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Today's man is attentive to details and style, he leaves nothing to chance. He is aware that clothing is an important business card, which should absolutely not be overlooked. Let's see in detail the items of clothing that men use most frequently, and what their choices are regarding the style to adopt.

It's a question of "style"

First of all it is important to feel comfortable with the clothes you wear. Everyone personalizes their own style, choosing the one that best suits their personality and character. A confident and decisive man in life will have an equally decisive and determined style of clothing. There are also those who, preferring classic and sober garments, focus entirely on accessories. The result will be the image of a well-groomed man with attention to detail. If, however, you are eccentric and aim to impress at all costs, then you will choose a different, impactful style.

Color, even bright, will be the categorical imperative. Just look at the fashion shows of some designers, and you will notice how warm and bright tones are in fashion for men too. However, pay attention to the right combinations, know how to balance the colors together, excesses are always to be avoided. If you are sporty, know how to choose casual clothes that are good for free time, but also for more special evenings. Bet on black, which is and will always remain the color of elegance par excellence.

The man who loves elegant and classic style generally prefers dark colors. And he certainly prefers the shirt and jacket to the V-neck cardigan. But remember that the cardigan also makes an impression, especially if combined with classic-cut dark trousers. Style is harmony, proportion, symmetry, perfect contrasts. Identifying your own means wearing clothing naturally and with ease.

And this can make any man, even if he is not an Adonis, absolutely irresistible! If, however, you like to wear a bit of everything and have a multifaceted personality, then you can dare with "alternative" clothing when the occasion allows it. An evening reception? In summer, a white pure linen suit could be perfect, which enhances your tan. The linen shirt with mandarin collar will be perfect!

Some advices

Style is certainly personal, and as such it must be acquired in a natural and spontaneous way. But some precautions are important to avoid making mistakes and always appear at the "top"! Let's see some of them together.

  • Never wear white socks. They would make even Brad Pitt look scruffy if he wore them! Terry socks are allowed, but only with sneakers; -Never neglect your shoes: they must always be clean, and if they are elegant shoes, polished to the right degree!
  • Suspenders, worn with a t-shirt or polo shirt, are absolutely prohibited;
  • Avoid wearing tracksuit trousers during your free time in the city: reserve them for your sporting moments!
  • If you want to appear chic and care about style, avoid jackets with large or small checked patterns, especially if they are in bright colors!
  • Remember that the belt must not be a different color from the shoes, but always try to match them correctly;
  • The handkerchief that fits in your breast pocket must be a different color from the tie you are wearing!
  • Sports shoes with a coat are absolutely banned;
  • Avoid faded or tight jeans, especially in the genital area. In addition to being vulgar, they are also harmful;
  • If you are on an informal occasion, avoid wearing a double-breasted suit;
  • The split dress in formal circumstances (work meetings, important dinners) is unsuitable;
  • If you are invited to a wedding, don't wear a tuxedo;
  • Absolutely avoid accessories (such as watches) with the brand too prominently. Displaying the brand is an inelegant gesture!

A tip: The man who has style can be recognized among a thousand. Even if he's wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It will therefore be better to try to appropriate your own style, rather than looking for the latest or designer item to feel "fashionable". Style is created with good taste and simplicity.

A dress for every occasion

It is certainly not easy to identify the right garment for every circumstance, but this is certainly the secret to always being "chic" in circumstances that require it. Have you been invited to a formal ceremony, a wedding, an important business meeting? Then the imperative is: Elegance. Which means refinement, sobriety, without unnecessary excess. The "right" dress is the one that is worn naturally, without any force, and that highlights the figure. The suit consists of trousers and jacket of the same fabric.

The model can be single-breasted, with a two- or three-button jacket. As for color, gray is one of the most suitable colors, in all its shades. If you think it's too dark, you can always liven it up with a white shirt, combined with a tie in shades of blue. Other colors suitable for the most important occasions are: anthracite, blackboard, London smoke, midnight blue. Classic, but always very current, are the pinstripes in blue or dark grey.

If, however, you want to show off maximum elegance, choose the double-breasted jacket, or the single-breasted jacket with three or two buttons, which can be combined with a waistcoat. However, if the occasion is not formal but you still want to appear elegant, you can opt for the shirt/jeans combination. Ideal for younger people, but still suitable for any man who loves to dress sporty but refined. The line of the jeans must be straight, obviously elephant legs or those with a low waist are not allowed. The white shirt is always elegant, but so is the dark blue one.

This can also be combined – always for some "special" occasion – with dark trousers with pleats. In this case, pay attention to the shoes, which must not be too elegant (i.e. shiny, ceremonial), but not too sporty either. If it's an evening at the disco, you can dare (if your body allows it) a tight T-shirt and jeans. But remember: each garment must be adapted to your physical constitution!

Body types and clothing

Clothing should be chosen always keeping in mind that it must enhance the strengths of our body and camouflage its defects. For example, a man who is short in stature must wear clothes that help him elongate his figure. There are small measures that can help achieve this goal. The pockets or the waistline of the jacket can be positioned higher, to make the figure elongate; the shoulders of the jacket must be as square and straight as possible.

And then be careful with overcoats and coats: they should never go above the knee, otherwise they will lower the figure, making it squat and not very harmonious! If, however, you are a little too tall, the objective will, on the contrary, be to make the figure more balanced in width. So horizontal lines will be preferred. Focus on checked fabrics that are quite consistent, such as tweed for example. Light colored fabrics or bright patterns are also good.

Double-breasted coats and jackets are good for those who have an imposing stature. Trousers should be straight, but not excessively loose. The robust man, on the other hand, will have to choose clothes that do not have shapes, designs and colors that accentuate this defect. Those who have a few extra pounds must be much more attentive to color combinations, and preferably choose dark colors, vertical stripes or herringbone.

Absolutely avoid jackets that are too bulky and heavy, as they make the figure awkward. Instead, wear jackets that are a little longer than usual. Forget (at least until the scale is more lenient with you!) t-shirts or tight dresses, because they would highlight your "generous" curves! Overcoats and coats must be short, so as to make the figure a little slimmer. Also pay attention to the accessories! Shoes, for example, should be as smooth and linear as possible.

Impeccable style in the workplace

The writer and journalist Cinzia Felicetti wrote a book, entitled "The dress makes the manager". That is, a delightful manual on the clothing style to adopt in the company, or in the workplace in general. Let's see together some easy-to-apply tips. First of all, never wear shoes with a lighter color than your dress. An exception may be allowed: dark brown shoes combined with the blue dress.

Absolutely avoid boots or sneakers with an elegant dress. It is not chic for men to wear jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets. Cufflinks are fine, but obviously only in particularly elegant circumstances! As for the tie, the most suitable colors are burgundy, blue and grey. However, avoid too bright colours, too eccentric prints and drawings and cartoon drawings.

And obviously avoid having the tie be the same color as the shirt! Also in this book you will find advice on how to dress for a job interview or a formal dinner. Go for the classic and you won't go wrong. A tip for those who have to present themselves at a job interview: avoid appearing too elegant and well-groomed. But pay attention to personal hygiene, this should never be neglected! So show up with a clean shaven beard and neat hair. The tie is a bit excessive, a shirt and a not too elegant suit may be enough.

Bear in mind that, according to some research, the first impression we have of a person is based on the first seven minutes of contact. So, in addition to the look (definitely an important first "business card"), pay attention to the attitudes and way of speaking. If it is true that at first glance what matters is the appearance, after the first five minutes the attention shifts to other important details. I recommend you read this book, ironic and useful like few others.

The groom's suit

Are you among those who have decided to say the fateful "yes"? Then you are surely thinking about which dress to wear on the best day of your life. In the meantime, I would like to point out some sites that can help you and give you some advice in general. www. is a portal complete with news, advice and curiosities for newlyweds. You will not only find useful information for the right clothing to wear, but also on the honeymoon, wedding favors, etc. The section with reports on wedding fairs organized in Italy is interesting. Another site where you will certainly find interesting ideas is called .

But what are the characteristics of a suit for the groom? How to choose the right one? For an elegant ceremony it is mandatory to wear a morning suit. For those who don't know, the morning coat is made up of three pieces: the long-tailed jacket, gray or black-striped trousers, black or gray waistcoat. But to be elegant, a gray single-breasted jacket with matching tie, or a waistcoat, may also be enough. If the dress will be made by a tailor, it is important that the fabric chosen resists creases and at the same time is light.

The cuffs of the shirt should be closed with cufflinks, and the shoes should be closed with laces. For less formal ceremonies, a three-piece suit in a solid color is fine. In this case, attention must be paid to the details and the choice of fabric. In the summer period shantung and linen are fine, in winter we can choose between different types of wool.

Obviously the trousers will be strictly classic, which you can combine with black calfskin or crocodile belts. Even for accessories it is better to stay on the "classic" and avoid excesses. Another site for aspiring spouses is . This portal is also very complete and contains in-depth news on marriage. Give us a peek!

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