Migliori crocchette per cani

Best kibble for dogs

Kibble is a safe and recommended food from the time our dog is weaned. But we know that choosing food for our pet can be really difficult. The important thing is to always pay attention to the information on the label. Let's see together how to choose the best kibble.

Tiragraffi per gatti

Cat scratching post

The cat scratching post is designed for our four-legged friends who love to sleep comfortably, play and sharpen their nails. Nothing better than a colorful model, in washable fabric and of a size suitable for our cat. Continue reading this guide to learn about its characteristics and choose the most suitable scratching post for your pet.


Dog stroller

The dog stroller is the right accessory for taking your friend for a walk, if you are planning a particularly long trip, for example. But it is also the suitable vehicle for small or sick dogs; it is therefore important that it has certain characteristics, different depending on the needs of your four-legged friend. But how to choose the right stroller? The solution is in this guide.



Faithful companion of man par excellence, the dog is often not just an animal but a real member of the family in which it lives. Speaking of dogs, we certainly cannot forget their vocation as a help to humans, which they have accompanied for millennia in herding and protection, up to the most modern uses in the anti-drug field and in the event of natural disasters. Here is a guide on the dog and its extraordinary role in human life.


Aquaterrarium for turtles

Water turtles are cute reptiles that frequently populate our homes. These are very delicate animals, with particular environmental needs and which require suitable spaces to grow, move and feed: for this reason, the choice of the aquaterrarium in which to house them should certainly not be left to chance. In this guide we will discover all the characteristics that a good aquaterrarium must have, in order to guarantee the well-being of its little guests.


Fish feed

Fish are cute little animals that can be kept at home without major problems, in a tank if it is a goldfish, in an aquarium if there is more than one and of a particular breed. Fish do not require excessive care. Typically you just clean the water often and feed them the right type of food to meet their nutritional needs.


Food for dogs

For the health and well-being of four-legged friends there is a need for a varied and balanced diet, capable of providing all the nutrients they need. There are various types of dog food on the market, which must be chosen based on the breed and age of the animal. In particular cases, it is useful to ask your vet for advice, who will be able to indicate the right foods to feed your friend.


Cat's food

The cat is a much loved pet. There are people who prefer him to the dog, for his privacy and cleanliness. In fact it is a rather habitual and methodical animal in its things, even in food. There are breeds of cats that are more valuable than others and require greater care and attention, especially when it comes to nutrition. If you want your cat to grow healthy, it is good to know some rules on how to feed it. Let's find out together how to choose the best cat food.


Dog kennel

The dog needs constant care and attention. It is important that he always feels calm and safe, whether we keep him at home with us, or whether he is in the garden or elsewhere. The kennel is an accessory that must be chosen with care, because it is the place where our faithful friend takes… Continua a leggere Dog kennel