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Idee regalo originali per lei
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If you want to give a truly appreciated gift, we recommend focusing on originality. In fact, it is too easy to opt for the usual earrings or an item of clothing: on the contrary, you need to consider what her tastes, interests and what she really likes are. At the same time, it is advisable to give a thoughtful and truly unusual gift, so as to surprise the birthday girl: amazement and emotions are worth much more than sometimes heartfelt thanks. Anyone is happy to be positively surprised and women can't wait for the perfect gift that will leave them speechless.

The avid reader

if a woman or a girl likes to read, books are the most suitable gift, however we need to find a way to make this idea original and surprising. If the birthday girl no longer has space in her library, she can opt for an ebook reader: it is a much appreciated device, which allows you to read many titles without cluttering your home. Prices are very different based on the model (ranging from 60 to 130 euros) and whether the reader is also combined with some ebooks. We recommend giving a model with a backlit screen as a gift because it makes it easier to read. A very original gift idea allows you to exploit the potential of a very recent and truly personalized service. In fact, it is possible to create a truly unique and personal book, based on events, circumstances and episodes of the birthday girl's life.

Passionate about make-up

If you are a real collector of make-up and make-up accessories (eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, mascara), we recommend focusing on the cosmetics sector. A gift idea that will certainly be appreciated is an eyeshadow palette: you can opt for a selection of different colors or for 10-15 different declinations and shades of your favorite nuance. For example, for women with blue eyes, the complementary shades of apricot, navy blue, copper, chocolate or smoky gray are ideal. On the other hand, for girls with light skin, cold-toned eyeshadows are given, such as the various shades of lilac and violet, while those with tanned skin are ideal for makeup based on yellow or red colours. Prices vary greatly based on size and brand. Furthermore, it is necessary to think about the occasion for the gift: for example, festive shades, such as red, are in fashion for Christmas. Perfumes are also good for this occasion, with prices starting from 25-30 euros depending on the size of the bottle.

Original gift for Valentine's Day

An ideal gift for your girlfriend on Valentine's Day is a romantic, original and personalized key ring equipped with a calendar: in this way the date of the first meeting or another important anniversary is imprinted on the metal (copper, silver or steel). It is also an attractive gift idea for a wedding or engagement anniversary: in this case it is better to opt for a more valuable metal such as silver. A key ring engraved with the most important date of your life as a couple is truly a personal, unique and romantic gift; furthermore it can have different shapes. They range from a plaque with the date in question written on it, perhaps in an elegant and elaborate style, to a real miniature reproduction of a calendar sheet. In this case the month is shown at the top and the day numbers follow in order: the one to remember is highlighted, circled or engraved in a larger format. It is also possible to have only the day and month engraved with letters or numbers. Alternatively, the key ring can show the date of Valentine's Day and the current year. Finally, it is possible to opt for a more elaborate accessory that opens almost like a medallion. In this way the external surface is smooth or decorated with scrolls and a thought of love, affection or a relevant quote is engraved inside. The prices are very different from each other and depend on the metal used (the silver ones are obviously more expensive), the size of the key ring, the decorations and the engraving that is made. Generally, they start from 20 euros for the simplest examples up to over 100 euros for accessories that can be considered real jewels. In any case, the originality of the gift is always guaranteed and the surprise guaranteed because it combines functionality, utility and romance.

The mathematical clock

It allows you to modernize a classic and obvious gift. This extravagant object contains powers, expressions, operations and square roots in mini format: it is a praise to mathematics designed specifically for women who are not afraid of numbers. The shapes and dimensions are traditional, however each numerical indication is represented by a small algebraic test: there are twelve in total and the calculation is really simple. It is an object that combines essential design and originality in a balanced way and that allows you to surprise not only the birthday girl, but also all the people who ask her for gold: the reactions are always amazed. The mathematical watch is the perfect gift idea for those who love wearing useful accessories with unexpected implications: it is preferable to give it to a young or truly youthful person.

Passionate about music and cinema

If the birthday girl loves music, the most suitable gift idea is a good quality iPod. This way you can have a background soundtrack with you at any time of the day, always suited to the situation. It is advisable to opt for a wireless model so as to have minimal space. Prices are around 100 euros. For women and girls who are passionate about cinema, however, for their birthday you can give a DVD box set including all the seasons of the birthday girl's favorite TV series.

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