Gift ideas for men aged 30

Idee regalo per compleanno 30 anni
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By definition, the thirtieth birthday represents a real watershed in a person's life, who is no longer considered young but a true adult. At the same time you still have your whole life ahead of you. Precisely due to the symbolic importance of this date, birthday gifts for a 30-year-old man must be carefully thought out and modeled on the basis of the passions and interests of the birthday boy. The right gift among the many solutions available can be found by considering what his job is, whether he has a car, what his hobbies are, whether he likes to cook or whether he is a lover of good food. Furthermore, gifts are different depending on who gives them, for example a relative, parents or a friend. If, however, the gift is given by the birthday boy's girlfriend, wife or partner, the gift is often designed specifically to be enjoyed together.

Organize a special dinner

If the birthday boy is a lover of good food, a perfect gift for his 30th birthday is a dinner truly worthy of the occasion. In fact, an excellent solution is to give him the best dinner of his entire life: the reservation must be for his favorite place. This can be an Italian cuisine restaurant, specializing in seafood or vegetarian dishes, a high-end pizzeria or a sushi place. For a special birthday, friends can organize a surprise dinner by paying a fee each (usually around 10-15 euros) and going to a renowned pastry shop to have a large cake and lots of desserts on the side. This way you can celebrate your 30th birthday in company and joy. Instead, the girlfriend, wife or partner of the birthday boy can organize a romantic dinner in a classy restaurant: in this case the prices rise to 40-50 euros each. Alternatively, you can opt for a selection of cheeses and foodstuffs designed specifically for gourmets. Wine enthusiasts, however, will greatly appreciate a bottle of Chianti, Sauvignon, Barolo or Brunello di Montalcino. Prices vary depending on the brand, from 15 to 30-40 euros.

Technological gifts

There are many thirty-year-olds who love having the latest technological devices. For this reason, the gift ideas you can choose from are extremely varied and the price range is also very different. In any case, you are sure that the gift will always be appreciated because the technology is always useful and functional: for example, you can opt for a tablet or an ebook reader, whose prices range from 60 to 150 euros depending on the model and its functions. For those who love to draw, an excellent gift idea is represented by graphics tablets: this also applies to those who work as a graphic designer because they are very useful for their business and for digital drawing enthusiasts. Prices are around 45-50 euros. Technological gifts suitable for everyone because they have now come into common use are cell phones or iPods: in the first case the prices vary depending on the features of the model and range from 150 to 300 euros. On the other hand, iPods can be found starting from 100 euros and are ideal for music lovers: in particular they are perfect for listening to music while running, so as to combine sport and entertainment. For a more personal gift, we recommend downloading all the songs most loved by the newly thirty-year-old onto the device. Finally, a digital camera is highly appreciated, especially if the birthday boy loves to travel and wants to immortalize all the special moments of his holidays. Prices start from 60-70 euros.

For music lovers

If you want to give a personal and more heartfelt gift to a music lover, you can opt for a gift idea other than the classic iPod. For example, you can decide to give a ticket for your favorite singer or band: in fact, once you turn 30 you certainly don't lose your desire for music. Indeed, this helps you feel young. And for classical music enthusiasts it is a truly heartfelt ticket to a concert by a truly brilliant orchestra or soloist. In this case the prices vary depending on the event and the place where they take place.

For athletes

It's easy to find a gift for sports fans. In fact, it is sufficient to give them a tool or accessory to be able to carry out their sporting activity in the best possible way. For example, a thirty-year-old who plays football can be given a pair of professional shoes or a professional leather ball (prices start from 25 euros), while tennis players appreciate rackets (40 euros). On the other hand, those who practice swimming can receive it as a gift a costume or a dedicated accessory. Then there are gift ideas that are good for many types of athletes (swimmers, runners, tennis players or footballers) and for gym goers, such as tracksuits or a bag to store all your items when doing the activity. In these cases you have a wide range of brands to choose from.

Cinema or DVD box set

Film enthusiasts certainly appreciate the possibility of being able to see the latest releases or their favorite films. In the first case you can opt for a cinema subscription, so that the birthday boy can decide independently when to spend an afternoon or evening in front of the big screen and which films are of greatest interest. Alternatively, you can give the newly thirty-year-old the chance to spend an evening of complete relaxation on the sofa watching their favorite films or the TV series of the year. In this case you opt for a DVD box set containing a selection of videos based on the birthday boy's tastes (action, western, fantasy, thriller or crime) or all the films in a series, such as Star Wars or Star Trek. However, if the person is passionate about a TV series, the DVD box set contains all the episodes of their show, for example Lost, Twin Peaks, Game of Thrones, Grey's Anathomy or Sex and The City.

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