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The vast choice of scratching posts for cats that attract our attention in the many points of sale dedicated to our four-legged friends can be difficult and complicated. Colourful, large or small, washable and refined, these are the scratching posts that find their ideal size nestled in a comfortable and quiet corner. Choosing the right one depends on several factors. First of all it must have a comfortable support surface, a scratching post positioned in the most ideal way so that the cat can climb and a niche specifically designed so that the animal can lie down peacefully. Its comfort depends on the niche that characterizes it. The scratching post must be erected and positioned at least 10 cm higher than the cat, it must be built with excellent quality and highly resistant material. Sisal is the most suitable material for creating models that have perfect durability and performance. The advice that experts give is to first accustom the cat to a small scratching post. If the cat is large and heavy, the suitable model is the one with a heavy and thicker column. It would be ideal to fix the scratching post in the floor so that a certain stability is guaranteed when the animal sharpens its nails and spends time carrying out this action.

Where to place it

Many people prefer to place the scratching post near a window: it is the right position to allow the cat to look outside, to turn its gaze towards the nature that attracts and intrigues it, while it enjoys scratching the column with its nails sharp. Fun and instinct are satisfied by a game that stimulates the laughter of those who admire it with pleasure while it is at work. It would be better not to place it near furniture to avoid the cat mistaking the furniture for the scratching post and causing damage. If you have decided to place it on a terrace, it is important to protect the balcony with a mesh with metal reinforcement. The cat, in fact, could lean out too much and risk falling. The beloved felines love not only dozing but also yawning, stretching, looking around and pointing to the sofa which is always an ideal destination to continue dozing and sharpening their nails.

Which model to choose

If you find yourself in difficulty and have decided to leave your cat at home but don't want it to climb onto armchairs or chairs, the scratching post can become the solution to this problem. A model attached to the wall could transform your home into the happy island of the cat who stretches and stretches his paws on the column and enjoys the pleasure of scratching it. Sitting comfortably watching TV, he is preparing to sharpen his nails on his favorite object and doesn't give you any thought because he will no longer have the desire to aim at your comfortable sofa that has just been reupholstered and rearranged. If there are more than one feline in the apartment, it would be advisable to put more scratching boards just as if you have only one cat it would be better to place more models in the different environments. Cats explore all spaces and pay no attention to furniture or furnishings in general for playing. The scratching post models with ladders or with multiple levels are the most stimulating: the cat will never get bored and will always find a different space to have fun. An old model should never be thrown away unless it is completely unusable. Animals love objects that they already know, of which they can smell and, in the case of felines, the more they are scratched, the more often they are driven to use them. No cat will be able to do without this precious gift and its corner surrounded by small cushions and nice toys inside the niche. The colorful models are the joy of owners who spend time choosing the right one for their cat and imagining how happy he will be when he brings it home.

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Tiragraffi per gatti

Cat scratching post

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