Migliori antivirus gratis

The best free antiviruses

To protect your computer from the countless computer viruses, it is essential to carefully choose a good antivirus, perhaps free, which is able to ensure correct and constant protection without slowing down the computer's performance too much. Read the guide to discover the best free antiviruses for Windows.


Coin counter

The coin counter is a machine used to count and divide coins or tokens into denominations. There are manual and electronic models on the market. In the latter the coins are divided and counted automatically.

Scanner diapositive

Slide scanner

The slide scanner is a particular device to be connected to the computer that allows the digitization of analogue photographic media (both slides and negatives). This guide contains information and advice for choosing the slide scanner best suited to your needs.



The uninterruptible power supply is a device used to power electronic equipment in the event of a blackout and to avoid voltage spikes and surges. Thanks to the uninterruptible power supply, for example, it is possible to save your work and data by turning off the computer in complete safety.


Recover hard disk data

Due to mechanical or operating system failures, it may happen that data stored on a hard drive suddenly becomes inaccessible. Don't worry: there are many ways to recover data from a broken or damaged hard disk, although the best strategy is always prevention by performing frequent backups on other media.


Counterfeit banknote detector

The technical and methodological skill achieved by counterfeiters in recent years has made it increasingly difficult to distinguish real banknotes from fake ones. To avoid finding counterfeit money in your pocket, you can use the counterfeit banknote detector, a very useful device easily available on the market.


Blu-ray burner

The following guide describes the new technology of Blu Ray discs and burners, trying to clarify what they are, how they work and whether or not it is worth purchasing this product compared to HD DVD burners. In the final part of the guide, the main brands of Blu Ray burner manufacturing companies are presented.


Professional monitors

Guide to professional monitors Professional monitors for graphics professionals For years, Lacie, a large company which boasts a record as the best manufacturer of professional monitors, has launched a new product on the market: the Lacie 300 model professional monitors. These monitors are ideal, if not indispensable, for graphics and graphic design professionals. design. The… Continua a leggere Professional monitors


operating system

Operating system guide Features of the operating system Operating system, or system software, set of programs in a computer that controls the execution of user programs and the use of the hardware resources they use, acting as an interface between the hardware and the user who uses it. The operating system acts both as a… Continua a leggere operating system