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Economic saving

Why buy a water purifier? The health reasons that are often put forward by those who have already relied on this solution are validly supported by considerations on the convenience of these devices. In fact, it should be remembered that domestic purification systems, where they have been installed with extreme professionalism and accuracy by qualified technicians and are regularly monitored and subjected to maintenance, are able to ensure savings of up to 70%. A data that transferred to the water bill, especially at a time when local authorities are pressing their hand on this item, can have a significant impact on the family economy. Added to the savings in question is the benefit deriving from the possibility of having a water supply in the form of clean and decalcified water, ideal for guaranteeing the necessary health and food safety of one's family members. Considerations which have naturally pushed an ever-increasing number of Italians to look favorably on the idea of equipping their homes with domestic water purifiers, giving great impetus to the sector. Currently, there are 3 main domestic water purification systems on the market: microfiltration, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.


Microfiltration purifiers are made up of filters with pores, one or more, which allow the liquid to be filtered to an extremely small size, that provided by the micron. To better understand what we are talking about, just remember that the section of one of our hairs usually measures 45 microns. Precisely for this reason the process used is called microfiltration, perfect for giving a fairly complete idea of what is happening. The systems that are part of this category are composed of one part for sediment filtration and another for silvered composite carbon. The first usually filters not only debris, but also sand, algae, rust residue and other material which can be classified as sediment. The second is instead able to absorb substances such as chlorine, solvents, atrazine, chlorinated substances and pesticides, thanks to the important presence of silver ions, which prove to be extremely effective in carrying out a bacteriostatic action. fundamental, which contributes in particular to preventing the stagnation of the water filters from favoring the proliferation of bacteria. The result of microfiltration is felt not only in ecological and economic terms, but also with a decisive improvement in the organoleptic characteristics of the water, without at the same time altering the values of the mineral salts dissolved within it. [kelkoo q="microfiltration water purifier"]


When we talk about ultrafiltration domestic water purification systems, we mean those that use an ultrafilter aimed at guaranteeing the absolute safety of the water and therefore the absence of infectious agents. It is a membrane equipped with pores whose size reaches 0.01 micron and which are capable of filtering all impurities whose size reaches or exceeds 0.01 micron. Ultrafiltration is considered by specialists to be a very sophisticated technique, capable of comprehensively avoiding the risks of contamination, eliminating disinfection by-products and, therefore, capable of providing maximum guarantees on the purity of the water, indeed contributing to the improvement of its organoleptic characteristics. In this case, the process takes place using an in-line sediment pre-filter and a carbon block filter equipped with hollow fibres. In some versions the presence of a UV lamp is also foreseen, called to debacterialize the liquid. Its presence represents a further guarantee, as it contributes to sterilization aimed at counteracting the ever-possible presence of pathogenic microorganisms. A precious guarantee especially considering that ultrafiltration is generally used in the medical field. The technology adopted in this case is ideal for removing organic, chemical or physical substances that can be harmful to the human organism. Furthermore, ultrafiltration water purifiers can remove enterococci and other bacteria such as the infamous Escherichia coli, which generally have a size of around 0.02 microns. If you decide to adopt these systems, it would always be a good idea to mix them with microfiltration systems, a measure that can give excellent results not only in terms of more adequate functioning, but also allow a longer duration of the filtering capacity, lengthening its duration. life. In particular, the observation that the water supplied is completely free of chlorine while preserving a series of extremely beneficial substances for our body, starting with calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, plays in favor of these systems. [kelkoo q="ultrafiltration water purifier"]

Reverse osmosis

The reverse osmosis purification system is composed of a set of microfiltration filters and one or more osmotic membranes, i.e. filters equipped with pores whose size is even lower than those characterizing ultrafiltration. In this case, in fact, the order of magnitude used is the nanometer, from which the term nanofiltration derives which is used as an alternative in order to identify reverse osmosis domestic water purifiers. According to experts, the reverse osmosis process is the most effective of all. A judgment motivated by the fact that it proves capable of eliminating almost definitively all impurities, even if they are of minimal dimensions. As proof of this characteristic, it is enough to remember how nanofiltration is even effective in eliminating mineral salts, i.e. those which are usually indicated as the smallest substances dissolved in the liquid. Reverse osmosis domestic water purifiers are used in the domestic sector, particularly in places where the drinking water is very hard or has a strong presence of salts as well as in those where the presence of nitrates is around 50 mg/ l, or close to the maximum value established by law. Before proceeding with the adoption of a reverse osmosis system, however, it is necessary to know that what is generally considered an advantage can instead turn into a real boomerang. If the water contains too many mineral salts or is too polluted, the system can even make it acidic, which is harmful to our body. In fact, it should be remembered that acidic water is accused of promoting premature aging of our organism. Furthermore, it should be underlined that in osmosis systems equipped with a tank the water tends to remain still for hours before being used. Especially during the hot months it can be subject to contamination by bacteria, therefore making it necessary to install bactericidal post filters or UV lamps, in order to sterilize the water before its use, or to adopt solutions of new generation equipped with an internal pump capable of producing water continuously. [kelkoo q="reverse osmosis purifier"]

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