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The rental wedding dress

It is said that your wedding day is the most beautiful day of your life. Some might agree with this statement and some might not, yet practically everyone will agree on one thing: it is undoubtedly one of the most expensive days in economic terms. Without taking anything away from the romance of this event, it is possible to limit expenses by renting the wedding dress without – as many do – purchasing it. The rental solution, all things considered, is certainly interesting since the clothes worn during the ceremony are inevitably destined to end up at the bottom of a wardrobe, in the attic or in the cellar. Furthermore, for economic reasons, you often have to settle for a wedding dress model that is not exactly in line with your desires, thus giving up your dream dress. Rental instead allows you to choose the model of wedding dress you prefer, without being held back by the price; a dress that, after use, can be easily returned without having to worry about how or where to keep it.

Rental ateliers

The ateliers specialized in the rental of wedding dresses offer their customers a vast assortment of models, among which there will undoubtedly be the one most suited to their tastes and expectations. In addition to the classic religious wedding dresses, you can also rent those for civil weddings and possibly even dresses for your bridesmaids. At these specialized ateliers it is also possible to find the right accessories to match the wedding dress such as shoes, veils, stoles, petticoats, gloves, shawl jackets and even the ring pillow. It is not only wedding dresses that are rented, but also those for the groom: in this way you can take advantage of the rental of tailcoats, tuxedos or morning suits complete with sashes, bow ties, top hats and walking sticks, ties and shirts. Many ateliers also offer their customers the possibility of taking out an insurance policy on the rented wedding dress, which protects them in the event of any damage to the dress. If you have the possibility, it is advisable to make use of this option, since in the event of indelible stains or irreparable damage to the dress, the person who rented it is required to compensate the atelier for its entire value.

The advantages of rental

As already mentioned, renting a wedding dress instead of buying it leads to considerable savings. In most cases we are talking about an expense equal to just a third of that relating to the purchase of a new wedding dress! This means that, if in your wedding budget you have, for example, budgeted for a purchase of a thousand euros, on balance, by renting you can afford a dress worth even three thousand. Furthermore, those who buy a dress often give up accessories due to their high cost; thanks to rental these can be included without dramatically increasing the final bill. Also not to be underestimated is the advantage of not having to find a wedding dress around the house cluttering up the wardrobe, which – leaving aside the undoubted emotional bond – is objectively no longer of any practical use. Furthermore, over time, the dress could even be ruined, thus becoming unusable and precluding any possibility of being able to resell it at a later time (which many, for economic or space reasons, find themselves forced to do sooner or later). The ateliers specializing in rental are equipped with their own tailoring workshops where the chosen dress is adapted to the measurements of the future bride, with any repairs and fittings involved. Competent tailors specializing in formal wear work in these workshops, so you can count on the opinion of staff who are undoubtedly experts in the trade. Some ateliers also allow their customers to purchase the dress rented for the wedding. In fact, it can happen that, once the ceremony is over, the spouses have become so fond of their clothes that they want to keep them for themselves.

How to rent a wedding dress

By going to an atelier specializing in rental you can view the clothes available by leafing through the catalog or viewing the models directly. As regards hygiene, checks are scrupulous and all wedding dresses are carefully washed and sterilized before being made available for rental again. Once the desired wedding dress has been found, we proceed with the necessary adjustments in the tailoring laboratory; at the same time the most suitable accessories are chosen. Once the ceremony is over, the dress is returned as it is, without having to wash it. On the internet you can find numerous ateliers specializing in rental, and some of them even offer their customers the option of "remote rental", thanks to which it is possible to receive the wedding dress model chosen by the client directly to their home. catalog. To take advantage of this interesting opportunity, which is often linked to discounts or promotions, a security deposit is usually required which is returned when the dress returns to the shop. Shipping takes place via express courier and can be insured.

Rental cost

The costs relating to the rental of a wedding dress and any accessories are quite variable, and the most significant expense item is obviously represented by the dress itself. In this case it is above all the brand that influences the prices: for clothes from "non-famous" and simply made fashion houses the prices generally start from 250-300 euros; by choosing more elaborate models or by famous designers you can even exceed 1000-1500 euros as a basic price. As regards accessories, also in this case the price range is quite variable depending on the model and above all the brand. Many shops offer "savings packages" which include, together with the rental of the wedding dress, also that of accessories such as shoes, gloves and veil: the prices for these extras usually range from 100 euros upwards. In most cases, the tailoring operations necessary for adapting the wedding dress are included in the rental cost, but not always: even in this case it is advisable to inquire in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises in the final bill.

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