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What are they for

The eyeglasses used in various sporting activities are made with a very particular design, which clearly differentiates them from traditional ones. In sporting activity the athlete is in constant movement therefore it is essential that the glasses remain well adherent to the face: their shape is therefore typically aerodynamic and enveloping. Another very important feature of sports eyeglasses is their resistance to impacts: the lenses are shatterproof and scratch-proof , while the frame is made of very light but at the same time resistant materials. Exactly as in the case of traditional eyeglasses, even for sports glasses it is possible to choose the necessary correction for both eyes. The lenses are obviously not made of glass, but of unbreakable materials such as polycarbonate or other plastic materials. Since the eye also wants its part, design is a very important element in sports eyeglasses. These models of glasses have "aggressive" and slender shapes, therefore they are accessories that also respond to aesthetic needs.

Choice of lenses

In addition to the prescription, the lenses used for sports eyeglasses can be equipped with very useful complementary features, as happens for example in photochromic or polarized lenses. On the other hand, athletes who have no vision defects often choose glasses without prescription but equipped with these particular lenses to improve vision in difficult light conditions. Photochromic lenses, increasingly widespread even in everyday life, are made of particular materials which vary their color based on the amount of sunlight received thanks to a chemical reaction. As the light intensity increases, the lenses progressively darken, thus adapting perfectly to the needs of light shielding. In the absence of light or indoors, the lenses are transparent or at most have an almost imperceptible brown tint. Many athletes, both professionals and amateurs, also choose polarized lenses for their eyeglasses. These particular lenses are equipped with excellent anti-reflection properties which improve contrast, sharpness, color perception and therefore overall vision. Polarized lenses are ideal for example for those who practice shooting or archery outdoors, since they significantly improve vision, but also for fishing or water sports enthusiasts who, thanks to these lenses, are not dazzled by the reflection of the water.


In addition to the aforementioned sports eyeglasses, equipped with a frame and a pair of lenses, models equipped with a double frame can also be found on the market. In these models a pair of dark lenses is mounted outside the transparent ones, and can be raised by 90 degrees to allow the user to switch from shielded light to natural light without being forced to remove and replace the glasses. These double lenses are ideal for outdoor sports where there is a need to protect the eyes from intense light radiation, but at the same time to see real light (as happens for example in golf, baseball, shooting arch…). For those with particular vision needs, sports eyeglasses can be equipped with bifocal lenses . These lenses are equipped with a double correction, one for myopia or hyperopia (the upper half of the lens, larger), the other for presbyopia (smaller and placed at the bottom). Thanks to these lenses, even those suffering from complex vision defects can engage in sporting activities without any problems focusing either near or far. However, these lenses are quite expensive, so many athletes still prefer to buy glasses with single vision lenses.

Published: 2012-06-07From: Redazione

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