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Do physical activity

There are many benefits given by physical activity, even the simplest one such as jogging. Sport makes us feel more reactive and increases our resistance to stress, indeed it makes us vent the stress accumulated during the rest of the day, at work or at school or at home. For those who want to lose weight, doing sport is absolutely necessary, given that you cannot lose weight effectively and harmoniously without combining sport with any diet. This is because sport accelerates our metabolism by inducing our body to burn calories sooner. But even those who don't need to lose weight but simply want to reshape and firm their body cannot ignore movement. Sport trains all our muscles, including our heart, which pumps blood better and develops better resistance, in fact those who do sport greatly reduce their risk of heart attack. Breathing also improves with sport. Furthermore, the relaxation produced by physical activity means that you sleep more peacefully and feel more rested when you wake up. Jogging also helps fight aging, because it helps the body expel the free radicals that cause our organism to age. To obtain all these benefits, a simple run of just thirty minutes a day is enough, really child's play.

What is that

Compared to other activities that are very expensive or complex or that require special equipment and a fixed amount of hours to dedicate to it per week, jogging has a lot of advantages because it is just the opposite: you can practice it wherever and whenever you want, even if you only have thirty minutes available. It's a simple activity that no one needs to learn, as soon as we are born we immediately learn to walk and then run. Of course, it is good, with training, to learn how to breathe correctly when jogging, so as not to go into apnea or, on the contrary, hyperventilate. But learning to keep your breathing constant over your strides is also simple and comes completely naturally after training with light running for a while. Furthermore, doing outdoor activities is more pleasant, more relaxing and better for your health than working out in the gym. Of course, when you run you must avoid doing so in the midst of traffic and smog so as not to poison your breathing, instead you must try to run among the greenery, the trees of a park or an avenue with little traffic, to breathe in all the oxygen produced by chlorophyll photosynthesis during sunshine hours. Be careful, because after sunset the photosynthesis process is reversed, and the leaves release carbon dioxide into the air instead of oxygen. Furthermore, during the day the trees will protect you from the sun and excessive heat, and this is particularly important especially in summer when it is hotter. In fact, it is not said that jogging should be limited to the cold season, but by getting up early in the morning when it is still cool, you can do outdoor activities even in summer, obviously taking care to dress in suitable jogging clothing . If you have never done physical activity or, more specifically, jogging, and you wish to start, it is best that your workouts do not last too long, or you risk making an effort beyond your capabilities, which is certainly harmful and which also leads to to discourage you. Start with flat routes, three times a week for half an hour, and equip yourself with the correct jogging clothing. It's a good idea to try to train more than once a week, otherwise the body never gets used to it, it's as if it starts from scratch every time, so it always tends to make too much effort. It is wrong to think that wearing jogging clothing that is heavier than necessary will make you lose more weight, it will only make you sweat and could cause skin irritation. For this reason, be careful to calibrate your jogging clothing according to the weather and the season. Give due importance to the warm-up. It is essential to warm up for at least ten minutes and do some stretching before starting the real run, so as to avoid unpleasant inconveniences such as muscle strains and sprains. For this reason, before starting the actual run, walk or jog for a while at a brisk pace and stop to stretch your leg muscles with some simple stretching exercises. Once you have completed this short phase of about ten minutes, you can start with determination, but remember that, especially at the beginning, it is better to run slowly for longer rather than make a lot of effort and be forced to stop immediately.

Clothing for summer

As we said, it is wrong to think that you can't go jogging in the summer. Just wake up earlier so as not to rush when the sun beats down on our heads and takes our breath away. For those who love to sleep long in the morning, there are always moments in the evening where you can go jogging, in this case perhaps running along the sea to breathe in all the fresh air that comes from it. It is important, especially in summer, to choose the most suitable jogging clothing so as not to suffer from the heat and excessive fatigue while doing sport. For this reason, all synthetic garments that increase sweating and therefore the risk of skin irritation or allergies should be avoided. Whether you decide to buy jogging clothing online or in classic stores, you must therefore always choose natural fibers and never synthetic ones. As for women's jogging clothing, the bra must be made of breathable fabric, to let the skin breathe. In general, then, it is advisable to wear shorts instead of long trousers, preferably light in color because they attract less sun. As for men's jogging clothing, you must remember to avoid running bare-chested. It is much better to wear a loose t-shirt with short sleeves rather than going for a run without anything on, because the sweat is not retained by the t-shirt and therefore remains with its acidity to irritate the skin, but also because the t-shirt protects from the sun's rays and allows you not to get burned. For both him and her, then, you need to be careful about the shoes you choose to complete your jogging outfit. You need to opt for comfortable trainers, with good grip on the ground, and above all that are well cushioned to avoid back and knee pain. Don't trust small thin insoles that fit into shoes that are not suitable for sports, buy real sneakers with good cushioning already included.

Clothing for winter

There is no need to fear that running in the cold could cause illness, jogging can easily be practiced even in winter by choosing the right jogging clothing. Indeed, the movement of the body given by jogging makes you develop a lot of heat, so that the cold of winter will become a pleasant refreshment for you while you are running. Obviously in winter rainy days are more frequent, but, for those who don't want to give up running even under water, there are waterproof running jackets that can accompany your jogging clothing in case of rain to protect you from the risk of getting cold. These waterproof running jackets also exist in very bright colours, to allow runners to be more visible along the road even on a rainy or foggy day when visibility is more limited. Leg warmers are another important piece of clothing that helps you run in winter without the risk of getting sick. They keep your limbs and joints warm while running, but they are also very easy to remove in case of excessive heat and, since they take up little space, they can be kept in your pocket or tied around the waist once removed. It is also a good idea to wear a hat made of breathable fabric or even wool with an internal cotton or fleece lining to protect your head from the cold when you run. It's a good idea that the hat in question isn't too bulky, so that you can put it comfortably in your pocket if you need to take it off. There are also hats designed specifically for jogging clothing that have a built-in iPod so you can listen to music while running without needing headphones, which are sometimes bulky or tend to move and fall. Finally, there is also a neck warmer, for those who particularly suffer from the risk of laryngitis. The neck warmer protects your neck from the cold and wind without being bulky and as warm as a scarf. It comes in technical fabric or even fleece and takes up very little space, plus it can be pulled up over your hair like a band, in case you no longer need it to protect your neck.


For those who are not satisfied with simple solutions but want something more professional and interesting, many variations and accessories are available that accompany jogging clothing. First of all, in addition to natural and classic fabrics for jogging clothing, there are also new hi-tech professional fabrics, used by the best Italian and world athletes. Certain hi-tech fabrics are designed to adapt to the body's temperature, to best protect from both heat and cold depending on the circumstances. Furthermore, all hi-tech fabrics have in common the ability to be very light when worn, therefore allowing the athletes who wear them to experience as little effort as possible. For those who have a passion for technical jogging clothing, there are certainly many sports shops and many websites to choose from to purchase this type of clothing. The technology of the shoes has particular relevance, as they must make you sweat as little as possible and must also be very well cushioned so as not to cause negative repercussions on the spine and knee joints. Among the accessories for jogging there are also cuffs which are used to absorb sweat but can also be equipped with small weights inside to be able to train not only the legs but also the arms when jogging. Furthermore, many jogging enthusiasts cannot give up their MP3 player or iPod, to bring with them all the music that gives them the right energy to train hard, or on the contrary relaxing music to escape from the stressful world of everyday life at least while engaging in outdoor sports. These music players can be clipped to your suit or hung around your neck depending on your preference. They can be equipped with headphones of all types, even large and very colourful. Among the other accessories that complete jogging clothing there are also hair bands, possibly made of sponge to better absorb sweat, there are some for both men and women and also unisex. In winter you can also use those that cover the ears to protect from annoying wind.

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