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What is it for

The electric straightening brush is one of the cutting-edge products marketed to allow women to take care of their hair at home and always have a perfect style. Its objective is to make hair silky smooth with a simple pass: in this way those with curly or wavy hair will no longer have to use hairdryers and hair straighteners, products that take much longer to obtain the same results and which risk ruining your hair. Precisely because of its efficiency and ease of use, the straightening brush is increasingly appreciated even by women who already have naturally straight hair: in fact they allow you to effortlessly have a perfect hairstyle like at the hairdresser. It is a truly innovative product that has revolutionized the concept of home styling and the way in which it can be done: its methods of use are extremely simple and convenient while the final result will always live up to expectations. It can also be a truly original gift idea.

How does it work

The straightening brush has an innovative design thanks to which you can dry and smooth your hair at the same time: in fact it simultaneously performs the functions of a hairdryer and a straightening iron. It is practically a hairbrush with a straightening function: it brushes the hair and at the same time produces a sufficient amount of heat to straighten it. This way you don't need to buy two different appliances because it combines two functions in one. This product is ideal for women who have little time to dedicate to caring for their hair. Its operation is really simple and intuitive, a fact that has increased its popularity and diffusion: after washing your hair (a hydrating shampoo is recommended), you need to eliminate some of the humidity by rubbing it with a towel. At this point the hair is separated into a certain number of strands so that the operation to make it straight is easier: then the thermal straightening brush is passed over each individual strand, being careful to comb the hair so as to eliminate the knots. The brush emits, through the myriad of small holes spread across its entire surface, a jet of hot air which simultaneously dries and smoothes the hair. For women with curly hair, a simple pass is enough, while for those with very curly hair it may be necessary to repeat the procedure to obtain a truly perfect result. Finally, a hydrating serum is applied to make your hair shinier and stronger. It guarantees a more voluminous result than traditional straighteners: the greater the diameter of the cylinder, the more voluminous the result. Consequently, the smaller models are ideal for a short cut while the larger ones are recommended for very long or very curly hair.

How much does it cost

The prices for a straightening brush vary depending on the model you decide to purchase: there are basic models, those with ionizing effect and those in thermoceramic . In any case, straightening brushes eliminate the frizzy appearance typical of curly or wavy hair and are a truly useful accessory in everyday life. They have an ergonomic and cylindrical shape and are based on an intuitive technology that facilitates use as the movement is very fluid. The models with the ceramic base are characterized by maintaining constant heat and their innovative antistatic function : in this way the hair will be even smoother and there will be a much smaller number of negatively charged particles. Depending on the brand and the chosen purchase method, prices can vary considerably: in any case they never exceed 25-30 euros even in the case of the most valuable models. The purchase price starts from around 13 euros, however you can find even lower prices if you make the purchase on e-commerce sites and platforms such as Ebay or Amazon. In these cases you can take advantage of a certain number of discounts and promotions. However, ceramic models cost slightly more than more traditional products: in fact they have a more delicate action on the hair and heat up more quickly. The other coatings to choose from are chrome and tomaline: in the first case the brush is decidedly economical while in the second it eliminates the frizz effect caused by humidity with exceptional results.

Best brands and models

One of the best products on the market is the GHB straightening brush: thanks to its ten temperature levels it can go from a minimum of 80°C to a maximum of 230°C. In fact, going from one level to another the temperature varies by 5°C. Simply press the and – buttons to adjust the heat to your needs. It has a power of 40-59 W and can be used on both dry and wet hair. It is a thermal brush that straightens hair in just 2 seconds as the appliance is much faster, five to ten times, compared to traditional straighteners. Among other things, it offers the notable advantage of making the hair less susceptible to humidity and fall. Another valid product is the Lcd Anti Static brush: since it releases a large number of negative ions you are sure that the hair will not be damaged in the slightest during the styling procedure. Plus you get a very relaxing scalp massage at the same time. It combines the functions of a comb and hair straightener in an excellent way and guarantees an anti-tangling effect. For fine hair it is recommended to use the lowest temperature (i.e. 170-200°C), while for thicker hair it is best to select the highest level, 210-230°C. However, for normal hair, the medium temperature is used. Finally, the Phillips HP8663/00 Essential Care Styler straightening brush guarantees very efficient performance: it has a power of 800 W and uses Thermo Protect technology. In addition, you have four different and interchangeable elements available to create all the hairstyles you want.

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