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How to choose

Dog strollers come in different shapes, colors and models; However, what they all have in common is first and foremost robustness and resistance. Even though they were designed as a useful means of transport for small, elderly or sick dogs, they are often tested to carry up to 20 kilos: which makes them also suitable for multiple dogs, puppies for example. Pockets and storage compartments must never be missing in a dog stroller or trolley, because they are useful for containing and transporting the leash, the food or water bowl, some snacks and perhaps his toys. It is also essential that the trolley is made of water-repellent fabric: so that you can take your dog with you even when it snows or rains. If your dog is a sportsman like you, a trolley with three large wheels and a waterproof hood is ideal: so you can take it even when you go jogging or cycling, and despite bad weather. More often than not, the jogging stroller is a trailer to which the front wheel and handle have been mounted, or a carrier equipped with all the accessories for running. The three large wheels are of different sizes compared to classic children's strollers, in fact, being quite thick, they are also suitable for the rough terrain of parks and green areas; furthermore, the single front wheel allows for greater ease of manoeuvre. Unlike the trailer, however, the stroller needs to be pushed: the non-slip handle allows greater control over the speed, which also makes it suitable for puppies or dogs who are new to traveling. Often, they also come with brakes, and are quite easy to convert, so they can quickly adapt to the active lifestyle you lead.

Foldable models

If, however, you are interested in a dog stroller that allows your four-legged friend to stay in the company of his owner even in the city, it is possible to find particularly light and easy to fold ones on the market, to better adapt to a shopping trip or those days full of errands to do. The mini-wheels and shock absorbers have been specially made to allow a smooth ride, and the numerous zipped pockets, storage trays and compartments will allow you to carry all the accessories your dog needs, especially if elderly or ill; finally, the water-repellent fabric of which the stroller is made will allow you to take it wherever you want, even outdoors on a rainy day. Some models are equipped with a reclining seat, integrated leash and/or mosquito net; these elements allow you to keep your dog safe from the danger of him jumping out and down from the stroller if he meets other dogs on his tour, but also to keep him safe from wind and insects that could annoy him. Normally, dog strollers are used for small animals, which is why in addition to having the typical shape of strollers, they can also be made in the shape of trolleys. The trolley takes up little space because it is equipped with a removable carrying case in waterproof fabric. It can be easily folded back on itself when you decide to put it away, which is why it is perfect for crowded places such as shopping centers and public transport. However, since it is made up of a single container compartment and does not have a real protective hood, the trolley can often be combined with a transparent tarpaulin cover, which allows your dog to look around without getting wet.

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