What to give your mother-in-law for her birthday

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First of all, it is good to ask your spouse carefully: what does your mother want? Is she a skilled housewife who likes gifts for the home, or on the contrary does she prefer something for herself? Are you passionate about cooking, gardening or do you like reading? Is she particularly fashionable and fashion-conscious, or does she much prefer to stay at home and pamper her children and grandchildren? These questions are particularly useful when you know little about your mother-in-law, but also when you notice that previous gifts have never been used, a sign that perhaps they were not liked.

Objects for the person

Among the most popular gifts for the mother-in-law's birthday, there are undoubtedly objects for the person: perfumes (prices vary greatly, depending on the brand you can spend from 20 to 100 euros), foulards or scarves are the most popular (of usually around 40/50 euros), but also the more anonymous ones, especially suitable for the initial phase of the relationship; however, when you are more intimate you can dare to give something more personalized: for example a pair of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet. Jewelery is the ideal choice to be on the safe side when giving a gift to any woman in the world, and it is not necessary to spend a fortune. Depending on the budget available, in fact, you can buy something in gold or silver or classy costume jewellery, equally refined: in this case, in fact, you can spend just a few tens of euros; a budget of around 50 euros is ideal. Green light also for wallets, less expensive than bags and more "safe", in the sense that it is difficult to make mistakes (as well as cheaper: designer ones cost on average around 150 euros, the cheapest ones start from 20 euros). Cosmetics, on the other hand, are a double-edged sword. Even if the mother-in-law in question is a lover of make-up, in fact, giving her a foundation or an anti-aging face cream could be perceived as a sort of veiled insult. Better then to opt for something neutral, for example a lipstick or blush in the shades you see them wearing most often, or a body cream with a delicate fragrance (the latter is a valid alternative to the classic and obvious perfume). Even in this case, the price range varies greatly, and excellent creams can be found both in herbalist shops and in high-end perfumery lines.

Gifts for the housewife

If the mother-in-law loves reading and has the house invaded by books, an excellent idea could be to give her an e-book reader with a selection of books in digital format: the latter cost much less than the classic paper ones. A good reader costs around 80 euros, while the prices of e-books vary from 1 to 10 euros, and there are also many free ones. Excellent gifts for the mother-in-law who loves to stay at home, however, can be flowers and potted plants (prices from 10 to 40 euros), kitchen tools (for example for pastry making, if she particularly liked making desserts) and everything that it can be used to beautify and decorate the house. Another very nice idea – especially if you are close – is to give something to wear, a soft sweater or a latest fashion dress. You can be accompanied on a shopping spree and, with the excuse of asking her for advice, have her tell you what she would particularly like.

Gifts for body care

Among the most fashionable gifts lately, there are the so-called "experiences", to be done together with the mother-in-law or to be given to the latter for her and her husband. In this case you can give her, for example, two theater tickets (from 100 euros and up), two cinema passes (around 50 euros) or admissions to a particularly important exhibition (around 25/30 cars). If you have a good feeling with your mother-in-law, however, you can book a day at the spa, a manicure/pedicure, a day at a spa or some particular treatment to pamper yourself a little and gossip together, increasing confidence and affection mutual and thus making your partner happy! In this case you will spend 100/150 euros.

Cheap gifts

Obviously, to give a gift of this type you need an averagely substantial budget; what to do if you can only afford to invest a few tens of euros? No problems! Small souvenirs for the birthday can be compositions of fresh flowers made specifically by your trusted florist, DVDs with your favorite films (you can be on the safe side by opting for old-fashioned cinema), scented candles, a frame or a set of cups in ceramic. These little objects usually cost from 10 euros up. For a mother-in-law who is always busy, who works and loves to keep up with the times, you are spoiled for choice! For example, you can give her a diary, an organizer that allows her to plan her day perfectly, or a smartphone. An excellent idea is also represented by the classic mp3 player, the ideal gift for a woman who loves music: the prices of these precious instruments vary from 20 to 100 euros and also in this case, as in the case of the ebook reader, it will be given to her as a gift the opportunity to always carry his favorite music with him. Finally, if you really don't have any ideas or have known each other for so many years that you have now given away everything and more, you can opt for the classic voucher that your mother-in-law can spend in her favorite shop. By doing this you will be able to choose according to your taste and there will be no risks. Of course, in this case the surprise factor is lost, but satisfaction is guaranteed!

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