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How to choose the cordless electric broom

To be truly functional and efficient, a cordless electric broom must first of all be easy to handle and simple to use. In fact, if every time, before using it, you have to read the instructions or work hard to move it, it is probably not the right vacuum cleaner, unless you want to leave it to gather dust in a closet. It must be light, so that it can be used by everyone without problems, even several times a day. Given that it is a wireless appliance, the battery is particularly important, the life of which must be suitable for use: that is, it must have an autonomy of at least 15-20 minutes, to avoid having to recharge it every time it is used, even short. Furthermore, it must have a large and easily emptied tank, which weighs little and thus avoids the economic expense represented by the continuous purchase of expensive bags essential for the operation of some electric brooms.

Best models of electric brooms

Rowenta RH8872 Air Force

Rowenta RH8872 Air Force Rowenta RH8872 Air Force at a cost of 175 euros. Without bag, therefore super handy and very light. The Air ForceTM 360 is perfect on any type of floor and thanks to the numerous accessories it cleans absolutely everything: tiles, joints, windows and carpets, reaching even the most hidden and difficult to reach corners. Also perfect on fabrics, it can be used to vacuum crumbs from sofas, in crevices and on cushions. Its battery life is excellent, with an autonomy of 20 minutes. It recharges in just three hours. It is a compact but also ergonomic electric broom, which does not require constant pressure and is easy to manoeuvre. The LED lights detect dust wherever it lurks and the integrated brushes eliminate it in seconds.

[kelkoo q="electric broom" brand="Rowenta" cat="146501"]

Electrolux ZB3103 Ergorapido 2 in 1

Electrolux ZB3103 Ergorapido Electrolux ZB3103 Ergorapido 2 in 1 sold at the price of 169 euros. It doesn't disprove Electrolux's excellent reputation at all. It is in fact a compact and light but at the same time robust broom, with excellent autonomy: after a three-hour recharge, thanks to the Turbo Power lithium batteries it is not only more powerful, but can also be used without thoughts for 21 minutes. 180° maneuverability, it is equipped with an ergonomic grip and a brush roller that cleans itself thanks to the innovative Brush Roll Clean technology; just push the appropriate pedal while the appliance is running, and self-cleaning is activated. While the front LED lights allow you to illuminate even the most hidden spaces, allowing you to easily vacuum dust under the bed or under the sofa, the balanced center of gravity allows you to position the broom vertically when not in use, saving space. [kelkoo q="electric broom" brand="Electrolux" cat="146501"]

Imetec Piuma Force

Imetec Piuma Force Imetec Piuma Force at a cost of 96.90 euros. One of the lightest on the market (weighs exactly 3 kg), and has a 6 meter long cord, which allows you not to use any extension cord in domestic environments. Equipped with a 4-level filtration system, Imetec Piuma Force has a compartment where dust collects which is washable and easy to empty. The three-in-one brush is perfect for all surfaces: from parquet to carpets, from stoneware to stone. The package for sale includes two fundamental accessories for vacuuming practically anywhere: a crevice nozzle and one for upholstery. [kelkoo q="electric broom" brand="Imetec" cat="146501"]

Dyson DC62 Digital Slim

Dyson DC62 Digital Slim Dyson DC62 Digital Slim at a cost of 472 euros. This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful cordless electric brooms on the market. The cost – which is much above average compared to the main alternatives proposed by competitors – is justified by the presence of the new Dyson V6 digital motor, equipped with 50% more power than common competitor motors. But it is not only very powerful, because the Dyson parent company has also focused heavily on aesthetics and ergonomics: thin and compact, this model weighs only 2kg. It has 2 Tier RadialTM Cyclones, i.e. 15 cyclones aligned in 2 rows that work in parallel in order to increase the air flow to suck up all the dust, even the finest, almost invisible dust. The last brush is equipped with special carbon fiber filaments; this allows you to completely remove any trace of dirt or dust in the house. The autonomy is 20 minutes. [kelkoo q="electric broom" brand="Dyson" cat="146501"]

Colombina De Longhi Cordless XLR32LMD.W

Colombina De Longhi Cordless XLR32LMDW Colombina De Longhi Cordless XLR32LMD.W at a cost of 245. It is mainly characterized by its high voltage. It is possible to choose between three power levels and it is not necessary to change accessories: the attached multi-surface brush, in fact, allows you to vacuum dust on all surfaces, regardless of the material. The rechargeable lithium battery gives it enviable autonomy, more than double that of most other electric brooms: it can be used continuously for 50 minutes. It also has a convenient docking station that acts both as a base when not in use and as a charging station. There is not a bag to change, but rather a tank that can be emptied and washed at any time. [kelkoo q="electric broom" brand="De Longhi" cat="146501"]

Bosch BCH6ATH25 Athlet

Bosch BCH6ATH25 Athlet Bosch BCH6ATH25 Athlet at a cost of 299 euros. The result of the best German technology, it weighs three and a half kilos. Thanks to Bagless technology and the HighPower Brush turbo brush, it allows you to clean any type of surface very thoroughly, including carpets and fabrics. Powerful and compact, it has an essential and elegant design, and is easy to clean thanks to the Easy-Clean system. Bosch BCH6ATH25 Athlet is also ergonomic, with a soft touch handle, and flexible, perfect for cleaning everywhere, even under furniture. Thanks to its well-placed center of gravity it is self-supporting, therefore it stands on its own, without the need to place it on a special base. [kelkoo q="electric broom" brand="Bosch" cat="146501"]

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