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Where the Brazilian bikini was born

Brazil, as we know, has a climate that allows you to go to the sea all year round and its coasts are dotted with palm trees and sandy coves with very fine, white sand, where you can relax in the sun while sipping coconut milk from a fresh coconut, or, for those who want to go more heavy, a passion fruit juice mixed with cachaça. Everything in Brazil evokes hot spirits, even passion fruit, which we call passion fruit. It is here, near the waves that rise several meters, and on which the boys have fun surfing, that the girls sunbathe showing off their Brazilian bikinis. The fashion for this sensual and at the same time elegant and refined swimsuit has spread like wildfire throughout the world, and everywhere it evokes these paradisiacal landscapes and the lively rhythms of Brazilian music. The Brazilian bikini is in fact the ultimate in showing off perfect curves that move to the rhythm of batucada and samba. It is natural, in fact, that in broad daylight in Brazil groups of young people find themselves together on the beach dancing samba and lambada to the rhythm of drums or improvised percussion, and it is clear that the shape of the Brazilian bikini highlights the movement of the bodies dancing at great speed in the spectacular tangle of steps that constitute the wonder of Brazilian samba. It is no coincidence that commonly among Brazilians we tend to distinguish the "samba de preto" (black samba) and the "samba de pack" (white samba), referring with the first name to the samba that black Brazilians wear in blood and second to the samba that the white population vainly tries to imitate.

Brazilian culture and beachwear

But apart from a few jokes like these, it must be said that the melting pot in Brazil works very well. In the charming Rio de Janeiro, skin colors are so varied and somatic features are so different that no one makes any distinctions. Even the component of Asian origin of the population has now mixed very well with those of African, indigenous and European origins. Rio de Janeiro, which is not surprisingly called "cidade maravilhosa" (wonderful city), offers visitors an unrepeatable combination of metropolitan areas and rainforest areas, not to mention the very wide beaches of international fame such as Copacabana and Ipanema. We are certain that the beautiful Girl from Ipanema who inspired the song was walking on the beach of Ipanema wearing a Brazilian bikini, it cannot be otherwise, because the singer-songwriter underlines the "balanço", the swaying of the hips, which typically the Brazilian bikini does not just underlines. There is another reason that leads us to be certain that Garota (girl) wore this Brazilian bikini: for generations and generations Brazilian women on the beach have worn nothing else. For women all over the country, from the coasts of Fortaleza to those of Bahia to those of Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian bikini has always been the most practical and elegant solution at the same time for enjoying the sun of their perennial summer. There is no doubt that it is Brazilian women who can teach the world over what is best to wear when sunbathing. It is clear that perhaps we will not be able to enjoy the landscapes of which Brazilians are so proud, nor will we be able to savor the juicy tropical fruits that they usually enjoy on the beach, but at least we will be able to be as chic as their ladies in beachwear, showing off the Brazilian bikini.


The most typical and most used Brazilian bikini in Brazil is the one with the top piece with padded balcony cups that ties behind the back but has no string around the neck. Often the cup band twists at the front to create a very sensual line of movement and to better define the shape of the cups. The most typical bottom piece of the Brazilian bikini is the one with a wide band that surrounds the low waist, while the part that acts as a slip draws two equally high-cut triangles on the front and on the back. In this way the Brazilian bikini dresses the waist and reveals the curves, so as to generate a captivating game of "I see and I don't see" which ensures the sensual effect. The one just described is the Brazilian bikini model most typically widespread in Brazil, but it is certainly not the only one. In fact, today there are countless other Brazilian bikini models, which suit everyone's tastes. Let's look at the characteristics of the other Brazilian bikini models that are in circulation. Brazilian bikini bottom: it is the model that on the front looks like a classic brief, although certainly very high-cut, while on the back it narrows to form only a barely covering triangle. It is perfect combined with the bandeau or crossed bandeau top, but for those who want to opt for comfort you can also choose the classic and always elegant balcony bra model. Brazilian bikini with ties: this is the model that is adjustable on the hips with comfortable ties that tie into a bow for a fun and practical solution to tighten or widen. Obviously the panty part is very thin and high-cut. It is perfect combined with the triangle top piece, which also has bows to tie.


Fortunately, stylists' imagination never ends, so even other Brazilian bikini models have been invented and can be described as follows. Brazilian bandeau bikini that ties: the bottom part of the bikini in this case has the wide band which is typical of the real Brazilian bikini, but it is knotted as if it were strings, to allow you to adjust the size of the underwear. It is in fact an excellent solution for those who don't just want to sunbathe on the beach but also want to exercise, for example playing beach volleyball or trying their hand at diving competitions from the rocks. "One-piece" Brazilian bikini: these are those particular "one-piece bikinis" that have been seen on our beaches for a couple of years: the Brazilian underwear and the top that would constitute a Brazilian bikini are actually connected by a thread or a band of fabric that covers the navel and runs along the belly creating a beautiful sensual effect that recalls a very narrow waist and full hips and breasts. If you have a flat stomach there is nothing better to show off your amazing figure. From Brazil, as we said, they lead the way, and the advantages of the Brazilian bikini compared to other swimsuit models are evident. Unlike the classic thong, which becomes non-existent and can appear vulgar, the Brazilian bikini maintains its consistency and, although it does not cover the shapes, frames them in a fine way. There is no comparison that matters. In the case of the classic Brazilian bikini model, the soft line of the wide band that surrounds the low waist creates small folds of fabric that recall the movement created by the top piece, as well as avoiding the hateful "rolls in sight" effect that created when the elastic of the swimsuit tightens the waist too much.


Anyone who has had the pleasure of swimming in the tropical waters of Rio de Janeiro or Salvador de Bahia or any other fantastic place in Brazil will surely have noticed the peculiar absence of beach towels on Brazilian beaches. It is not on our thick sheets that Brazilian women lie down to be kissed by the sun, but rather on their light "kanga", or large, colorful and thin sarongs. The girls arrive wearing their sarong, once on the beach they unravel it, showing off their Brazilian bikini, and then they spread it out on the sand and lie down on it. The white sand in Brazil is in fact so thin and soft that they don't need anything else to be comfortable on the beach, not like what happens to us who are often forced to equip ourselves to lie down on rocky beaches or with little, very dirty sand . Looking at the Brazilians, therefore, away with the mats, away with the towels, only their colorful sarongs billowing in the wind. But why don't they need to dry themselves? It's very simple: in Brazil the beaches are so hot and windy that as soon as you get out of the water you don't have time to reach the place where you were lying before a hot wind and a scorching sun have already dried you out thoroughly. Furthermore, don't forget the factor of tides and giant waves: often in Rio you are comfortably lying in the sun many meters away from the shore, when suddenly an unexpected wave arrives and drenches everyone and everything, including your towel. It is therefore much more practical to have just a sarong, which instead of getting soaked inexorably, is able to dry easily in no time. Precisely because of the strength of the waves, other accessories that Brazilian girls would never forget are waterproof mascaras and eyeliners, which allow you to complete that of the Brazilian bikini with the elegance of your makeup.

Where to buy

It is very easy today to find the Brazilian bikini not only in the best shops but also through online shopping sites and virtual shop windows where you can choose and order all the colors and models of the Brazilian bikini. Don't worry, you don't need to fly overseas to wear the latest fashion from the land of samba. All the 2013 summer collections of the best swimsuit brands for girls and women leave ample space for Brazilian bikini models, with a great variety of patterns and decorations. Many models are then embellished with stainless steel rings or colored beads, perhaps wood-coloured, which recall the tropical forests and lush vegetation of those distant places but whose culture is so lively and bursting even among us in Italy. It is not difficult to come across Latin music evenings in many venues in the center of our Italian cities, precisely because Brazilian rhythms and fashions convey joy and joy of living and for this reason are easily contagious. What's more beautiful than letting yourself be infected by the desire to let loose in a samba or a forrò or to let yourself be lulled by the romantic rhythm of the kizomba, the lambada or the lambazouk? Brazilian music and dance conferences are held throughout Europe, from bossa nova to capoeira, and in all seaside areas Brazilian culture also infects clothing and fashion. We always recommend trying these new, freer forms and enjoying their freshness without unnecessary embarrassment. In the 1950s we covered ourselves up to our knees to enter the water, little by little the costumes became smaller and the movements of the boats became more agile and free, it is useless to try to slow down this bursting wave, let us let ourselves be overwhelmed by the joy of the bikini Brazilian.

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