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The world of women's clothing is vast and varied. Every woman has her own style, which is always different depending on the character and personality of each one. One might well say: "Tell me how you dress and I will tell you who you are." The way we dress, the choice of colors and the combination of accessories can reveal a lot about us and our relationship with others. Let's explore the world of women's clothing together, focusing on its most salient aspects.

Choose your own style

The choice of clothes to wear is based on a series of elements, even unconscious, that influence us. For example, if we are romantic and dreamy, impractical people, we will choose delicate, not excessively colourful, retro or vintage style clothes and accessories. We will be attracted by lace and lace, by the clothes worn by grandmothers, and by nostalgic 70s fashion (which has been back in vogue for a few years now). If, however, we are free spirits, lovers of adventure and a life full of surprises, we will choose a type of casual clothing, or a mix of casual and sporty. We will prefer trousers rather than skirts, and the latter must be rather long, but not absolutely mini and provocative. More than anything we will dare with shirts in sober colors and models, but with a deep neckline, which enhances our femininity. Women who dress in a casual style love wide trousers with large side pockets, even in a masculine cut, with a low waist. Now higher-waisted ones are coming back into fashion, certainly more suitable for those who are rounder and need to hide the fat accumulated on their hips. And then, be careful about wearing low-waisted trousers and skirts, because they reveal your underwear, and that's not very pleasant. When it comes to clothing, it is better to focus on simple garments that reveal a glimpse, and not on garments that reveal a lot. Men also seem to enjoy the game of "I see and I don't see" much more. For sporty women, tracksuit-style trousers with an adjustable drawstring at the waist and fashionable sneakers are perfect. Today, sportswear is increasingly suitable even for afternoon strolls in the city! Furthermore, the style should also be chosen based on your physical constitution. If you are thin and have a flat stomach, short t-shirts that leave the navel exposed are ok. Otherwise, maxi-thirts (which can also be combined with a belt) are in fashion and camouflage any flaw very well!

Skirt or trousers?

It's every woman's (pleasant) dilemma. There are women who really like skirts, they consider them an item that enhances femininity, and they feel at ease wearing them. They have no problem wearing dizzying miniskirts or sensual longettes, which highlight their legs and body in general. Then there are other women who prefer trousers, and who feel good when they wear practical and sporty garments. But without giving up your femininity! But let's see in detail which body types look best with skirts or trousers. Slim women have no particular problems: they look good in miniskirts and wider, sporty and elegant skirts. Gypsy skirts are also very cute and look good on almost everyone. To wear a miniskirt you need to have a tapered leg, a not very developed calf and an absolutely thin ankle. If this is not the case, opt for more flared skirt models that are not too short to camouflage these defects. If you are round, it is better to choose skirts that are not straight and narrow, but that widen on the hips to make your figure slimmer. The choice of color is also important: if you want to hide some defects, black or rather dark colors, such as brown and dark blue, are preferable. White or bright colors are fine in summer, but they look better on those who are slim and long-limbed. But for example, is a skirt or trousers better at work? Trousers are certainly more practical to wear, but a nice suit with jacket and skirt always looks great. If you don't like the classic and traditional style, even while wearing the suit you can play with the accessories, and the result will be guaranteed! In the evening you can dare with skirts and dizzying heels. Fashionable and suitable for all wedge shoes, both closed and open.

The shirt

It is certainly one of those pieces that can never be missing from a woman's wardrobe! It goes well with everything, trousers and skirts, and there are models suitable for anyone. A white shirt, with a small collar and a little tapered is ideal with jeans or a regular cut skirt. If you then want something more particular, you can visit the "Nara Camicie" store (which is located in the major Italian cities, and is a franchising store). On the website www.naracamicie.it there is a good assortment of shirts and a list of shops where you can make your purchases. You will find shirts with classic models, but also with very original colors and cuts. Depending on your tastes, you can choose it with long, short or ¾ sleeves. Some documents testify to the birth of this garment in 1800. The first shirt was made by "Brown Davis & Co." of Aldermanbury. In the past, the shirt was strictly white and buttoned on the front. But what is the ideal fabric for a shirt? Cotton, definitely. But silk also looks great. Colored silk shirts have been very fashionable for some time now, suitable for particularly chic occasions. Linen has also always been used to make shirts. Other fabrics that we find on the market are: Poplin and Oxford, the mixture of which produces a particular cotton, called Pinpoint. Then there is a very expensive and valuable fabric, whose name is Sea Island. What are the elements to consider to make a good purchase? When you enter the dressing room and try on the shirt, evaluate the neck, the cuffs and whether it is soft on the body. Then choose the right color for each combination. Basic colors that aren't too bright are better, and stripes or geometric designs are good in summer.

Dear, beloved jeans

The denim fabric was already known in the Middle Ages, but only later, from 1850 onwards, was jeans considered a real item of clothing. In 1920 jeans began to be worn during free time, previously workers and longshoremen used them. Jeans are an item that is never missing from anyone's wardrobe. Women, then, have a vast choice of models to wear. Low-waisted jeans are mostly suitable for little girls, but impractical for women. High-waisted jeans are suitable for any body type. Flared jeans widen at the bottom, while they are generally quite narrow at the waist. Then there are the three-quarter length jeans, which reach below the knee. Ideal for those with thin ankles, try wearing them with high shoes or wedges. Then there are also denim shorts, very short and suitable for summer evenings. The denim overalls are cute, and suitable for younger people. The jeans can also be black, with lace or rhinestone designs on the front or back pockets. Dolce & Gabbana's "jewel" jeans represent proof of how practicality and elegance can be combined in a single garment! Other designers have also made jeans a real "must" in their fashion shows. If you have to buy jeans, make sure they are not so tight that they constrict your legs. This is the main cause of cellulite for most women! Jeans that are too tight are no sexier than others, and what's more they create annoying consequences. Better to choose a less tight model, which enhances the shapes without constraints. Some brands, such as Miss Sixty and Monella Vagabonda, are particularly sought after by young girls because they reflect their tastes and the latest fashion trends.

T-shirts, tank tops and tops

In summer, women's clothing is full of a myriad of very light and colorful garments. You are truly spoiled for choice between low-cut tops, t-shirts, more or less sporty tank tops. Obviously you have to choose taking into account your physique. Low-cut tops are suitable for women who do not have large breasts, unless you want to attract male gazes and risk appearing vulgar. If you have generous shapes, it is better to opt for a tank top with thin straps. The t-shirt is a garment that is suitable for all ages, it can be short, longer, colourful, with bright or more sober prints. The choice of colors is crucial. Taking advantage of the summer season, you can opt for even bright patterns. If we are used to dressing in a more classic way, we can tone down the "multicolor" effect with a darker skirt or trousers. The tank top can also have a "V" or bateau neckline. Try both, and see which one suits you best. A tip: if you have a nice tan, take the opportunity to wear yellow, orange, brown, acid green items. The latter is a color (along with purple) that has been trending lately. Be careful to coordinate the colors of the clothing items with your own (hair, eyes, complexion). Wearing even an expensive item without harmonizing it with everything else is perfectly useless, and we will obtain an unpleasant effect. The beautiful season invites us to wear garments with light and breathable fabrics. Avoid synthetic fabrics and Lycra, which can cause discomfort to the skin, preventing it from perspiring. Preferably choose cotton, even slightly elastic. Be careful not to compress your body, in summer you need air more. I advise you to buy clothes made with ecological fabrics. If you can't find any stores near you, you can find some websites that sell these items of clothing.

Sites for online purchases

Are you good at shopping using the Internet? I would like to point out some interesting sites where you can find original and not so expensive clothing items. Regarding ecological clothing, visit the website www.cercanatura.it . Here you can find both natural products and ecological clothing. I would also like to point out www.risparmiate.it , a selection of online clothing and accessories sales sites. The search engine for "made in Italy" clothing is called www. clothing.it , and highlights the best-known Italian brands. If you are already registered on "Ebay", you will have already consulted the "Clothing" section. Do this periodically, and you won't fail to find offers and opportunities to grab quickly! The website www.modafirme.com is also interesting, where you can find many Italian and non-Italian brands, some well-known, others less so. The advice is to carefully evaluate a series of elements before proceeding with the purchase, including the reliability and visibility of the site. If you prefer, choose the cash on delivery payment method (i.e. at the time of delivery). Evaluate carefully the size to request, so that you do not then have to proceed to change the purchased item. There are so many sites that sell clothing, but it is a good idea to make a selection of the most reliable ones to avoid unpleasant consequences. There are also some textile companies on the web that produce handcrafted clothing, whose prices are generally quite competitive. For a young target, looking for original garments, there is the site www.and.it. Visit the catalog of online collections, or look for the store closest to you. A further tip: to save without sacrificing originality you can visit used clothing markets. Here people who are passionate about vintage can really indulge themselves in search of original and unique garments! The second-hand fashion is quite popular among young and old. On top of all that, searching the markets is a lot of fun! Then happy shopping!

Published: 2010-04-03From: Redazione

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