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Migliori crocchette per cani
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Dog kibble is an ideal diet right from the first days of weaning the puppy and his veterinarian will determine which type of kibble to choose based on the physical condition of the dog who could also be intolerant to a certain type of product . The domestic food on our tables is not at all recommended for our dog unless it is prepared daily and in a certain way but kibble is the best that can exist for dog nutrition. Not only are they complete with everything, including vitamins and mineral salts, but they are an excellent method for cleaning our friend's teeth which are freed from impurities and tartar. As regards the nutritional profile, kibbles are much richer in vitamins and supplements than cans of wet food which are often full of fat and poor in other vitamin elements. However, from time to time, it is possible to feed our dog with puffed rice mixed with a tin of treats or pâté. The best kibbles for dogs do not need to be mixed with water, but are placed directly in the bowl without adding any type of liquid since they already contain around 12% water, unlike wet feeding, given that a can contains contains at least 75%

How to choose kibble?

It is clear that the veterinarian will establish which kibble is most suitable to give to the dog since some fundamental prerogatives must be kept in mind such as age, breed, size and body weight. It is better to buy branded kibble because often it is the price that makes the difference, even if it must be said that in the online channels there are kibble that is less well known than those found in pet shops, but equally excellent. We must not be fooled by those advertisements for dog kibble that offer elements in the shape of a steak or a chicken leg because they are just hackneyed marketing strategies and the dog really doesn't care about the scenography, if anything he loves tasty and tasty foods even if they have the traditional ball shape. Breeders, trainers and veterinarians firmly assert that kibble is the best food for our four-legged friend because the foods prepared independently by the owners or canned wet foods, even if branded, are unable to balance the animal correctly and furthermore , the animal also benefits from chewing because the teeth are strengthened. However, there are a series of differences between the various types of kibble and before choosing the best kibble for dogs, you need to evaluate some things. When we buy kibble for our friend, the label must be the first thing to look at carefully because even if it may cause a stir, there are some companies that produce pet food that care little about the well-being of our faithful friends but pay more attention to the profit therefore, some products are of poor quality because the percentage of certain elements is low or the kibble appears totally devoid of them.

What to read on the label?

The meat used for the croquettes must be the element that comes first and must also be strictly certified. If the label says "meat and derivatives", avoid buying that type of kibble because it means that it contains meat scraps such as nails, heads, ears or paws. Another basic element is animal ash which, if present in limited quantities, is extremely useful because it provides mineral salts but if the percentage is too high it is better to discard that type of food. The percentage of animal proteins must be greater than that of cereals because some companies tend to reverse the quantities, saving on the price but to the detriment of the dog. And speaking of cereals, focus your attention on the type contained in the kibble because those containing corn and soy wheat should be avoided which, in addition to having poor nutritional value, could cause obesity in the dog or even allergic diseases. Instead, prefer those with oats and brown rice which in any case must have a much lower value than meat. Unfortunately, although you carefully browse the various sites that deal with the sale of pet food, it is impossible to find dog food that is free of preservatives but it is advisable to avoid those such as "Ethoxyquin, BHA and BHT" which appear to be highly harmful to our friends. .

What price should we go for?

The advice is to use dog kibble from the best brands if we really care about the health of our friend or at least those which, even if they are cheaper, respect the characteristics mentioned above on the sales labels. In pet shops and online pet shops you can find kibble for dogs at reasonable prices and if you want to save money you can opt to purchase a larger quantity in order to obtain a significant discount. Naturally, it is not possible to list all the brands also because the prices change continuously based on the various ingredients and depending on the site that sells them. The important thing is not to be fooled by excessively low prices which in the vast majority of cases are synonymous with poor if not terrible kibble. You certainly want your dog to grow up strong and rigorous and to make a thoughtful purchase, try to focus on the information on the label even if you purchase in online pet shops because even in this case, it is possible to view all the details.

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Migliori crocchette per cani

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