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Migliori scope elettriche senza fili

Best cordless electric brooms

Are you interested in purchasing a cordless electric broom but don't know which one to choose? Our editorial staff has selected, based on their features and reviews, the best electric brooms of 2017. Continue reading to find the one best suited to your floor.


Best water purifiers

Home water purifiers are devices that can eliminate any pollutants that may be in tap water. Read the guide to find out which are the best water filter systems.

Migliori condizionatori portatili

Best portable air conditioners

When it is not possible to install a fixed air conditioner inside your home or office, the alternative solution is to purchase a portable air conditioner, a useful household appliance for seeking partial relief from the heat, especially on the hottest summer days.

Migliori deumidificatori portatili

Best portable dehumidifiers

The portable dehumidifier is a household appliance that serves to reduce the formation of condensation, remove humidity and above all to prevent mold from walls. But which one to choose? In this guide you will find the best portable dehumidifiers currently on the market.


Smoothing brush

The electric straightening brush is an unmissable accessory for always having perfect hair: it is useful both for women who want to have tidy hair and for those who want to change their look and are tired of curls. Read the guide to find out about the features, prices and offers of the best straightening brushes on the market.


Activated carbon hood

The activated carbon hood is a new generation appliance that has a very high air purification and deodorization efficiency compared to traditional hoods on the market. Particularly suitable for those who own a commercial business, such as pizzerias or restaurants. Read the guide for useful advice on how to choose the best hood with carbon filter suited to your needs.


Cold juice extractor

After making their first appearance on US markets in the 1960s, juice extractors are enjoying great success today. In fact, people's greater attention towards healthy eating makes them precious allies of well-being: cold-pressed juices are in fact much richer in vitamins and nutritional principles than common fruit and vegetable juices. Read the guide to correctly orient yourself in choosing and purchasing the cold juice extractors best suited to your needs.


Best irons

The market currently offers many different models of irons and before purchasing you must consider various aspects such as the technical characteristics, the type of use we will make of them and the quality/price ratio. Here is a short guide to find your way among the best irons of 2016 and choose the one that's right for us.

Asciugatrice a gas

How to choose the gas dryer

The gas dryer solves the problem of damp clothes in winter, it is also long-lasting and guarantees lower consumption than the electric dryer. Forget about the drying racks in the bathroom, bedroom and even the living room which can make the environment unhealthy due to the appearance of mould, and invest in a gas dryer which will revolutionize your habits.