Best portable dehumidifiers

Migliori deumidificatori portatili
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Best brands, models and prices

Below is a list of the models, which in our opinion, represent the best portable dehumidifiers.

De' Longhi DDS 20

De Longhi DDS 20 De' Longhi DDS 20 Tasciugo AriaDry Compatc at a cost of 250 euros. This room dehumidifier is characterized by its elegant square shapes which make it similar to a large parallelepiped. Available in white, it has a length of 34.6 cm and a height of 48 cm while the weight is approximately 15 kg. The dehumidification of the air is ensured by a tank with a capacity of 4.5 L which allows the product to be used in rooms of a maximum size of 90 square meters with a net performance of 20 L per day. The practical handles and wheels placed underneath make this model easily transportable from one room to another without much effort. Using the small display we can therefore set three different fan speeds and thanks to a special electronic timer it is possible to choose the on/off time. The double condensation expulsion system, on the other hand, is designed to eliminate excess humidity through a small tube or directly into the tank. With the Tank Control System then the appliance switches off automatically when the tank is full. In addition, the antifreeze function is very useful as it allows the appliance to work even if the temperature is close to 0°. Among other features we also have the Laundry option which gives us the ability to quickly dry clothes. Finally, with the Dry function we can convert the dehumidifier into an air purifier thanks to a particular filter that retains dust, pollen and dust.


Homasy mini dehumidifier Homasy mini portable dehumidifier at a cost of 130 euros. It is a small portable device that has a power of 22 W and very low energy consumption. The design is modern and the white and red external plastic is finished in steel and aluminium. Specifically, the device is suitable for covering mostly small environments, i.e. those that do not extend over 20 square meters such as bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms. However, Peltier technology allows large quantities of water to be absorbed from the air even in the absence of great power. In fact, the overall dehumidification capacity is approximately 220 ml per day with an ambient temperature that must be between 15° and 35°. As already mentioned, Homasy is a portable model and therefore has small dimensions to be moved quickly from one room to another in our house. In particular, the product is very silent since the noise during use never exceeds 35 decibels and it is possible to use it even at night without major discomfort. Overall, use appears very simple as there is only one large button to turn it on and off. In any case, the dehumidifier stops on its own when the water in the tank is at the maximum level.

Trotec TTK 75 S

Trotec TTK 75 S Trotek TTK 75 S at a cost of 150 euros. Solid and robust appliance with simple and essential aesthetic lines. The construction materials appear of good quality and the small wheels underneath ensure easy mobility. The energy absorption reaches a maximum of 330 W and this is why the product guarantees low energy consumption. The transparent tank has a capacity of 3.6 L and is placed in the front area so you can keep an eye on the water level. The dehumidification power is approximately one liter per hour and is therefore ideal for dehumidifying medium-sized rooms, between 40 and 50 square metres. The control knobs are very simple and allow you to turn it on and off and set the humidity level we prefer with two fan speeds. The antibacterial filter is instead useful for purifying the air by eliminating condensation and mold. As far as noise is concerned, the Trotec TTK 75 S is quite silent and has an acoustic peak of a maximum of 40 decibels. Furthermore, when the water tank fills completely, the appliance switches off automatically, which is signaled by the flashing of a light on the control panel. Maintenance is also relatively simple as the filter and water tray are easy to remove. Finally, we can also use our Trotec TTK 75 S to facilitate drying wet clothes if we cannot hang them out.

Argoclima Dry

Argoclima Dry DIGIT 13 Argoclima Dry DIGIT 13 at a cost of 130 euros. The following dehumidifier, with minimal and refined shapes, is characterized by being a compact and space-saving model with its 11 kg. From an energy point of view, consumption is around 230 W while the tank that collects the water has a capacity of 3 L. Perfect for small environments of 15-20 square meters, this dehumidifier manages to extract 13 L per day from the the surrounding air. Through an LED display it is possible to choose the humidity we want with a value between 35% and 80%. With the timer, however, we can decide what time to turn the appliance off and on with an interval of 2-4 hours. In addition we will find an air purification filter that can be easily removed to be cleaned and when the waste tank is saturated a warning light warns us to empty it in order to continue using it. Among the various functions, the automatic defrost system is very useful and is signaled with a colored LED. Equally important is the Memory function which allows you to preserve the settings in the event of a sudden power failure. Furthermore, the electric power cable placed behind can be wrapped around the cable reel when we have to transport the appliance or are not using it. However, the manufacturers recommend using Argoclima Dry Digit 13 in an environment that has a temperature between 5° and 35° and speaking of noise, the sound level settles at a maximum of 43 decibels which allows for good use even in bedrooms .

Hotpoint Ariston DEOS 16

Hotpoint Ariston DEOS 16 Hotpoint Ariston DEOS 16 at a cost of 199 euros. Compared to other examples, this one is evidently more massive and voluminous but still manages to stand out for its sophisticated design. In the upper part there is a control panel where a series of buttons allow you to choose different functions. On the back then we have the air inlet grille and two filters which are anti-odor and anti-dust respectively. In fact, electrostatic filters allow you to purify the air in the environment by removing dust, pollen and bad odors. The dehumidifier is designed to absorb a maximum of 16 L during 24 hours and is therefore preferable to use it in rooms of a maximum size of 45 square metres. The water collection tank has a capacity of 3 L and once saturated the appliance stops working. At that point the display tells us that the time has come to empty it. The Dryer function is also very useful as it offers us the convenience of being able to dry wet clothes inside the house. The product can then be used at a temperature above 5° and thanks to the rotary compressor the energy absorption is reduced to 309 W. The Ariston Deos 16 dehumidifier is however set for continuous discharge operation which does not require any shutdown or you can decide to enter a specific humidity range for your needs.

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