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The potential of a portable air conditioner, which not only eliminates the need for expensive work on the walls, but can easily be moved inside the home, based on the precise needs of its inhabitants. Portable air conditioners are available on the market in a wide range of sizes, features and prices, making it not always easy to find the right unit for your needs. Let's review what the best portable air conditioners are.

De' Longhi PAC AN112 Silent

De Longhi PAC AN112 Silent De' Longhi PAC 112 SILENT at the price of 699 euros is the first name in this gallery. The Venetian company has been made famous over the years by the now famous Pinguino, a true point of reference in the air conditioning sector. The green version of the Italian brand's flagship product is the PAC AN 112 which is in the A energy efficiency class , thanks to the mix between the high technological profiles and the ability to reduce energy consumption to the maximum, with extremely positive repercussions not only on the energy bill, but also in terms of impact on the environment. The eco-friendly profile of this device is then further enhanced by the use of a refrigerant gas such as propane R290, which does not attack the ozone levels of the atmosphere and therefore contributes in its own small way to the war against global warming. The Real Feel system present in the monobloc should not be forgotten, an innovative technology launched to ensure the achievement of the best possible level of living comfort. An objective made possible by the combined action carried out by reducing both the temperature and the degree of humidity of the environment in which the device is called upon to operate. In this way the room is kept not only cool, but also dry, preventing unpleasant physical consequences for users. The action of the air conditioner can be set on three different levels, each of which prefigures a different strategy, still reaching a considerable power of 11,000 BTU/h and a low noise level which makes it extremely quiet (63 db). The provision of wheels and handles allows for very easy movement, while the new LED display allows continuous and timely monitoring of the situation, thanks to the CLI (Comfort Light Indicator) system. [kelkoo q="pac an112" brand="de longhi" cat="144801"]

De' Longhi PAC AN 97

De Longhi PAC AN 97 De' Longhi PAC AN 97, priced at 546 euros, is an excellent portable air conditioner which is characterized by the achievement of energy efficiency class A and a long series of functions capable of guaranteeing extremely high performance. This device also showcases the Real Feel system, the best possible ally for those who are not satisfied with having fresh air, but also want to be able to enjoy an optimal level of humidity, a feature especially appreciated by those who perhaps have breathing problems that could be highlighted from inadequate dehumidification of the room. The refrigerant gas adopted by PAC AN97 is R410A, which is also capable of proving to be eco-friendly to the right degree. Also worth mentioning are the three fan speeds, the electronic timer that is always active, the system that allows the condensation to be continuously recirculated, the presence of a thermostat that allows for easy and intuitive adjustment of the temperature and the practical remote control that allows you to manage the portable air conditioner even remotely. Also in this case there are naturally wheels and handles that allow you to maneuver the device with extreme ease and practicality, allowing you to place it inside the home based on the needs that may arise throughout the day. [kelkoo q="pac an97" brand="de longhi" cat="144801"]

Argoclima Relax

Argoclima relaxation Argoclima relaxation at a cost of 269 euros. It is a portable air conditioner that stands out in particular for its extreme compactness, ease of use and great functionality. The design is characterized by an elegance based on simplicity and linearity, with a pure white finish that allows the device to mix well with any type of pre-existing furniture. The energy efficiency class is A, demonstrating a meritorious focus on energy efficiency which translates into significant advantages in terms of consumption. Equipped with fins that can be directed manually, its operation is made even easier by the presence of a control panel and an LED display which allow quick and easy setting of the operation, acting on the preferred cooling mode. If in cold mode the condensation is vaporised automatically, opting for dehumidification instead it is instead conveyed into a tank placed inside to be collected, as also happens in particular conditions of humidity and heat. The presence of the Sleep function then allows you to set the ideal conditions for resting during the night, while in the event of a blackout Relax is able to restart on its own, without external intervention. The device is also ideal for particularly large environments, considering that it can cool rooms of up to 40 square metres. It also allows for easy maintenance, thanks to the easy removability of the air filter and no less easy transportability, due to the presence of directional wheels, capable of considerably facilitating the transfer of the air conditioner based on the needs that arise from time to time. . [kelkoo q="air conditioner" brand="argoclima" cat="144801"]

OneConcept CarribeanBlue

OneConcept CarribeanBlue OneConcept CaribbeanBlue at the price of 144.99 euros. In this case we are faced with an evaporative cooler which uses the evaporation of ice and water present in an internal compartment to carry out its action. The evaporation process takes place thanks to a fan, also located inside. The peculiarity of evaporative coolers lies in their ability to cool environments without using refrigerant gases, therefore with a very limited impact on the environment. The disadvantage of this procedure, however, is that it provides a certain degree of humidification of the environment, a consequence of the passage of the water into the gaseous state. The device is equipped with a three-speed fan inside and can move up to 400 cubic meters of air per hour. The flow can instead be directed both vertically and horizontally, as happens in the case of floor fans. The ice must be poured into two bottles which must be inserted into the compartment responsible for receiving them after being in the freezer, in order to contribute to the refrigeration of the air that will be produced by the movement of the fan. It should also be remembered the presence of the Swing and Cool functions: the first pushes OneConcept to act as a fan, while the second, after filling the device with water, will allow it to work as an evaporative cooler. All with a consumption limited to just 72 W. [kelkoo q="CaribbeanBlue" brand="OneConcept" cat="144801"]

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