Nail reconstruction kit

Kit ricostruzione unghie
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Kit contents

Inside the nail reconstruction kit there are several essential tools, namely:

  • Tips: these are small "prosthetics" to be applied to the nails to lengthen them
  • Tip cutter: tool for cutting dentures
  • Cuticle pusher: to push the cuticles towards the base of the nail
  • Buffer: to mattify the nail surface
  • Glue: to glue the tips
  • Tip blender: product to soften the tips and facilitate filing
  • Gel: to strengthen the applied tips
  • Files (curved and straight) generally 100/180
  • Brushes
  • Cellulose tablets
  • Glitter and nail polish
  • Nail brush
  • Pedicure toe separator

The kit is completed by an electric oven, which is used to quickly dry glue, nail polish or other liquid products, and a small cutter for finishing nails. The kit may also include particular gels for treating nails and products for removing glue or cosmetic residues.

Professional nail kit

Nail reconstruction kits can be very different from each other: some are equipped with basic tools and products, such as those described in the previous paragraph, while others are more complete and for semi-professional or professional use. Here's what you can find in the most equipped kits:

  • Anti-yellowing products: prevent the nail from yellowing due to sunlight
  • Tip remover: to remove tips in case of incorrect positioning or imperfect result
  • Disinfectant spray: for perfect hygiene during reconstruction
  • Hypoallergenic glue: ideal for people with sensitive skin
  • Specific product for cuticle care
  • Colored gels and nail polishes to create artistic nails
  • Hand rest cushion: for a more comfortable treatment
  • Protective tape: to protect your fingers during reconstruction

Special trolleys and beauty cases are available on the market, usually in aluminium, in which to store everything necessary for nail reconstruction. These containers can be of different sizes, and inside they are organized into compartments, drawers and pockets which allow the perfect placement of everything you need. For professionals, special tables for nail reconstruction are also available, equipped with a large support surface and a series of drawers in which tools and products are stored.

Nail reconstruction

To apply the tips you must first of all clean your nails correctly: in fact, only by carefully removing the dirt is it possible to obtain perfect adhesion of the glue. Furthermore, you need to push the cuticles towards the base of the nail, using a special cuticle pusher. The entire nail is mattified with the buffer, then the product residues are removed using a brush. It is best to choose tips that are the same size as your natural nail; if this is not possible, it is always better to opt for a slightly larger tip, but never smaller. In fact, even by applying a larger tip, it will always be possible to file it down to the desired size. At this point, place a small amount of glue on the step of the tip and place it on the nail, bending it slowly so as to let the air escape and thus avoid the formation of bubbles. Once a perfect adhesion has been obtained, press lightly to ensure that the bonding is resistant. Generally, half a minute of pressure is enough to ensure that the tip sticks perfectly to the nail. Using a tip cutter, the excess part of the prosthesis is eliminated, refining both the tip and the edges, after which it will be necessary to file away the "step" that remains between the tip and the underlying nail. To do this, use a fine-grained file and possibly use a tip blender, a product capable of softening the tip and therefore facilitating filing operations. Once you have obtained the desired shape it is advisable to apply a coat of gel, which will preserve the reconstructed nail for a long time. As a final touch, the nail is covered with the desired color nail polish.

Where to buy the kit

Nail reconstruction kits can be purchased in specialized shops, and this is undoubtedly the advisable choice for those who are approaching the world of do-it-yourself nail reconstruction or are not yet very expert. By going to a shop it is in fact possible to get advice from the staff who work there and purchase the kit that best suits your needs. In fact, it may happen that you purchase too large kits containing tools that you don't know how to use, or on the contrary incomplete kits for the reconstructions you want to carry out. However, when you already have clear ideas regarding the reconstruction kit you need, the internet represents an excellent solution since it allows you to compare many different models. Once you have found what you want, savings are generally guaranteed since the prices charged on the internet are lower than those in shops. Here are some useful links to find information, compare prices and purchase nail reconstruction kits:

The simplest kits, useful for those who don't want to spend too much and only need basic tools and accessories, can be purchased starting from 90-110 euros and up. For professional kits the prices are significantly higher: in fact, they range from a minimum cost of around 200 euros, reaching, in the case of the most complete kits, even 300 euros and more.

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