What to give dad for his birthday

Idee regalo per compleanno papà
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To give a nice original gift to your dad you need to consider what type he is: there is the stay-at-home dad, the intellectual one, the working one and the sports one. Consequently, the object must not only be made from the heart to communicate how much we love him, but it must also be perfectly suited to his tastes and style. Secondly, you need to set the available budget, keeping in mind that a gift does not necessarily have to be very expensive: instead the opposite principle often applies. The important thing is to never trivialize and always think with your father's mind, approaching his passions and interests. Sometimes a simple and cheap gift is enough to make him happy: therefore avoid the usual banal gifts such as ties, shirts and aftershave and instead opt for thoughtful and personal gifts.

Gifts related to his hobbies

These gifts are extremely personal and need to be carefully thought out by the child. For example, if your dad is a trekking enthusiast, you can choose backpacks, boots or hiking accessories. Alternatively, also a fishing rod to combine sporting activity with the possibility of enjoying wild and still natural landscapes. If, however, he prefers painting as a hobby, you can opt for an easel, a series of colors or canvases for painting. Generally these objects do not cost more than 100 euros, while if you choose to give a camera to a photo enthusiast, the costs are higher.

For the dad who loves to read

If your dad has intellectual tastes and reads a lot, books are perfect gifts for his birthday. The choice must take into account your specific tastes in the subject: for example, there are people who prefer detective stories, others non-fiction (history, philosophy, economics, politics, current affairs) or fantasy or fiction. In this case you can purchase the latest editorial news or perhaps the works of your favorite author. For example, if you are an avid reader of Camilleri, a perfect gift would be one of the investigations of the Montalbano police station. This choice is even more heartfelt if we consider that often, due to the frenetic pace of work and daily life, it is difficult for fathers to be able to delve deeper into certain topics of interest to them or go to the bookshop to consult the titles in the catalogue, whether they are new or classics. Generally prices range from 15 to 20 euros: it is therefore a personal and personalized gift, valid and long-lasting, to be read and reread. If he has little time to read, you can give him an ebook reader together with some of his favorite books in digital format: generally the latter can be downloaded for one euro. The ebook reader models are very different from each other and their price ranges from 50 to 150 euros based on their functionality: one very famous and appreciated by users is the Kindle, inexpensive but very useful and functional to purchase directly on Amazon.

Gifts for dads with difficult tastes

If your father has difficult tastes, it is good to think about unusual objects, not related to everyday life and which are used in situations out of the ordinary. A good gift idea could be a travel package to an out-of-town location but away from the most popular routes or an action cam, i.e. a special camera designed specifically to record movement. These devices range from 50 to 150 euros depending on the model. However, if dad doesn't like adventure, you can think of satisfying his most heartfelt tastes:

  • to a lover of good food you can treat yourself to a dinner in an excellent restaurant (prices start from 40-50 euros) or a selection of branded and good quality gastronomic products, such as cheese-sauce combinations;
  • a distinguished man is given a tailored shirt or an elegant tie from a well-known brand for his birthday;
  • for smokers we recommend a classy pipe (prices starting from 50 euros), a box of fine cigars (Tuscans can be found at 3-5 euros each) or a tasteful cigarette case.

Finally, there are many unusual gift ideas that will definitely leave the birthday boy speechless: ranging from the key ring with thermometer-clock-torch-timer function to the reclining table for breakfast in bed on special occasions.

Sports gifts

In these cases, the gift and the available budget change depending on the sport practiced. In all circumstances, however, you have a very wide choice between numerous solutions for all budgets. The gym bag and the classic sports suit (in hyper-technological material, Lycra or cotton) are ideal both for gym-loving dads and for those who practice swimming, five-a-side football, basketball or tennis. The most popular and best quality brands are Nike, Superga, Adidas, Lotto, Le Coq Sportif and Puma. If, however, you are willing to spend a little more, you can opt for sports equipment, so that dad can train at home too. The exercise bike (100-150 euros) is always a classic, but among the various solutions there are also the step platform, the abdominal machines and the treadmill. If dad is an "armchair" sportsman, you can make him happy by giving him a TV subscription to follow the matches of his favorite team or the most loved champion. Alternatively, you can aim for a health-conscious gift, for example a gym membership. Prices are around 50 euros.

Technological gifts

If your parent is technologically at the forefront and carefully follows all the news in the high tech sector, the birthday gift could be a tablet, a smartphone or a PC. There are so many models on the market, different in size, functionality and prices: they range from 90 to over 300 euros. To a cinema or music enthusiast you can give respectively a DVD/DVX player and an MP3 player on which all the songs from his hit parade have been downloaded.

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