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For athletes it is important to wear a light and comfortable garment that allows them to carry out any type of movement with maximum freedom, therefore a garment that is close-fitting but at the same time not bulky, capable of keeping the body warm, but allowing the skin to breathe, without preventing it. sweating and above all keeping it dry at all times. The main feature of this garment is therefore its insulating properties capable of maintaining a good body temperature. For a good quality shirt you need materials such as cotton, polyester, polyamide or wool, which give softness and allow the skin to breathe.

Best thermal shirts on the market

Under Armor Heat Gear

under armor heat gear thermal shirt UA HeatGear® Armor Compression for men at the price of 35 euros is a long-sleeved thermal shirt produced entirely in polyester and elastane. Particularly suitable for those who carry out outdoor sporting activities. Once worn, it will seem like you don't have it, thanks to the compression exerted by the fabric on the skin, while the particular texture of the stretch shirt guarantees 360° mobility, guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement. It allows sweat to be expelled outwards, allowing the shirt to dry quickly. Furthermore, it is equipped with an anti-odor system that prevents the formation of bad odors resulting from the proliferation of bacteria. All these features, combined with the good quality – price ratio, make this shirt an indispensable product for those who practice sports, guaranteeing a constant body temperature and maximum freedom of movement.

X-Bionic Accumulator Evo

thermal shirt for bionic evo accumulator The X-Bionic Evo Accumulator at the price of 129 euros is a latest generation shirt. Studied down to the smallest detail by a team of experts in the Energy Accumulator EVO field, this garment is designed for those who carry out sporting activities at the highest levels, in particular for those who practice skiing and snowboarding, but also suitable for those who carry out outdoor sporting activities. open in particularly cold areas. All the seams have been designed to support the body in its movements, particularly in the pectoral area. The protection zones have also been redefined, all parts of the shirt around the joints have been reinforced, while the compression zones have been expanded. An all-round job to guarantee efficiency and quality at the highest levels. The shirt is made entirely with top quality synthetic material: 90% Polyamide, 7% Polypropylene and 3% Elasthane.

Puma thermal shirt

puma thermal shirt Puma shirt at the price of 50 euros. The Puma long-sleeved thermal shirt for men is a comfortable and indispensable garment for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Therefore suitable not only for those who play sports, but also for those who work in open places and in the cold. Thanks to its perfect fit, it adheres perfectly to the body and the flat seams manage to minimize friction. Made with PowerCell technology and with a fleece internal fabric capable of protecting the body from low temperatures, this garment allows the skin to breathe freely, maintaining the right level of humidity. In addition to the perfect fit, the shirt features a crew neck cut and two loops in the sleeves for thumbs, for unique comfort. Made of 80% polyester and 20% elastane, and is available in 4 different colors: white, red, blue and black.

Joma Brama Emotion

joma brama emotion thermal shirt Joma Brama Emotion at the price of 38 euros. This garment is part of Joma's Technical Underwear line, specifically designed to guarantee the best for those who practice outdoor sporting activities and beyond. Produced with 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, it guarantees a constant body temperature, allowing the skin to breathe and always keeping it dry. The run-resist fabric makes it resistant to rain, allowing it to recover its shape. The fit is also good, with perfect adherence to the shape of the body. Other features to highlight are its lightness, absence of seams and no air resistance, which makes it suitable for those who practice running. The long-sleeved and crew-neck model is available in different colors and sizes.

Kipsta Keepdry 500 (DECATHLON)

thermal-shirt-kipsta-decathlon Kipsta Keepdry 500 at the price of 15 euros. Excellent value for money for the Kipsta thermal shirt sold by Decathlon. Made entirely of synthetic material, with 72% polyester, 22% polyamide and 6% elastane. While the polyester guarantees breathability, keeping the skin dry, the polyamide threads make the fabric soft, which together with the elastane guarantee a good fit. This garment is the ideal choice for those looking for a thermal shirt at a low cost, but with high performance, capable of ensuring the best for those who practice outdoor sports, such as skiing, cycling and more. Also ideal for those who work in particularly cold areas, allowing you to stay outdoors without feeling the cold even for several hours.

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