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What is it for

The indoor bike is used to train the muscles of the lower part of our body, especially the thighs and calves. In the upper part of the body, the heart is involved, which must pump blood necessary for the effort and good oxygenation of the whole body. Additionally, exercise with the indoor bike is great for keeping your back straight, thus serving as an excellent postural exercise. Then there are particular models that combine the movement of the legs with other movements to be done with the arms so as to also keep the upper limbs trained, but in reality most of the models do not have them and are limited to the function of putting the legs in motion. In order to obtain results on the muscle tone of the legs, it is necessary to apply oneself consistently for twenty minutes a day, every day, following a progress program that is not too tiring or abrupt, to learn well to associate the rhythm of breathing with the rhythm of pedaling. When you start using the exercise bike it is essential to take it slowly, not to push too much on your physical resistance capabilities. Furthermore, it is very important to stretch before and after exercising on the exercise bike. It is important to try to maintain a constant pedaling pace, especially at the beginning, to avoid excessive and counterproductive fatigue. In addition, maintaining a constant rhythm helps you understand how to keep your breathing constant too. Training can only be intensified after two weeks of constant activity every day for twenty minutes. When increasing the load on the resistance it is best to do so gradually, for example not by jumping from resistance 3 to 5 but first by moving from resistance level 4. Starting at full speed is not useful and does not work, but only produces the effect of making you discouraged.


The exercise bike is an excellent training tool that everyone, young and old, can use without danger, even the elderly. It is very easy to use and adjust and is not as bulky as other types of sports equipment might be. Train not only your legs but above all your heart, improving your resistance to effort and therefore extending your life! Suitable for any level you start playing sports, both for beginners and for people who are already trained, and even for professionals, because you just need to vary the pace and the routes you choose to be able to vary the difficulty of the training. The prices are very variable, they change depending on the functions you choose, starting from around thirty euros for the pedals alone, to be used sitting on a sofa or on a chair, or from a basic price of around one hundred euros for the first real exercise bikes with basic models, up to more than nine hundred euros for fully equipped models. There really is something for all tastes and budgets! Almost all models generally have a display that reports all the data relating to the chosen virtual route, i.e. the distance that has already been travelled, the speed at a given moment, the average speed, the training time, both that already elapsed and the total estimated to complete the set route, the estimate of how many calories have been consumed, the heart rate. There are various buttons on the displays to view all this different information and to set the various route modes you prefer. If desired, they can also be equipped with a magnetic brake to be able to brake at any time without having to progressively decelerate.


The exercise bike is certainly the most used and best-known fitness tool at home, very versatile because it allows you to do a series of very varied workouts and therefore never get bored and continually challenge your own resistance and training limits . It is extremely advantageous because it allows you to do fitness at any time of the day, in any weather, in your room in complete tranquility. It is perfect for aerobic activity that especially helps the heart and the entire circulatory and respiratory system. For this reason, it is good for both professional athletes and those who just want to maintain their mental and physical well-being and physical fitness. The advantages that derive from its constant use are many. They range from the possibility of losing weight for those who need it, to improving lung resistance and heart resistance, to developing good muscle tone for firm legs, to training the knee and ankle joints. The range of models available on the market is vast, so you can really customize every type of adjustment and you can also choose the design with the greatest aesthetic effect as well as excellent functionality. Furthermore, you can choose according to your tastes, you can opt for those with very minimal dimensions, perhaps limited to just the pedals, or choose others with all the possible and imaginable accessories, like true athletes. There are bicycle bikes with displays that are very easy to decipher because they only illustrate the basic functions, and others with myriads of adjustments for all those who don't want to give up details. Furthermore, it is not certain that the bicycle has to make noise: there are those that are totally silent which do not produce any annoying noise and ensure continuous and fluid movement, without jerks. This product is perfect for being placed in the home without being invasive because it does not take up too much space, plus it is excellent for use in the small moments of time we have available between one chore and another.

How to use

The indoor bike should be used with common sense, starting little at a time and then intensifying training in terms of resistance and speed. It is best to avoid cycling if you already suffer from knee problems because the problems with these joints could worsen. Before dedicating yourself to training it is advisable to have a medical examination complete with an electrocardiogram to ensure that your body is suitable for this type of physical activity, even if practiced at a non-competitive level. We must remember to pay attention to the information shown on the display of the exercise bike, because, although at first they may seem like a concentration of difficult to understand numbers, they are actually very useful information for regulating our training and progress. In fact, the display shows the calories burned, the resistance loaded and the training time. It is possible to set different types of routes, which imitate mountainous or flat paths, depending on the resistance acquired in the various workouts. The indoor bike is becoming more and more popular as a practical and easy-to-use tool for DIY fitness, which doesn't even require you to leave the house to train. These bikes have spread throughout Italy since the 1980s and since then this trend has become increasingly popular, precisely because it is an effective, practical and pleasant way of training at home. The country in the world where these bikes are used the most is the United States of America, but now even in Europe these exercise machines are now very common not only in gyms but also in private homes. Precisely for this reason there are now many models with different features and prices accessible to everyone.


The frame of an exercise bike is very similar to that of a real one, the main difference in fact remains the fact that instead of wheels there are support bases for the tool on the floor. There are various types of handlebars that you can choose from, usually the handlebars similar to those of racing bicycles are preferred because they allow three different grips and positions of the arms when training. In addition, there are also movable dumbbells that can be held to move the arms back and forth, thus training not only the legs but also the upper limbs of the body. This technical measure compensates for the fact that on a bicycle bike the arms would never be tense or moving, unlike what happens on the road, because when we pedal on a normal bike we have to maintain with our arms not only the direction and the balance but we also have to deal with the jolts that the bike suffers on the ground by resisting with our arms. On the rear part of the exercise bike there is a flywheel that can be adjusted to give more or less resistance to pedaling, so as to train the legs in a different way, simulating the presence of climbs, flat sections or descents on the virtual cycling route which can be covered by bicycle. Resistors can work in different ways, in fact there are magnetic ones, buffer ones (also called belt ones), air ones and electromagnetic ones. The oldest models are the pad ones, which are now becoming obsolete. Instead, the more modern ones are magnetic and allow you to train with a fluid, smooth and silent movement.

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