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The dog needs constant care and attention. It is important that he always feels calm and safe, whether we keep him at home with us, or whether he is in the garden or elsewhere. The kennel is an accessory that must be chosen with care, because it is the place where our faithful friend takes shelter to escape the cold, heat and bad weather, and for this reason it will immediately become his main point of reference.

How to choose

If we have decided to keep our dog in the garden or in an open space, then the choice of the kennel must take into account a series of factors: it must be sufficiently robust and insulated, raised above the ground so that the humidity present in the ground, and with a well-resistant and sloping roof, so rainwater can run off without flooding it. As for the material, wood is the most used, as it is ecological, insulating and economical. But you can find small "houses" for our four-legged friend in different materials, such as metal and plastic. You can choose the one you prefer, taking into account both the dog's needs and how much you are willing to spend on this purchase. If you opt for a kennel made of metal, it is useful to make the surface soft and welcoming with a wool or cloth blanket, which will serve to better protect from the cold. For this purpose you can also think about covering the entrance to the kennel with a cloth or blanket, especially if it is an elderly dog or a puppy. Like any accessory for animals, there are also luxurious kennels with every comfort, for example heated inside. It's clear that the price is a little higher, but there are people who will do anything to ensure the health and well-being of their dog! It is also important to place the kennel in the right place, which is less exposed to the wind and therefore also protected from the sun. To make it more welcoming, you can also insert some tools inside that the dog chews for fun, and which give him the opportunity to stay pleasantly, not just to eat and sleep. It is essential that the dog immediately perceives the kennel as a space of his own, in which no one bothers him.

Dog accessories

Browsing here and there on the Internet we found some interesting sites for accessories for four-legged friends. They can be useful especially for those who are used to making online purchases. The first is called , and is a virtual shop that sells products and food for dogs. It is possible to view the products one by one with the corresponding photographs and the relative prices. You can also search for products divided by type and brand. If we want to keep a dog in the best possible way, we must ensure it has a series of comforts. At home we can provide him with a sofa, a sofa, an armchair that is an ideal place to rest peacefully. On the website there are many different accessories available for dogs of all sizes and other pets. We accept payments by bank transfer, Paypal, cash and cash on delivery. The website contains a vast assortment of dog kennels in all sizes, made of resistant and non-toxic materials, such as resin. On the site there are also products for the nutrition and hygiene of both dogs and cats. It is possible to order online, and delivery takes place via express courier or ordinary postal parcel. The website is well stocked with accessories, and offers a "welcome" discount of 5% on the first order placed. Inside the site there is a vast assortment of products, there are dog kennels and doors in various materials and sizes. You can sign up for the newsletter to receive offers relating to these products via email. Another site specializing in the sale of accessories for dogs, cats and other pets is called . Here too you can find various offers and promotions, and if you spend more than 39 euros shipping is free! The shops included in this circuit boast great experience in the sector, and the products are qualitatively guaranteed.

How to build a doghouse

If you have experience (even minimal) in DIY, then why not try to manually build a kennel for our friend? If the kennel is to be placed outside, in a garden, it must be very comfortable and sturdy. There are various models on the market, from which you can choose the one best suited to your dog's needs and habits. Just buy a special DIY kit from a specialized shop and try your hand at building the model. Generally the instructions are very clear and detailed, therefore also suitable for DIY beginners. We recommend the kit from the "Onlywood" company, in which you will find the screws necessary to complete the assembly and the 7 panels that will make up the actual kennel. A tip: when you open the package, make sure that no pieces are missing, and be careful not to lose the essential fixing screws. After checking the contents of the package, proceed with assembly following the instructions written on the package:

  1. Start from the floor, which must be placed on a flat surface;
  2. Join the side walls to the rear one of the kennel and the latter to the floor, fixing it with 3 screws. Always be careful how you position the screws!;
  3. Repeat the same process for the front and side walls;
  4. Fix the walls to the floor, always using the screws correctly;
  5. Then move on to the roof, overlap the roof sheets. The smallest one should be placed on the left side of the kennel. To ensure better protection from rain, you can mount the roof overhanging. The material chosen can be different: solid or solid spruce, or mengris, a wood typical of exotic countries.

For further information and advice on assembly, consult the website . The site sells accessories and makes deliveries throughout the national territory.

Kennel maintenance

When choosing a kennel, some precautions must be taken into account to prevent the dog from refusing to enter it. It is important to know that not all dogs have the same resistance to cold (or heat), it depends on the breed and the type of hair (whether it is long or shaved). Even the place where the kennel is placed must not be left to chance, since it must allow the dog to guard the property, and therefore to monitor the entrance door. It often happens that the dog does not want to enter the kennel, and this can also depend on its nature and habits (for example it is a particularly shy or solitary dog, or on the contrary a gregarious animal and follower of the group). Here are some general rules to follow:

  • It is preferable that the kennel is removable, to be cleaned more easily;
  • make sure that the kennel does not give off unpleasant odors. It must therefore always be kept clean, but you must avoid placing deodorants inside, because in general the dog cannot tolerate them;
  • ensure that the kennel is disinfected, especially when it is very hot;
  • if the kennel is located in a border between one property and another, it is better to place a fence that does not continuously disturb the dog with the passage of other animals or people;
  • If the dog persists in not entering the kennel, you absolutely must not force it. Maybe he will do it whenever he wants, if he deems it necessary. Instead, try to stop and play often near the kennel, so that the dog acquires a certain familiarity;
  • To facilitate the dog's entry into the kennel, it is advisable to introduce the water bowl and a favorite toy. Slowly the dog will get used to the new location.

Keep a dog at home: baskets, cots, kennels or carrier

The dog that stays at home does not need a kennel to shelter himself in, but he still needs a space of his own in which to hole up to feel comfortable. For dogs at home there are many solutions, among which you can also choose based on costs. If the dog is small, baskets are fine, as they are also beautiful to look at and with attention to detail. However, it is important that they are also sturdy, otherwise they can tip over when the dog moves, and raised a little off the ground, so that they remain thermally insulated. There are also more practical and manageable baskets on the market, for example made of plastic, and also padded. The kennel (or transport cage known as pet carrier) is another solution, but it must be adapted to the size of the dog, who must be able to turn around without problems and stand upright. Then there are cots, dogs' favorite accessories, because they are actually the most comfortable. But if the dog is too lively and moves too much, the bed risks continually tipping over. Even inside the home it is advisable to find a quiet and sheltered place in which to place the kennel, trying to avoid areas with drafts and too much traffic as much as possible. The dog will need a warm, sheltered corner. You can indulge yourself with kennels with the strangest and most particular shapes: there are heart-shaped ones, igloo-shaped ones, with plush linings, and sofa-shaped ones. Do you want an idea? Consult the website . The catalog is full of kennels of all types and for all budgets, and you can place orders directly from your home by clicking on the model you like best. Remember that dogs are crazy about pillows, which they like to sleep on. Get yourself one that becomes his, on which he can rest peacefully.

Dog kennels for sale: a proposal from United Pets

Do you want to make your four-legged friend really happy? The "United Pets" company has designed a very comfortable kennel, whose name is "Florence". You can order it in black or white, and in various sizes. Therefore it is also suitable for very small dogs. You may notice that this kennel has a higher cost than the others, but the reason lies in the material used and the design, having been specially made by a professional such as Bruno Santanatonio. The materials used are: hypoallergenic and breathable cotton and eco-leather. The latter, in particular, covers both the inside and outside of the kennel, giving it that touch of refinement that never hurts! Not in all shops that sell products and accessories for dogs and pets you will find the "United Pets" brand, but only in the most well-stocked and specialized ones. This kennel is very comfortable, with attention to detail, it is an accessory designed for those who want to ensure unprecedented comfort and convenience for their dog. Furthermore, this type of kennel is indestructible, suitable for resisting for a long time, so it is a purchase that the owner (and dog) will never regret! We went to browse the company website, , and found all kinds of products and accessories to make dogs and cats happy. There are kennels, beds, carriers, of all shapes and sizes. You can click on "sales points" at the top of the home page to find the one closest to you. The site is complete, very attractive graphically, it can become an excellent point of reference to always be up to date on news regarding this sector, including fairs and events. The "United Pets" company is very attentive to details, and for this reason creates accessories with very refined and original lines, and in this it certainly differs from the others.

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