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Technical features

All GoPros have general construction characteristics that allow them to be defined with the name that distinguishes them. First of all the compactness; they are extremely compact, since their purpose is to mainly support the dynamic actions of man, consequently the more compact the camera, the easier it will be to use and the possibility of being worn (one of the main strong points). Another feature is its robustness, the GoPro resists shocks, high temperatures and moderate depths (professional ones even at significant depths). To conclude, the versatility and multifunctionality outline the technical profile of this little electronic jewel, it can be used successfully for any aerial, underwater or land movement activity; to give some examples: parachuting, mountain biking, cross, racing, snowboarding, surfing. There is no sport that GoPro doesn't support. The weight does not affect use and performance in the slightest and the batteries last considerably longer than normal, so the user need not have any fear of losing the best scenes of his video adventure. The shooting feature that makes the GoPro inimitable is the wide angle. Such a shot allows you to record a large portion of space of what is happening in front of the camera and guarantees a surprising and evocative effect. The fixed focal length and very high definition recording directly onto SD or MD cards closes the circle of GoPro's technological quality.

Which one to choose

The choice of a GoPro is closely related to its use. It is advisable to buy a model that best satisfies the sporting or dynamic needs of its user and which is in principle consistent with the quality of the video product you intend to create (evaluating the purposes, the possible economic return or the professional nature of the purchase) whether domestic or linked to the profession. The range of price fluctuations is quite wide, therefore the choice of a professional product from an amateur one has a decisive impact on the expense. Most experts recommend making futuristic assessments before making any purchase, i.e. not just basing yourself on the current situation, but also on the possibility that the GoPro could, following the initial successes achieved, prove to be an auxiliary technological tool for your work activity. It must certainly be clarified that the costs (even for professional products) are accessible to anyone compared to the rooms of the past, whose costs between home and professional were several hundred euros (thousands in the cases of high-level professionals) . We will review some GoPro models, undoubtedly among those that have the best feedback from retailers, to better understand which one to choose and evaluate its immediate or secondary use.


Of the entry-level models, this is undoubtedly the most qualitatively consistent. Intended for those who are approaching this type of shooting for the first time, but who do not have the needs or goals related to a real professional activity. Its cost is around 120 euros and is complete with every accessory and easily wearable. The shot is excellent in standard light conditions (with or without clouds), it lacks a bit in night shots, however you can't expect much from an entry-level camera. The underwater shooting quality in light conditions is decent. At a certain depth it becomes insufficient or insufficient, even worse if you decide to go along poorly lit cliffs; In the swimming pool, use it with peace of mind and it offers good results. Wifi is missing, which is not essential for those who decide to make a first purchase without spending a lot. Samsung cards could cause problems so it is better to focus on Sandisk and Lexar. As a camera it leaves a little to be desired if the light conditions are not comfortable. To conclude, it is a useful purchase only for those who have no real pretensions and limit themselves to low profile homes.

GoPro HERO4 Silver Edition

In this specific case we are talking about a professional product, in the very literal sense of the word. This room is state of the art between price and quality. The first novelty ever is the integrated touch screen (and these days it is certainly the leap in quality for these products) with high sensitivity and significantly improving the user interface. The package, in addition to the chamber, contains all the accessories essential for its operation. Among the glory notes of this camera is the good compromise between battery life and shooting quality, capable of creating profound moments of suggestion, lowering the latter also considerably increases battery life. Not really accessible to all budgets, given that the price is 400/450 euros, this camera can be integrated with additional devices that can be purchased separately. Both as a camera and as a video camera, the quality in good light conditions is impeccable, night shots are satisfactory even with very little light and in underwater mode it can reach up to 10-20 meters with excellent performance. The 4K mode (in the Black version, the Silver supports 2.7K) makes shooting similar to that of a cinema recording. Recommended purchase for professionals or those who require a camera with strong performance.

GoPro HERO Session

It is the small size of the GoPro family, among other things one of the most popular products among high-level amateur users. Its lightness, compactness and dimensions reduced to the maximum that can be asked for for a technological product, effectively contribute to making it one of the best non-professional action cameras. The purchase is accessible, the price is around 200/250 euros, and the performances are remarkable and become even more so if you decide to use the camera in a marine or lagoon environment. It performs 100% in good light conditions, it lacks a little at depths after 5 meters and is not particularly suitable for night shooting. It does not have a time-lapse mode and you can ask for this function for the cost it has. As a camera it offers good performance, the photos are sharp if the light is perfect. Usually those who switch to this camera are almost sucked into this technology and prefer to buy another GoPro rather than a reflex (for action shooting of course). Anyone who needs a small and easy to handle camera without compromising performance and home products can purchase this camera and obtain great satisfaction.

GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

We conclude with this model because in the opinion of many it is the one that best mediates the home market with the professional one (remember the old semi-professional?) offering high performance at relatively low costs compared to other competitors. As with all good GoPros, the audiovisual and filming quality is of a high level in optimal lighting conditions. It has many functions: time-lapse, zoom at different levels, choice of recording format (the highest is 4K) and the possibility of controlling the camera via WIFI. If compared to the latest generation reflex cameras, we can safely say that this GoPro has superior shooting characteristics, in terms of image quality and edge sharpness. A product with characteristics worthy of the manufacturer. The case is robust, resists water, high temperatures and does not lose its performance in underwater mode. The wide angle set in superview mode is spectacular, offering evocative images comparable to those of the best TV series. The battery lasts longer than the other sisters in this series. The price is right, it has a good compromise between the supported technology and the added value, with 400 euros you can take it home with all the accessories. For many users, the Auto Low Light function is a real technological gem, this function in fact allows the camera to smartly adjust the frame rate taking into account the light conditions. The product is highly recommended for those who want to start from a higher level than the basic one and plan to use it in a concrete way also in anticipation of a potential professional initiative.

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