Carnival costume ideas for children

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Cartoon costumes

The classic carnival costumes are undoubtedly those of Zorro and soldier for children, and those of princess and ballerina for girls. Being the most widespread types of costumes, there are all types of them in circulation (even online), from the most sophisticated and expensive ones to the simplest and cheapest ones. Among the most popular choices, without any doubt, we remember pirate costumes (which with a little imagination can also be done at home), marine costumes or comic book character costumes: in order, Spiderman, Hulk, Ninja Turtle , Zorro, Batman and Iron man but also others less known to the general public. Little girls often choose more romantic and dreamy clothes, like those worn by princesses, and perhaps borrow their mother's jewels for the occasion. With the arrival of Disney cartoons, more and more children have opted for the choice of themed costumes from the various cartoons, which can also be purchased at unofficial shops to save a little money. The final accessories (swords, crowns and jewels, shoes and fake moustaches) can be purchased separately. Carnival costumes for girls They are no longer in fashion, but comedy classics still attract the children of the most "nostalgic". We are talking about the typical masks, the first of the Carnival, namely Pulcinella, Arlecchino, Colombina, Pantalone and so on. Even though today commercial models that refer to cartoons and the like are increasingly widespread, the timeless charm of these simple but immediately recognizable disguises never fades. And then, you don't run the risk of your son or daughter being the tenth Count Dracula or yet another princess at the party.

Fantasy costumes

Fantasy costumes are enjoying great success, such as those of clowns, perfect for boys and girls (those of little brothers and sisters can be recycled), and which can be completed with unique accessories from time to time, as happens with wigs. Wigs can be purchased separately, and it is possible to choose from a truly endless quantity and variety: colours, styles, hair and accessories completely different from each other, which will ignite the imagination of adults as well as that of children. Animal carnival costumes are very colourful, and always in vogue despite the passing of the years. Fish, squirrels, horses, dogs and cats, but the only limit in this case too is your imagination. These costumes are highly appreciated for their versatility, because it is possible to embellish them even by putting make-up on the boy or girl: it is an evergreen solution also suitable for the years in which one finds oneself "without an idea". Boys never seem to lose interest in scary costumes: even if it's not Halloween, there's never a shortage of people who decide to dress up as monsters, sparking fear in the surrounding area. Here too, between Counts Dracula, Frankenstein and monsters of various kinds, there is no limit to the choice, and in this case good make-up on the child's face can make the difference in the quality of the costume.

Original costumes

We are talking about more original costumes, such as dressing up as a Lego, as a sandwich, as a cell phone or even as a heart. Special ideas, no doubt about it, but you can also find this on the web: you certainly don't risk meeting "duplicates" at the party! For those who really don't know where to fall back, there are always alternative ideas. If the boy or girl just can't seem to make up their mind, remember that a simple peasant costume or even a nurse's costume, and for the child a chef's apron and a foam rubber knife or even the classic doctor's coat can be a good starting point for finding simple but still original costumes, and in any case not too expensive. The important thing is that the costume is purchased on certified sites or in reliable shops, and that its origin as well as the materials used in production are clear, to avoid unnecessary risks to the child's health. Better to spend a few euros more and avoid unknown or unreliable materials coming into direct contact with the baby's skin.

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