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Horizontal extractors

The first juice extractors launched on the market were those equipped with a horizontal auger. The horizontal extractor can be equipped with two different types of filter: the single-phase one and the one that includes two phases. The choice in this case depends on how much pulp you want to keep in the juice. In fact, the first model allows a greater quantity of pulp to escape, on the contrary, the two-phase filter allows a smaller quantity to emerge. There are also models without a filter, in this case the machine is well suited for extracting the juice of fruits rich in seeds. In fact, the absence of a filter allows you to avoid the clogging that comes from their squeezing. Finally, the market offers extractors equipped with an adjustment knob that allows you to extract greater quantities of juice, however the quantity is not always actually abandoned and furthermore the knob, during the extraction phase, is susceptible to clogging. The latest innovation in the field is represented by the model with the horizontal double shaft auger, i.e. a juice extractor equipped with two augers made of stainless steel or bioceramic. This type involves three operational phases ranging from compressing the fruit or vegetable to its mixing and squeezing. The three processing phases allow us to obtain an optimal result both in terms of quantity and quality of the cold extracted juice.

Vertical extractors

Juice extractors equipped with a vertical auger include a single blade for the older models, while the more recent prototypes have a double blade which allows you to compress the fruit and vegetables more towards the extraction hole without clogging the filter or screw. The vertical extractor is particularly suitable for making sauces, vegetable milks or sorbets thanks to the presence of a filter without holes which is included in the accessories supplied with the product. The most recent models allow you to extract larger quantities of juice thanks to the low speed operation of the machine.


The devices that complete the product offering allow you to obtain different results: there are accessories formulated to obtain baby food or certain types of pasta, in particular with a special filter you can obtain nut butter, while with another filter with holes large juices with a greater quantity of pulp. Making this product even more valuable is the durability of its AC induction motor which, although it falls within a medium-high price range, can withstand up to approximately 20 years of work.

Which one to choose

When choosing a juice extractor it is good to take into account not only the model of the machine, but also some details of no secondary importance. First of all, you need to pay attention to the material the auger is made of. Polycarbonate, although cheap, is not very resistant and easy to break, while Tritan and Utem are materials with more reliable resistance. It is also essential not to purchase a product equipped with a melanima screw, a toxic material that older models still have inside them. Even with regards to filters, attention must be paid to the material with which they are made: the cheapest models are also those that deteriorate most rapidly and are easiest to break. Utem filters also have the possibility of having them with fine or large grain. With the coarser grain you can obtain creams, sauces, jams or jellies.

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