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Based on the context and the situation we find ourselves in, we need appropriate shoes to practice running correctly. They must, of course, be of good quality, given that a poor running shoe can cause such pain that it is necessary to stop running. Having said that, the choice must take into account a series of essential requirements: the weight, the protection system, the cushioning capacity, the thickness of the drop and stability. Opting for a shoe that does not correctly meet these parameters could prove to be a fatal mistake: wearing one that is too heavy means running the risk of overloading the calves and ankle, while a drop that is too thin could cause serious damage to the forefoot. Footwear with too narrow or excessively wide soles should also be avoided as they could potentially negatively impact performance. The best running shoes are those that allow you to assume and maintain a correct posture and that correct the support of your feet when pushing. Its weight should be around 300 grams, while the drop, or the difference between the height of the forefoot and that of the heel, varies based on experience and the way in which you run. More generally, however, it is advisable to buy good quality shoes in order to be sure that they last a long time. The recommendation is therefore to pay attention to the resistance of the material they are made of, the biomechanical sensitivity of the soles and, above all, the flexibility of the upper. Taking all these features into account, navigating the jungle of the countless running shoes offered by the various sports brands will no longer be as difficult as it seems. We have compared four models of running shoes which appear to be, at the moment, the best on the market, because they meet the requirements just listed. Let's find out which ones.


Mizuno's Wave Ultima 8 model is loved by runners who train and compete on asphalt paths, because it has a reinforced sole that makes it stable and safe, and by those who already have a correct posture. What makes it so famous is the fact that it allows you to run without feeling backlash, which is why it prevents foot inflammation or annoying heel pain. The reactivity of this shoe is also appreciated: it guarantees a performance of a certain level but at the same time deprives the athlete of the relaxation that is needed in long-distance training. The composition of the Mizuno Wave Ultima 8 is noteworthy: the upper is made of AIRmesh, a highly breathable material which, thanks to the pores present in the upper part, keeps the foot dry and ventilated regardless of the duration of the run. This layer is covered, in turn, by a synthetic structure that gives the stability you need during your stride. The model in question also adopts the Dynamotion Fit system, which limits irritation and ensures that the shoe adapts naturally to the movements of the foot. The cushioning system uses a layer of U4ic, a low-volume foam that promotes shock absorption and preserves the heel. The sole provides excellent traction thanks to the X10 carbon rubber inserts which reinforce it and protect it from wear. However, less experienced runners believe that this shoe is inflexible and hard, not too comfortable on long distances. On the other hand, it is more appreciated by expert athletes, already accustomed to highly cushioned shoes.


Supernova Glide 9 by Adidas, experts say, is a shoe designed for runners. An innovative and safe, stable and comfortable model. The first of its kind to have an upper made of Engineered Mesh, a seamless synthetic fabric that has the typical appearance of real yarn and which, as such, is breathable and soft. In these shoes the foot never suffers, both because its sole is wide enough to guarantee maximum comfort and because it does not make it sweat. This model is equipped with heel and medial supports and a boost midsole capable of adapting to both moderate paces and routes that require greater reactivity. The sole is instead of the Stretchweb type, complete with a Continental rubber layer. The fact that it is reinforced does not take anything away in terms of comfort and flexibility, on the contrary, because it is configured as a sort of rubbery spider web that does not compromise either performance or softness. It is not very light, but its 300 grams are largely compensated by the fact that this shoe guarantees almost perfect support for the foot. The fact that Adidas' Supernova Glide 9 does not have a protection system could work against it, but only in theory. The truth is that the upper is made so well that it completely makes up for the lack of this detail and still makes it light, comfortable and flexible and therefore suitable for long runs.


The Bondi 5 running shoes are the top of the range from Hoka One One. It is the most comfortable shoe among those offered by the brand, so flexible that it is able to wrap the foot as if it were a soft cotton sock. This is thanks to the TPU external heel counter system, designed to firmly embrace the heel and support it in the best way. The sole has been improved compared to the models previously launched by the brand: it has a high durability, allows greater contact with the ground and makes movement fluid. Also in this case, the upper is breathable: it is made of Air Mesh and characterized by Lyrca ComfortFrame technology, which is why it is extensible to the point that this shoe can also be used without wearing socks. To ensure even more comfort are the malleolus pad and the tongue, both padded, while the design of the midsole is conceived to improve propulsion and performance. All these details have a positive impact in terms of support, reactivity and comfort, while a separate discussion must be made for the sole and the internal space. The first tends to wear out quickly, while the second, during performance, appears to be insufficient because it is narrower than average. However, this does not mean that Bondi 5 by Hoka One One is an uncomfortable running shoe, on the contrary: despite these shortcomings it still offers proportionate traction, even on the most demanding routes, and a well-cushioned and fluid running experience.


Nike's Air Zoom Pegasus is a basic, no-frills running shoe. It owes its fame to the fact that it is equipped with a double Zoom Air cushion in gas and fibre, capable of improving cushioning and supporting the body in the best way. Being so simple and basic, it is the right shoe for daily training, while in competition you should prefer something structurally more technological. The technical characteristics make this model very comfortable and reactive when pushing, when the foot needs balance and stability. This is due, in particular, to the rubber and phylon midsole, the best mix for a long-lasting, well-cushioned and soft shoe. The two-layer mesh upper is also appreciated: the internal one has no stitching, while the external one is breathable and leaves the foot dry and ventilated regardless of the temperatures. But the real innovation of this shoe is to be found in the new arrangement that Nike has thought of for the cables that connect the midsole to the eyelets: this Flywire is placed practically across the upper and no longer under the foot, therefore it wraps it precisely without even being warned. The mesh of the heel is a perforated mesh, while the Pegasus sole is made of a durable rubber that gives a balanced and fluid running experience.

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