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Tips for preventing cellulite

Cellulite is a problem with a very high incidence in women, in fact it affects almost all of them. In fact, it is not an evil that only affects overweight women, but rather it also occurs due to other causes, such as circulatory problems and water retention. Using a good anti-cellulite cream certainly helps, but let's see what other actions we can take to benefit our body. The first tip for fighting cellulite is to always keep moving, which does not necessarily mean actively dedicating yourself to a sport, but it can also be a long daily walk, preferably at a good pace. A second piece of advice is to use gotu kola or horse chestnut infusions. In addition to herbal teas, natural food supplements are also sold which contain extracts of these plants, which help strengthen the capillaries and therefore prevent not only cellulite but also varicose veins and micro-varices. Still in the food field, it is a good idea to introduce fresh fruit and fresh green leafy vegetables into your diet, which should normally be eaten a minimum of five times a week. On the contrary, smoking and alcohol must be eliminated, and drinks with bubbles kept to a minimum. Instead, you need to drink lots and lots of water, especially water with a very low fixed residue. So when you buy mineral water it is a good idea to pay attention to the label, the fixed residue is always easy to identify, and it is a good idea for it to be less than 200. Other rules regarding nutrition recommend increasing the intake of vitamin C and vitamin E, contained for example in orange fruit and vegetables and citrus fruits. Carrots contain a lot of vitamin E, which, in addition to protecting against cellulite, also helps your eyesight. Substances such as silicon and zinc also help reduce cellulite, as well as protecting the skin from UV rays.

Good deeds towards your body

We know that with the cold of winter we can't wait to throw ourselves under a nice hot shower, but be careful: this can also encourage the development of cellulite. This is why it is said that a cold shower is firming and invigorating, but, of course, in the middle of winter, when there is a risk of bronchopneumonia, it is sufficient for the shower to be lukewarm rather than very hot. If you are equipped with those modern showers that have different water jets at different heights, it would be a good idea to adjust them so as to throw colder water on the legs and buttocks so as to promote the recirculation of blood in the vessels. There are also special herbal teas, such as those with fennel, useful for draining stagnant liquids in the body, so as to combat water retention which is one of the main causes of cellulite. Red meat contains types of fat that increase the tendency to cellulite, so reducing the quantities consumed also reduces the onset of cellulite itself. It is also a good idea to use a good anti-cellulite cream, but do not limit yourself to spreading it on the legs and buttocks but massaging the affected parts in order to give a draining effect. A draining massage is one that causes blood and other body fluids to flow back from the legs towards the top of the body, preventing them from stagnating and creating blemishes such as orange peel skin or varicose veins. For the same reason it is best to avoid keeping your legs crossed for long periods or placing weights on them. For example, if you use your laptop by placing it on your legs for several hours, you tend not to let the blood circulate in your legs and this can cause an increase in cellulite. It can also be said that it is precisely a sedentary lifestyle in general that goes hand in hand with cellulite. So, laptop or not, get off the couch and do some exercise, you'll see that the situation will improve quickly.

Fight cellulite naturally

A bit of exercise, of course, doesn't mean five minutes, but an hour's walk a day. It is also essential to keep your body hydrated, drinking two liters of water a day, especially in summer when you sweat more and therefore lose more fluids. If it is difficult for you to drink natural water in large quantities, be sure to use draining herbal teas, such as fennel, birch, red vine, burdock or horsetail, among others). In very serious cases, mud therapy can be used at specialized beauty centers or spas, but a remedy that can be used independently at home is anti-cellulite cream that can be purchased in a pharmacy or herbalist's shop, which should be applied to the areas where the damage is most evident. and also used as a cream for draining massage. It is not compulsory to go to massage centers, you can, with a little patience, massage your feet and legs yourself, trying to exert an upward push that accompanies the outflow of blood from the peripheral areas of the body towards the central areas, in order to help the lymphatic and circulatory systems move liquids within your body. An incorrect or unbalanced diet can lead to cellulite even if you are not overweight. For this reason we must be careful to reduce fats and fried foods, especially animal fats, and give up sweets and caffeine. You need to ensure that meals are as balanced as possible between carbohydrates, proteins, fats and sugars and try to vary foods as much as possible, even when you are forced to eat away from home for work reasons. Heavy condiments should also be avoided, which, although not giving a feeling of satiety, are harmful to the body.

Combine massage and cream

As we said, a very effective way to fight cellulite is to massage the affected areas for a long time with specific movements and accompanying the massage with anti-cellulite cream. It is good to use an anti-cellulite oil or cream during this massage process to avoid reddening the skin with friction or pushing too hard in some areas. The anti-cellulite cream, in addition to having an effect in itself, will help you to slide your hands during the massage so as to create a homogeneous push on the veins directed from bottom to top. In this way the beneficial effects of the anti-cellulite cream combined with the massage will soon be evident. The massages that are suitable for fighting cellulite are those that aim to expel toxins harmful to the body by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems, as well as the nervous system of our body. All areas affected by cellulite must be manipulated delicately, without pressing with excessive force to avoid crushing the blood vessels. A specific anti-cellulite cream associated with massage is ideal because the movement of the hands on the skin will maximize the absorption of the active ingredients of the anti-cellulite cream and therefore its effectiveness more quickly. Furthermore, the rubbing of the muscles given by the massage makes them warm up, so the muscles of the skin also warm up and become more active and ready to receive, through the pores, the nourishment brought by the anti-cellulite cream. Of course, massages done by experts bring notable benefits in a shorter time, but that doesn't mean you have to give up massages done independently at home, because these are also beneficial.

How to apply the cream

There are different massages that can be used against cellulite depending on the different areas of the body that are affected. It must be remembered that each of these massages must always be done starting from the lowest area and pushing towards the highest area of the body, furthermore it is good to drink in large quantities while carrying out the massage to facilitate the elimination of harmful toxins even more quickly. For the thigh area you can apply an anti-cellulite cream and then move your hands over your legs as if you were kneading bread. You must not press too hard and you must continue until the anti-cellulite cream is completely absorbed. To make the massage action easier and more effective, you can lift your leg and place it on a chair. The areas that feel harder and more rigid when touched are our enemies, the cellulite pads, which is why you need to stay on these points and massage for a few minutes. After the anti-cellulite cream has been well absorbed by the thighs, you can move on to spreading it and massaging it higher up, on the buttocks. To massage this part you need to take it between your fingers and roll it, focusing more on the parts that are harder. In addition, you can exert a vibration with your hands, placing them on the meat and moving them to make it tremble. It is particularly suitable to carry out these massages with anti-cellulite cream in the evening after the shower, even better if you have done sport before the shower. After a shower, the skin appears softer and warmer, which is why it is better suited to absorbing anti-cellulite cream. If after the massage with anti-cellulite cream, say within an hour, you feel the need to urinate, it means that the massage has had an effect in draining and eliminating the stagnant liquids in the body and, with them, a good quantity of toxins.

What doctors say about cellulite

Dermatologists recommend first of all engaging in sports and walking, yes, but in green areas. Air pollution is harmful to the health of our skin and also causes a worsening of the effects of cellulite. For this reason it is essential that when you take a walk you do so in healthy environments where the air is, as far as possible, fresh and pure. Especially when the air is very humid, the effects of pollution on the skin are more harmful. Walking along the beach is also very good, because the sea air is rich in iodine and this activates the circulation of blood vessels. In the morning it is advisable to add an apple to your daily breakfast, or, alternatively, pineapple. Both promote diuresis and therefore the elimination of the infamous toxins. An extra touch to your day could be given by a glass of water with a teaspoon of ventilated clay which can easily be purchased in herbalist's shops and also has a draining function for the body. The action of massages is considered very positive, especially with anti-cellulite cream, not only for the draining action of the massage itself, but also because the massage helps to relax and reduce the stress and anxiety accumulated during the day. In fact, even the latter are harmful factors that have an impact on the skin and increase the formation of cellulite pads. Why? It's simple: anxiety and stress cause the body to produce adrenaline, which in turn causes the body to block the melting of fat, thus forming fat pads. Finally, it is best to avoid excessive heat, both by keeping the home heating at a temperature no higher than 20°C and by avoiding too hot showers or long baths in hot water.

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