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Sizes larger than 44

Defining what plus sizes are is not a simple matter: it is a definition that is neither unique nor definitive, which depends on the market trend and the choices of fashion houses. If we try to take a tour of the clothing stores of more or less well-known brands, we observe that the distribution of some sizes is greater, to the detriment of others, which are rare or even impossible to find. If we take women's trousers as an example, we can easily realize that sizes between 38 and 44 are always available. Already starting from the 46, however, we see that the number of items decreases and then drops sharply if we are interested in a 48. If we look for a 50, we will most likely not find it at all. In truth, many fashion brands prefer not to produce plus sizes for business and marketing reasons. Therefore we can conclude that plus sizes are that series of sizes not produced by all clothing companies, because they are considered too large for the models offered. But let's see specifically which sizes we are talking about. Certainly sizes starting from 50, but not only. Today, the plus size is also 48 and, according to some, also 46. Let's say that the woman who wears a size larger than 44 begins to have difficulty dressing, and must refer to the plus size category if she wants to find models that fit good on your body. In this guide we will see better how to orient ourselves in the market if we wear a size larger than 44.


As we said, fashion establishes market trends, enhancing some sizes to the detriment of others. But it is also true that the world of fashion has not remained completely indifferent to this category of women: we are talking about women with a soft body, who do not want to miss the opportunity to feel fashionable and beautiful even with a few extra kilos. Indeed, these women want to disguise some parts of the body and enhance others. For this reason, plus size clothing is not an easy sector: you have to work on models and fabrics to achieve maximum results. The garments must have maximum wearability, and in addition they must be feminine and fashionable. The biggest problem concerns the cut of the trousers, because it does not only include the size, but, in this case, also the physical conformation: we can find ourselves faced with a narrow waist with rather robust legs, or, on the contrary, a waistline weighed down with legs in line. There is a need, therefore, for a number of different models, which satisfy the different requirements. Furthermore, it would be very important to find specialized staff in shops, so that you can receive targeted advice for your body type. In this type of clothing the most delicate part are the trousers: the cuts and models must be varied, and the fabrics must be stretch and adapt well to the body. For the upper part, the mix must be varied, alternating wider cuts with flared models and different types of details: for example three-quarter or balloon sleeves. The choice of colors in the collection is also fundamental: they must be fashionable, but also serve the purpose of slimming.

Fit and physique

Falling into that group of women who wear the so-called plus sizes means not having a wide choice of clothing available. It also means having a body characterized by soft curves and, sometimes, a few extra pounds. But not only. Because not all women are the same and physical conformation is important and must be kept in mind when choosing the clothes to wear. For example, a woman with a narrow waist and pronounced hips will need a certain cut of trousers, which will not be the same as a woman with a slightly pronounced belly. The two women will probably wear the same size, despite having completely different needs. But let's see better what the most common types of female physical conformation are and how to dress in each of these cases:

  • Hourglass shape: narrow waist, shapely bust and legs. Women who have an hourglass body shape must choose a type of clothing that enhances their narrow waist. Good blouses or sweaters with V-necks, even deep ones. For the upper part, the important thing is not to choose clothes that are too tight. For the lower part, it is better to focus on midi skirts or high-waisted trousers. Heels are important, because they slim the figure. Wedges are also good;
  • Pear shape: petite upper body, shapely legs and hips. Low-cut shirts are fine, preferably with a boat neckline. Balloon sleeves are also good. You can opt for a push up bra. For trousers, it is better to choose a loose cut. Pleats are prohibited, in favor of soft skirts in flowing fabrics;
  • apple shape: here the curvy part is concentrated on the belly, chest, arms and shoulders. We must try to enhance the legs, so go ahead with Bermuda shorts and skirts, but also with leggings and tight jeans. For the top part, yes to flared jackets.

Knowing how to value yourself

Whatever body category you belong to, to dress well you must first try to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of your body. Then you can start looking for the right clothing, having a clear idea of which cuts to prefer. Knowing well what you are looking for, the market will also come to us with targeted proposals. For everyone, some advice to enhance yourself.

  • Remember that dressing in one color helps. Better to choose dark shades. Total black is certainly the favorite of many women, but you can also choose midnight blue, plum, forest green;
  • the vertical lines create an optical effect that makes the body appear taller and slimmer. Don't forget that horizontal lines give the opposite effect;
  • the right size: that is, never dress in clothes that are too tight or even with clothes that are too loose. So no to leggings if you have vigorous legs, but also no to trousers that are too wide or maxi skirts;
  • choose materials carefully: slippery and light fabrics are better, to the detriment of heavy fabrics such as corduroy or very coarse wool or tweed;
  • keep your weak points in mind: the dress must first suit you, then, if possible, be fashionable. None of us can follow all the guidelines dictated by the trends of the seasons, it is better to select which innovations are right for us.

Furthermore, height is also very important. So go ahead for heels and wedges. Remember that to slim your figure, an excellent idea is to wear trousers cut at the ankle, always with heels.


Plus size accessories also serve to enhance certain points of the body, underline curves and draw attention where we want it. They also complete the clothing, giving that extra touch that makes everything more refined or lively. If, for example, you aim for a total black look to slim down your figure, then colored accessories can help you break it up. If we have an hourglass body shape, for example, we can focus on a belt that enhances the waist, perhaps choosing it in a bright or patent color. For those with an apple body shape, we recommend scarves and necklaces, which draw attention to the neck. Better scarves that are not too bulky, perhaps in silk. The same goes for necklaces: it's better not to exaggerate in size and length, we risk having the opposite effect. Furthermore, some colors are difficult to wear when you have a few extra kilos: in this case you don't have to give them up, but you can match shoes, bags, accessories, choosing the shade you want. For example, if you like white, but can't afford it because it's fattening, you can focus on a bag in this color and you can also match it with a pair of earrings where white prevails. Blue clothing slims the figure and, combined with white accessories, is very refined. Also very fun to combine golden bangles with ballet flats of the same color, perhaps worn with simple jeans. Finally, hair also gives a refined and fun touch to plus size clothing: if you are tall, go for a wide-brimmed hat, which also creates a play of light and shadow on the face.

Plus size clothing stores

We said that doing an afternoon of shopping, if we wear a size 48 or something larger, can be really frustrating. Better to organize our tour taking care of the itinerary of the shops, so as not to make a mistake. Here are some ideas. Fiorella Rubino is certainly a brand with fresh collections, characterized by very fashionable garments: colorful patterns, flared jackets combined with thin scarves. Elena Mirò offers a line of jeans with different cuts. Marina Rinaldi represents a more classic choice, which offers the advantages of selected materials. Max Mara dedicates a selection of garments to plus sizes, with the Persona brand and a testimonial like Vanessa Incontrada. Miss Comode also offers fashionable garments, even over size 50. Some large chains also have garments for plus sizes, but perhaps you will have to make a selection of the garments, not all of which are created specifically for the various body types. For example, the Zara chain has a good selection of plus sizes. At OVS there is an assortment of plus sizes, up to size 60. The prices are reasonable and you will certainly be able to find cardigans and blouses that are right for you. If you live in Milan, you can find sizes up to 50 and excellent cuts of trousers at Gap, the American clothing giant.

Published: 2011-05-08From: Redazione

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