How to open a Tezenis underwear shop

Come aprire negozio Tezenis
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The brand

The Tezenis brand is characterized by some peculiar points that have made it successful. First of all, it is a chain of underwear stores that presents itself in an original, different and alternative way compared to other competing companies. The sales points, in fact, are characterized by having large spaces that recall the style of a loft and where the shelves display all the various models of underwear, pajamas for children, women, men and homewear. Everything is made even more welcoming by the background music. Furthermore, Tezenis garments guarantee a vast assortment and have a good quality/price ratio, which makes them very competitive and appreciated. Thanks to the wide range of choice, sales strategies and affiliation policies, the company has created a very solid and branched franchising network. Founded in 2003, Tezenis Franchising represents a network of over 400 points of sale, distributed throughout Europe, for a total of 16 countries. In just a few years the brand has achieved an established position in the underwear and sleepwear sector: in fact its strengths are represented by the fact of being cosmopolitan, young, youthful and trendsetter. The sales and distribution network is continuously expanding and has openings in prestigious capitals such as London, Rome and Moscow. Furthermore, Tezenis stores are opened only in carefully studied locations, i.e. in commercial locations of notable prestige and high attendance. Finally, the rooms must be very large, so as to best accommodate visitors and customers: it is not for nothing that the optimal extension is around 200 square metres.

How franchising works

Affiliation with the Tezenis brand allows you to have numerous advantages, first of all the adoption of a very advanced management system, connected directly to the parent company's IT centre. In this way the affiliated store can control the volume of its sales and base it on it to fill the purchase order. You have a profit margin on any product you sell in the store and you are supported by a team of professionals. The assistance concerns the phase before the inauguration and the management of the opened sales point through regular periodic meetings. In the first case, the affiliates learn how to manage the shop, customers and sales in the best possible way, while the subsequent meetings concern updating. Finally, Tezenis staff is available to affiliates for any eventuality. Instead, you must keep in mind that it is not allowed to supply your shop with the necessary goods using the consignment system. As regards the affiliation contract, the text has received approval from assofranchising: consequently the affiliate does not have to pay royalties to the parent company.

Initial investment

To enter the Tezenis network, however, a fairly significant financial commitment is required: first of all, when signing the affiliation contract, 7,000 euros VAT are paid as an entry fee. Therefore, 4,950 euros VAT are foreseen for the installation of the IT system connected to that of the parent company and the amount for the construction of the shop itself: it is 1,000 euros VAT per square meter, which however does not include the project, the transport and assembly of supplies. Both amounts must be paid within 30 days and you can apply for a lease for financing. The supply of goods costs approximately 60,000-90,000 euros VAT, divided into three installments to be paid within 60, 90 and 120 days respectively. Finally, the parent company requires a guarantee of 100,000 euros, to be sure that the franchisee fulfills the provisions of the contract. The amount must be paid in the form of a bank guarantee to Calzedonia SpA. In total, the initial investment is around approximately 280,000 euros, but the amount may vary based on the size of the shop and the assortment of goods that you want to expose yourself. In addition to the investment, the costs for renting or purchasing the commercial property (and its management) in a suitable location must be added. In fact, among the requirements requested by Tezenis is the fact that the shop must be located in an area of great attendance and visibility. For example, central areas are favoured.

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