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Migliori scarpe running

Best Running Shoes

Running shoes must have precise technical characteristics that make them capable of correctly supporting the body, offering it the stability it needs and, why not, helping to optimize the performance of the athlete who wears them. Read the guide to find out which are the best running shoes 2017.


Best BCAA Branched Chain Amino Acids

BCAA branched chain amino acids represent one of the most frequently used types of supplements in the sports world, especially in body building. Made up of three essential amino acids, Valine, Leucine and Isoleucine, they are fundamental for plastic and muscular function, as well as for energy production, for the stimulation of protein synthesis and for strengthening the immune system. Here is a guide to knowing the best amino acids of the moment, taking into consideration the intrinsic qualities of the product and the price-quality ratio.


How to choose a folding electric bike

The folding electric bike stands out from normal bicycles as it is much lighter and more practical, in fact it is possible to fold it and transport it anywhere, even on the bus. Continue reading this guide to find out how it works, what the advantages are and the purchase prices.


Room bike

The indoor bike is the ideal tool for training from home in complete comfort, keeping yourself fit while watching a film or listening to your favorite music, comfortably in your living room without having to go to the gym or pay any subscription.

Occhiali da vista per sport

Sports eyeglasses

When playing a sport it is essential to see well, but often those who suffer from vision defects can find it difficult due to the inability to wear their traditional eyeglasses. This is why you can find special sports eyeglasses on the market, which are light, practical and reliable.

Antifurto bicicletta

Bicycle anti-theft

When purchasing a bicycle it is essential to equip it with an anti-theft system to prevent it from being stolen if left unattended. In this guide you will find useful information to choose the most suitable anti-theft device for your needs.


Bicycle odometer

For amateur cyclists and professional cyclists, the odometer represents a valid tool for knowing parameters such as travel times, distances and speed of your bicycle journey. This guide contains useful information to orient yourself in the panorama of bicycle odometers and purchase the model best suited to your needs.


Ping pong table

Ping pong is a game that excites both children and adults, groups of friends and entire families. If you have sufficient space available, you can practice this recreational activity directly at home by purchasing a ping pong table: in this guide we will discover some advice for the "right" purchase.


Pool table

Buying a pool table is a big investment. In order to make an informed decision, you will need to answer some important questions: Who will be using the pool table, will it be used for fun or professionally? What is the available budget? How large is the room where the pool table will be placed? Our guide will help you answer all these questions.