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Best irons on the market

Bosch TDA2630 Sensixx B1

Bosch TDA2630 Sensixx B1 With a simple and colorful design, this Bosch branded model is sold at a price of 40 euros and stands out for its extreme lightness which makes it one of the most purchased and appreciated products. With a power of 2000W and a tank of almost 300 ml, this iron is equipped with a soleplate with three grooved zones which guarantee exceptional steam production. Equipped with an adjustable thermostat, the product has three anti-limescale functions and an effective self-clean system that removes the much hated limescale. Easy to recharge during use, the Bosch TDA2630 Sensixx B1 is equipped with a convenient electric cable winding system and has a practical and safe auto-off system.

Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6010

Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6010 The iron proposed by Rowenta is among the best products available on the market in 2016. This 2400 W model is covered with quality plastic material and is equipped with a stainless steel plate which has 400 holes. You will therefore have a notable quantity of steam and thanks to the extended tip the iron is very precise and capable of reaching even the most difficult creases. Ready in just two minutes, the Rowenta Eco Intelligence DW6010 has the vertical steam function which allows you to iron clothes directly on the hanger. Finally we will find an excellent anti-limescale system that allows maintenance to be carried out quickly and we will also have the Eco function which allows for energy savings of 30%. The price is around 50 euros.

De' Longhi Stirella PRO1840X

De Longhi Stirella PRO1840X If you are looking for an iron with boiler, the advice is to focus on the De' Longhi Stirella PRO1840X , at a price of 130 euros. This model has a power of 2200 W and is equipped with a dual plate made up of two ceramic and steel coatings which guarantee maximum smoothness on every fabric. The boiler iron heats up in around four minutes, produces a large amount of steam and has a one-litre tank. Another strong point of the product is certainly the simplicity of the controls located on the back and is therefore perfect even for those who are not very familiar with the iron. In addition, the Anticalc System is available with which cleaning operations can be carried out quickly and accurately.

Polti Vaporella Forever 850 Pro

Polti Vaporella Forever 850-Pro Polti has launched a 2000 W boiler iron which is essentially characterized by its Activa soleplate equipped with a large number of holes at the tip which give better ironing precision. The Vaporella Forever 850 Pro has a large 1.2 liter tank with a transparent lid and it is therefore possible to iron continuously for a long time without interruptions. The boiler is made of aluminum alloy and the steam can be set at up to three intensity levels. A useful element is the large cork handle which is resistant to moisture from the hands and prevents the risk of losing the grip of the iron. We also have a non-slip iron rest mat and a handle that makes moving the iron around the house easier. The cost is 150 euros.

Philips Azur Performer Plus

Philips Azur Performer Plus The Azur Performer Plus from Philips is one of the most successful irons currently. With 2600 W of power and rapid heating, the T-ionic Glide straightener is the crown jewel of the product. In fact, it ensures extreme smoothness, is resistant to scratches and is equipped with a tip with a modern design that allows for high quality performance. It is possible to have a burst of steam at 200 g/min or a continuous jet of 50 g/min to iron even the thickest and most difficult fabrics. The product also features a self-cleaning system to easily remove limescale accumulation and has an automatic shut-off system that comes into action after thirty seconds in a horizontal position and after eight minutes in a vertical position. The price is around 60 euros.

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