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How does it work

The UV nail lamp, through the heat emitted by the bulbs inserted inside, allows the catalyzation of the gel, i.e. its drying. A UV lamp is capable of catalyzing any type of gel, structure or colour, as long as it is UV. Other types, such as semi-permanent nail polishes, are not particularly suitable for lamps, making drying them an almost impossible operation.


Among the essential items for nail reconstruction there is certainly a UV lamp or oven. This has almost become an object of furniture and more and more companies are trying to create it in different shapes and colours. The most common remains the rectangular one, however, on the market, it is possible to find it with abstract shapes in the upper part or even, it is possible to find it in small dimensions. Furthermore, there is also a maxi-sized oven lamp for inserting both hands. The main material is plastic, with which the entire structure is made. It has a power button and a reset timer. In the lower part, there is a removable trolley, created to rest your hands on and to which a mirror-like part is inserted, capable of reflecting the UV light created by the bulbs.

UV bulbs

Usually there are four bulbs in a UV lamp, each 9 watts, in order to obtain a capacity of 36 watts. Some new models, however, only have two bulbs, each 16 watts, obtaining the same essential power. A lamp that produces a heat lower than 36 watts is not valid, as it compromises the success of the entire nail reconstruction. In fact, any type of gel, in order to complete the catalyzed state, necessarily requires this heat. Furthermore, with assiduous use, the bulbs can discharge after approximately 600 hours, causing blackening at the hairline. In this case, they need to be changed.

Semi-permanent nail polish drying

The latest models of UV lamps include special bulbs capable of drying semi-permanent nail polish, in order to guarantee well-groomed hands every day. For those who already have a UV oven, they can only purchase the special bulbs, in fact these have the same shape as the classic ones and therefore can still be inserted into the classic UV nail lamp.

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