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Sporting activity, practiced in the gym, requires garments made of fabrics that allow air to breathe easily, and therefore capable of keeping sweat under control, absorbing it and giving the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanliness. The most suitable fabrics for gym clothing are: microfibre, goretex and timeless cotton. However, synthetic fabrics should be avoided, as in addition to preventing perspiration, they sometimes cause a bad odor when in contact with heated skin. They can also cause more serious disorders, such as dermatitis, eczema and allergies of various types, which manifest themselves with itching and redness of the skin. Generally these fabrics are made in such a way as to allow the skin to adapt to the right heat present in the environment. Even the choice of colors should not be underestimated: evaluate whether the fabric does not release color on the skin during training. Choose items whose colors are not toxic in contact with the skin, and therefore tested in the laboratory. Before going to the gym we must also consider whether we have worn the right underwear. Underwear must be practical, comfortable and permeable. Furthermore, they must not have too thick seams that can create discomfort during movement. If the temperature is high, wear light underwear as much as possible that can reduce moisture on the skin. For men: you can choose between boxers and microfibre briefs, which allow the skin to breathe and do not impede movement; for women: pay particular attention to the choice of bra (which must be breathable and with good support to allow freedom of movement). For physical activity, it is better to use bras without underwires, but with sponge underbusts. You can choose them in various fabrics: cotton, polyester, polyamide, with or without padded straps. Even briefs must be as comfortable as possible so as not to hinder movement. The Pompea line has created seamless underwear, suitable for those who practice sports.

What to wear to the gym

First of all, it is advisable to avoid wearing clothing that is too tight, which could create blood circulation problems during training. The muscles, subjected to effort, require good blood oxygenation, therefore they do not tolerate forcing of any kind. A rule that applies to everyone, professionals or not, is to dress in layers, so that you can lighten up as the pace of training increases. You could start your exercises in the gym by wearing shorts or trousers, always loose and comfortable, and over a sweatshirt that is not too heavy, but with long sleeves. Then, when the warm-up phase ends and the actual training begins, we can remain wearing only the t-shirt. During the final phase of stretching we can put the sweatshirt back on, since the body temperature tends to lower. But let's see in detail what to wear during our workouts in the gym. The tank top is essential for those who exercise in the gym (which is a garment that women are also reevaluating, due to its practicality and comfort). Preferably made of cotton, the undershirt does not preclude the possibility of carrying out any movement in complete freedom. It is advisable to purchase trousers making sure they are made of light and breathable fabric. Both long and short are fine, obviously for men in summer shorts with internal briefs are ideal. Leggings for both men and women are also very popular, always in dung fabric which is also breathable and light. As for socks, buy those suitable for playing sports. Avoid fabrics such as silk or lisle, which do not let your feet breathe and cause sweating problems. Turn to sportswear brands, and you won't go wrong. For shoes, however, the imperative is: comfort! In addition to being beautiful and "fashionable", you must consider that the shoes you will use in the gym are comfortable and are suitable to avoid sprains or ankle problems. For aerobics or other activities that require fast movements, you need lightweight shoes that protect your heels by cushioning blows. And then there are also the tops and t-shirts. Colorful, fashionable, with anatomical shapes. You are spoiled for choice, given that famous brands such as Dimensione Danza, Freddy, Nike continually churn out beautiful ones.


Don't underestimate the importance of accessories that can be combined with gym clothing, some of which are really useful for a complete and healthy workout in the gym! Let's do a quick overview of them:

  • sweat wiping band : in summer it is used to dry sweat, in winter it warms, protecting the forehead from the cold (especially if you do outdoor activities). Some headbands on the market also cover the ears, maintaining a perfect fit. Others are made with reflective colors, and therefore suitable for operating in conditions of poor visibility;
  • gloves : they are very useful for making it easier to hold tools, always keeping your hands dry and fresh. They are usually made of synthetic leather to ensure grip;
  • cuff : it can be made of polyester or cotton, it serves to absorb sweat. Mostly used by those who practice volleyball or tennis;
  • towel : serves both to dry sweat and to protect the body from direct contact with the exercise equipment you are working on. This measure protects us from any bacteria, given that the tools are used continuously by many people. It is also a courteous gesture towards those who will use the tool after us;
  • vest : it is a very useful garment for those who practice outdoor sports. It protects the body from wind or dangers of cooling, and at the same time insulates heat, controlling humidity;
  • leg warmers : they were an accessory that was popular in the 80s, and have now become very popular even for walks in the city. They have the function of protecting and warming the legs;
  • mat : it is of primary importance if you perform exercises on the ground (such as abdominals). A good mat must be made of foam rubber or in any case made of shock-absorbing fabrics. Furthermore, it is advisable that it is non-slip and washable. To carry it easily it is usually equipped with a shoulder strap closure.

As for washing clothing and such accessories, purchase antibacterial detergents and disinfectants. And please, wash frequently!


If you visit the official Italian website of "Nike" (nike store) you will realize that it is a rich virtual showcase of very high quality sports clothing. On the home page you can choose the desired category. Then there is also the "Customize" section, which gives the possibility of creating a clothing style (complete with accessories) as we desire. Just as if we were in the store! However, purchasing Nike brand products online is fast and convenient. Try it! New entries, but which immediately became famous and well-known (thanks also to advertising during well-known television programmes), were the brands "Dimensione Danza" and "Freddy". These mainly sell practical and suitable clothing for younger people who practice dancing or going to the gym. On the respective websites you will find the catalog with the clothing and colorful accessories. To be fashionable even during your free time! Lotto is also an established brand in the gym clothing sector. On the occasion of its 35th birthday it is offering a series of advantageous offers. You can view the site to find out about the available promotions and the product catalogue. Even accessories, such as bags, deserve attention, because they are colorful and have trendy shapes! If you are a skilled navigator and are interested in purchasing online, you can find many virtual gym clothing shops on the Internet. For example Velvet Gym, which sells accessories, sports and technical clothing for fitness. You can also find promotional offers and sales on various products from time to time. Velvet also uses the possibility of creating personalized combinations, just like the big brands do. However, it appears to be a fairly reliable brand. Going to the gym with practical yet fashionable clothing is everyone's desire. If you are also looking for fanciful, feminine and even a little sexy sportswear, don't miss the "Fiorucci Athletic Glamour" collection (which is dedicated to girls). The subjects are Fiorucci's classic ones, but revisited and adapted to the new line: the little angels with wings, the little angel-devil, the little red heart. Drawstring trousers are the ultimate in comfort, but you can also wear skirts with leg warmers and very practical leggings.

Spinning clothing

This type of discipline, Spinning, is present in almost all gyms. This is a cardiocirculatory workout, carried out using a bike and to the rhythm of music. It is not an activity that requires a "beastly" physique, but it is better to be physically fit. Newcomers to this discipline should know that the beginning is not easy, and that only after constant training do the first results begin to appear. It is therefore important – especially at the beginning – to be followed by a good instructor, who knows how to give the first basic instructions to proceed with training. We can adjust the intensity of the training ourselves, based on how we feel. The advice is to never force it, and to listen to our body's reactions to physical effort. Spinning clothing is what is generally used for the gym. We recommend shorts with internal padding and sneakers (preferably mountain bike ones), which allow for better pedaling. If you become an expert, you can opt for more technical garments, but these cost a little more and are on sale in specialized shops! If you are near Rome, visit the first original Spinning shop, a real point of reference for spinning enthusiasts and for those who have recently approached this splendid discipline. Here you will find technical clothing suitable for practicing spinning at all levels. The quality of the materials is excellent, the American design, the trained and expert staff. Spinning is tiring but fun, it's best to wear comfortable clothing that doesn't get in your way. But always remember that, even if the gym is certainly not a fashion show, it is here that most lonely hearts conquer their better half, the place where many acquaintances are made, both romantic and otherwise! So let's dress comfortably but also fashionably. Good choice!

Published: 2010-04-03From: Redazione

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