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The operation is very simple, just throw the change inside and it will sort them by itself, channeling them into eight different trays below, furthermore the updated coin count will also appear on the small display. It also works as a calculator to add or subtract and divide the quantities of coins in the different bags below. It can count up to 270 pieces per minute and divide them into boxes or add the total depending on the needs of the moment. You will no longer have to spend hours counting coins. In fact, counting coins manually is not only a terribly boring operation, but it is also an unhygienic operation, because the coins, as we know, pass into everyone's hands and are collected even when they fall into the dirt, so they are the most dirt can be found around. For this reason it is best to use an automatic model, to avoid coming into contact with bacteria and dirt. Furthermore, making mistakes is human, and given that counting coins is a repetitive and boring operation, if you do it manually it is likely that sooner or later there will be some calculation error or you will get distracted and have to start over again, losing a 'enormous amount of time. To avoid all this, automatic coin counters were invented. Each of its drawers can contain from fifty to three hundred pieces, while in general the total capacity is five hundred pieces, divided between the various denominations of coins. It's a very quick system of doing the math, seeing is believing and you will no longer be able to do without it.

How does it work

It recognizes coins based on weight and size, so that they can be sorted very quickly and arranged neatly in trays or columns separated from each other. Unless manually reset, the device continues its calculation even when a tube or tray is full of coins and is therefore removed and emptied. Once you put the tube or tray back in its place, the coin counter starts counting the coins from where it came from, not from scratch, so you won't have to do even a single addition to know how much money you have accumulated in change. Various models automatically turn off after they have not been used for thirty seconds, and convert the display into a clock, showing you the time. More useful than it can be for all commercial businesses or even for cultural and sporting associations where there is a need to keep a cash register and above all to manage it and do the accounts correctly without errors. Then there are models that work with batteries and those that are powered by connecting to the electricity supply with a plug. There are also those that work both ways. There are also piggy bank models that count the coins electronically but do not separate them. In this way you will always know how much money you have in the piggy bank at any time, but the total space occupied will be less because the coins are not divided into separate compartments but kept all together. There are also those that connect to printers so you can print bills and receipts more easily. Since the euro came into force, coins have more value and can no longer be classified as just small change, because doing so would mean losing control over a large amount of money. Therefore the use of electronic coin counters has become increasingly widespread, as they are advancing in technology and customization to offer solutions that are increasingly suited to market demands.

Where to buy

There are many websites where coin counters are sold that can be shipped directly to your home. Shipping to your home is ideal, because it is a compact object, so there are no problems transporting it, in addition to the fact that it is not a particularly fragile object and therefore you can rest assured that it will arrive at your home intact. and working. It is an extremely useful tool, and moreover lately it is also becoming cute and friendly with the new designs on the market. The one with the transparent tubes into which the coins are channeled is particularly impressive because it immediately gives an idea of order and precision, as well as technology and reliability. Your customers coming to the checkout and noticing that you have such a sophisticated device for handling change will certainly trust your precision and will be positively impressed by it. Image is also marketing and you have to focus a lot on image to convince your shop's customers that you are serious and professional traders who wouldn't dare make mistakes even on the penny. If you then find yourself keeping a cash register of any business, certainly everyone will trust you more and you yourself will trust your calculation ability more if you have an automatic electronic coin counter. Sleep peacefully, without the anxiety of having made a mistake in your calculations, because there is someone else now who will do them for you. If err is human, turn to your small device to be sure of the coin calculations and to always keep them in order without scattering them here and there.

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