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Choice of size

Let's start this analysis starting from the dimensions that this must have. Remember that despite being a small animal, it still needs its space. The rule is that the bigger the aquarium the better, because the turtle can live better. When purchasing the turtle, always remember to ask yourself the maximum length that this specimen can reach, to purchase the aquarium best suited to the needs of our animal. The same goes if you decide to keep multiple turtles in the same aquarium: remember that each little animal needs its own space, so you will have to think about buying a decidedly larger model. There are also small models on the market, which are better suited to small homes: but remember that these are perhaps fine for newborn turtles, but then they grow and need more space. So in order not to double the expense by purchasing two aquariums, which then only take up space in the house, it is better to think about purchasing a large aquarium right from the start, to meet your needs. As for the coexistence between turtles and fish, this is not recommended: it has nothing to do with the size of the aquarium, but the fact that the two animals may not get along. Turtles are hunters, while fish make the water very dirty. If you have both fish and turtles at home it is always better to think of having two separate aquariums: also because the models for one and the other animal change. Better to guarantee each species its own personal habitat. There are aquariums for turtles in open and closed models, which are more convenient for transport: when they are at home, however, it is always better to keep the aquarium open, to allow the air to circulate and also to allow the sun's rays, if it is kept near a window, enter to illuminate the turtle's living space.

Tips for the ideal aquarium

How can we keep our aquarium in good condition and allow our turtles to live as best as possible in our homes? Various factors must be taken into account. As regards, for example, the water in the turtle aquarium, always remember that to live well there must be enough water to allow the turtle to remain standing and still remain below the level: most aquariums ' lows that do not allow this, or water levels that are too low, are not healthy for our turtle. If there is not enough water, our pet may even stop eating, because it is used to hunting for food immersed in water. Not only the water level, but also the temperature is very important, to allow our turtles to live as best as possible inside our homes. The water temperature must always be between 25 and 27 degrees Centigrade: if the temperature were to decrease, the turtle could lose its appetite, thus becoming more easily susceptible and sensitive to the contagion of diseases, which could even lead to its death. If very low temperatures are lethal for turtles, so are high temperatures: if the water were to reach 0 degrees or 38 degrees, the chances of survival for our little animals would be drastically reduced, also because the water would not respect more to the standards of their natural habitat. The aquarium can be kept both at home and on the balcony and terrace. The advice is to always keep our turtle indoors when the temperatures outside are too cold. When it is spring or summer you can think of leaving the turtle in the open air for a few hours, thus exposing it to the sun's rays, which can only benefit our pet. In summer, however, be careful not to keep the turtle exposed to the sun's rays during the hottest hours, when temperatures rise too much: in these cases it is better to leave it indoors, in a room perhaps in the dark, to prevent the temperature of the air and water are too high.


There are also many accessories for aquariums, which allow us to guarantee an even better habitat for our turtles: small tools that allow our little friend to feel a little more at home and to live in a place designed specifically for her. Heater: Earlier we talked about how important it is to maintain a certain temperature in the aquarium. The water must never fall below the recommended level and never be hotter than the maximum level described above. Otherwise we risk making our pet suffer and even kill it. To keep the temperature constant and in any case within the ranges described, the heater is absolutely necessary and indispensable. In fact, if the water is too cold or too hot, our turtles will certainly get sick. It is an accessory that is not too expensive and is easy to use, so it is better to always have it, because the life and above all the health of our turtle depends on the temperature of the water. Dry surface : if your aquarium does not have a dry surface, which allows our turtle to live out of the water, it is better to equip itself with a platform to allow it to also enjoy the sun's rays. Turtles, in fact, like to spend time on emerged land. Decorative objects: we often love to decorate aquariums, both those of fish and those of turtles, with ornaments that recall the sea. The classic palm trees, stones and other objects that we insert inside our aquarium are purely for decoration, even if they are sometimes useful to the animals: for example, by inserting a stone into the water, letting part of it come out, it can become a small promontory on which the turtle can position itself, to sunbathe or to come out of the water for a while. Only large stones, to avoid accidental ingestion! Air heater : even the air and not just the water must have a defined temperature to make our turtle live as best as possible. In this case, a simple light bulb is enough. Filters to keep the aquarium clean.


Turtles love to live in clean water. Keeping the water as fresh and clean as possible is not only a favor we do for our friends, but it is also a way to best preserve our aquarium. And then, let's face it, the smell of dirty water also bothers us: so let's remember to change the aquarium water often. We can also think of using a filter pump for aquarium maintenance, especially for large aquariums, to ensure optimal cleaning of our aquarium, which at least once a week must be cleaned from top to bottom, thoroughly, if possible. without using too many chemical products, which could be dangerous and harmful for our little friends: cleaning is essential, but sometimes just hot water is enough, especially if you clean continuously and if you don't leave the stagnant water still too long. In winter, when our turtles hibernate, we can also think about changing the water once every 10 or 15 days, because the environment gets less dirty. In spring and summer, however, when the animals wake up from their torpor, it is better to do it more often, even every day, because the water gets dirty very easily. For general and more thorough cleaning, however, even once a week is enough. The filter is also indispensable for the bad smell that stagnant water can produce in the air, even if it remains there for a short time: to live with our little turtle, perhaps it is better to think not only of her but also of us, changing the water often and inserting a filter pump into the aquarium capable of often changing the flow of water. As for the water we are going to introduce into our aquarium, we can easily use tap water, but it must be pure: do not use any product or system to purify the water, because it could even make things worse.

Best brands

There are many companies that offer us their solutions to allow our turtles to live better inside aquariums. Here are the ones we wanted to select for you: Aquasystem is a company founded in 1999 by some people passionate about aquariums, but also about electronics. The company offers us its perfect products to maintain our aquariums at their best: absolutely useful and valid products, the result of the most careful research, to allow aquarium enthusiasts to maintain a healthy environment for turtles and also for fish. Acquarama Italia Srl, on the other hand, is a company present on the Italian market for more than 20 years: it deals with aquariums, which is important and exports and wholesales tropical live fish throughout Italy, as well as products, accessories, objects and aquatic plants. and more. Indispensable tools to best maintain the habitat of our animals. Ada Euroope Corporation is definitely a very important company at a national but also international level, which offers us its solutions to bring perfect tools, accessories and aquariums into the home, to coexist perfectly with our turtles, but also with fish, even tropical ones. Adana , on the other hand, is a Japanese company, present on the internet with a portal that also offers us its products online to best maintain the habitat of turtles and fish inside the domestic aquariums that we decide to set up, out of passion or simply to host the our new friend. AKS is an Australian company that offers us its solutions: it is also present on the internet with an online site that offers us, in a very simple way, all the products it offers to all turtle enthusiasts. Vitrea, on the other hand, is a decidedly larger company, which offers solutions not only for the domestic environment, but also for restaurants or offices and companies. The website is very informative!

Where to buy

As regards the purchase of our turtle aquarium, we have several places to go to find the best solutions for these small pets. As with everything, now, even when it comes to pets, there are real chains of specialized shops , present throughout the national territory, where you can purchase the simplest but also the most complex models, from the most important brands operating nationally and internationally. A wide range, where you will surely find not only this product, but many other essential tools to ensure maximum comfort for turtles and beyond: in these chain stores, in fact, we will be able to find everything we need, from food to kennels through to accessories, games and clothing, for our faithful pets, who keep us company every day. There are also small shops in all cities, which deal with the care of our animals: here we will certainly be able to find what we need and we can also order products that perhaps are not immediately available, also following the advice of the managers and shop assistants. who, having less choice and fewer products available, are hopefully more competent in what they make available for sale. Even shopping centers offer a section dedicated to animals: here you will certainly find what our turtles need. The internet also remains a good tool for making purchases related to life in our turtle homes, but also other pets: the online auctions but also portals dedicated to animals and online sales sites can guarantee us to purchase various products, perhaps at slightly lower prices. Always pay attention to shipping costs, which can even reach figures that are a little too high: it is not always convenient to make purchases online! Even at the fairs that are held seasonally in our cities, in addition to pets (always check that they are in optimal conditions and that they are treated well before buying them!), there are often also accessories for the care of our new friends such as turtle aquarium!

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