, size or colour. Finally, the bag to take with you to an elegant evening must be small, if possible, avoiding the larger models and preferring hand clutches. The bag model can be chosen to recall any decorations present on the dress, such as sequins or rhinestones.

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