How to open an Intimissimi shop

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The intimissimi brand

First of all, it is good to say a few words about Intimissimi itself, a brand capable of having over 1,100 points of sale located in 22 countries around the world. The brand is part of the Calzedonia group, one of the best-known names in the sector, founded in the province of Verona in 1986, capable of invoicing over 2 billion euros in 2015. Even this data alone would be enough to give an idea of the solidity of the reality one has behind oneself when one decides to open an Intimissimi store. As a further guarantee, consider how the group's earnings have also increased significantly in recent years, despite the crisis, based precisely on the franchising system, which can easily be said to have been one of the cornerstones of the group's great fortune.

Franchising system

It is no coincidence that Intimissimi has created a system that offers interested entrepreneurs considerable assistance both in training, in the first steps necessary to start the franchising business, and once one has started their own business. Registered with the Assofranchising association, it offers a contract recognized at national level and which excludes any type of royalty. By opening a sales point, therefore, you become part of the "big family", thus being able to take advantage, first of all, of the training courses organized periodically both at the headquarters and at the Pilot Sales Points. These are courses that have the primary objective of presenting the various products in detail, bringing participants to know their quality and materials so as to be able to deal with the sales process in the best possible way. Naturally, the courses also have a more "practical" part, aimed at explaining all the processes and information you need to know to independently manage an Intimissimi store in the best possible way. Even once the point of sale has been opened, however, as mentioned, the assistance of the parent company does not cease, continuing to support the entrepreneur with a widespread network of Area and Local Consultants to refer to for contact with the agency. Furthermore, it can be directly reached via email, which each affiliate can use to communicate directly as promptly as possible.

Testimonials and advertising campaigns

Furthermore, the common IT system allows you to quickly manage orders and returns, while remaining updated on all the new products and any promotions launched, as well as allowing the main office of reference to understand how to improve the range of products available in each point of sale. Last but not least, each Intimissimi store benefits from the large advertising campaigns that have characterized the brand's communication activity for years. Anyone who has been in a big city, especially in the pre-Christmas or summer period, will have many times seen the gigantic advertising billboards with the beautiful testimonials of Intimissimi who, over the years, have gone by the names of Blanca Suarez, Alyssa Miller and Irina Shayk, just to mention some of the best known ones.

Requirements and required investments

Given the general structure of the Intimissimi franchising system, let's now see what the requirements are to be able to start your own business of this type. First of all, you need to own a room of at least approximately 100 square metres, no matter whether you own it or rent it. The group's advice (but also just common sense) is that the point of sale is located in a transit area or inside a shopping centre, places considered by far the most promising. Furthermore, to start the business, a 52,000 euro bank guarantee is needed, to be paid to the Calzedonia group as a guarantee of the fulfillment of the contractual obligations before the actual opening of the store. At the investment level, in addition to the aforementioned guarantee, 5,200 euros are also required at the time of signing, as an entrance fee; Approximately 1,000 euros per square meter to be paid via leasing or with a 30-day invoice; 60,000 euros for the payment of the first supply of goods to be put up for sale and just under 5,000 euros for the Intimissimi computer system. Certainly not a small investment, in short, which, before starting, you need to think carefully about, without prejudice to the "guarantee of success" that a name like that of Intimissimi can give.

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