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Military clothing has specific characteristics, and the items that can be worn are different: we find trousers (generally wide and with side pockets on the bottom), caps, hair with a visor, t-shirts, shirts, the shirts, accessories, gloves, camouflage and even helmets! As for the colors, they are the typical ones used in the army, therefore the tones of green and brown in all shades. The camouflage can also be grey, which alternates with white on trousers and jackets. The materials generally used for these items of clothing are resistant, elastic and of good quality. Furthermore, these materials are also quite breathable, so they are able to protect the body from excessive sweating. The quality and resistance of these garments means that they can last a long time without getting ruined. Shirts, for example, rarely fade, and jackets can tolerate even high temperature washing without being affected in the slightest. Typical of military clothing are amphibians, heavy footwear suitable for use on any type of terrain, even the most impervious, and for this reason worn by the majority of military corps. Then there are military accessories, such as bags and backpacks, generally made with very resistant and comfortable materials for various circumstances. These are accessories suitable for transport, and spacious inside. Backpacks are generally large and bulky, because soldiers usually fill them with everything they need. Military clothing is used above all by young people, who love to mix this style with sportswear, and the result is very positive! The girls choose military green tank tops, which they combine with wide trousers and multi pockets. Obviously, if you don't want to opt for amphibians (more suitable for men), at least wear a low-cut, sporty shoe. What are the types of people who wear such military clothing? We have already mentioned the very young, who opt for military style garments because they find them comfortable and "fashionable". Then there are people who use such clothing to practice some sporting activities, such as hunting or fishing. Hunters generally wear camouflage like that of soldiers, for a few reasons: it is comfortable, it does not hinder movement, and it is ideal for camouflage among the vegetation to capture prey. The multi-pocket trousers are suitable for inserting cartridges and hunting supplies, but fishermen also find them comfortable. Then there are fans of the uniform and the armed forces, who opt for this type of clothing to wear something original, or for a masquerade party. Sometimes it doesn't take much to make a style more sophisticated, for example a military green shirt or a jacket combined with simple jeans. Military clothing used for sporting purposes can be a few sizes larger, because it is generally worn looser. Therefore, slender people find it more difficult to find military clothing, compared to more corpulent and robust people. Italian military clothing differs from typical American clothing. American-style military garments almost all have a Goretex lining, which is a highly insulating substance (both from heat and cold). US military equipment is suitable for wearing in winter, when temperatures are particularly low, but also when it is very hot. In both winter and summer the shoes used are amphibians, which do not differ in models in Italy and America, and are suitable for any circumstance. Even for walks in the city! Fans of this type of clothing know where to buy it, be it shops or market stalls, where it is possible to find real bargains!


The beret is an accessory that generally brings to mind a military body. It is a hat made of cloth, felt or wool, and does not have a visor. The name "Basque" comes from the fact that the first to use it were the farmers of the Basque Country, who wore it while working. The French "Alpini" military corps used the beret as a military accessory in 1888. It was later also used during the Spanish civil war and in the Second World War. The color of the beret identifies the military corps that uses it, often a frieze or coat of arms is added. This accessory immediately spread quickly, because it is economical in materials and very comfortable. Furthermore, thanks to its flexible materials, it can be easily folded and carried in your pocket. In Italy, Basque was used by the Armed Forces between the 1960s and the 1980s. The color was particular, it was khaki. It was subsequently replaced by the color black, and since 1968 it has been regularly used by the Carabinieri. The Alpine troops in Italy do not wear the beret, while generally all other military corps wear it. The beret is a very popular accessory even among those who are not military, and it is very "fashionable". You can try visiting some site specialized in the production of hats if you want to get one, or even in the specific section dedicated to accessories that you find on the "E-bay" site. You can choose any color, but if you like the sporty/military style I especially recommend the blue or military green colors. The beret can be worn with an informal jacket, but also combined with a more elegant coat. Those who don't like the beret can complete their military style by wearing a simple wool cap or a cap with a visor.

Where to buy

If you want to buy military clothing, know that you can find both new and used items around. In the first case, there are shops specialized in the sale of sports/military clothing. In the second, flea markets are the most suitable places to find used military clothing, and therefore also convenient from an economic point of view. If, however, you need a uniform or uniform to participate in a masquerade party, then it is advisable to contact the company that produces them directly, or have one given to you by someone you know who belongs to the police force. Used garments may have some tears or defects due to use, which for some represent elements that make the garment more "lived in", and therefore with a history. Buying at the flea market always has a particular charm, in addition to the fact that you can often find good deals. This place is frequented mostly by young people, who love sports and military clothing, but who have little money to spend. It is possible to find entire stocks of camouflage, military green t-shirts, and even combat boots. However, you have to be lucky in finding the right size. Obviously used items should always be washed before being worn, with a very delicate laundry disinfectant, which does not affect the colours. The "cheaper" items are generally t-shirts and military hats. The more particular models, such as the American military style, have higher costs, but this does not mean that you cannot find some good opportunities by rummaging through the market stalls. In large cities there are sportswear stores with the "military" department. You can come in, take a look at the prices and decide whether to opt for new or used items. If you are looking for some item in particular, then these shops are for you. To find the stores closest to you, the web can help you. Happy searching! There are several companies specializing in the production of military clothing, which export their products all over the world. We have made a quick overview of them, identifying the best known ones in the sector, and which also have a fair amount of visibility on the web. The Italian company Propper specializes in the field of military clothing, and boasts several years of experience in the sector. The garments produced by this company are modern and comfortable, suitable for the particular needs of the armed forces. The garments are all subjected to rigorous checks, therefore they present a certain guarantee of quality. The "Ctf" company has been operating in the military clothing sector for several years, and produces comfortable clothing with great attention to detail. All products are made using Italian materials, through the use of modern and advanced technologies. Another company in our country that produces military-type clothing is Pxprato. The company was established in 1991, and since then it has increasingly specialized in military clothing for special departments. The garments created offer effective protection in any weather condition, and in particularly adverse situations. The In uniform company deals with the production and wholesale of military clothing. It is also possible to make retail purchases. This company, located in Florence, is equipped with a tailoring service, to make any changes to the garments purchased, in order to make them perfect to be worn. Then we find Lovers, which is the company that has supplied the Italian army since 1982. This company has two offices, one in Italy, the other in Romania. The great experience in the sector and the choice of reliable and safe materials make the Lovers military clothing items of excellent quality, and also very refined in style.

Buying on the internet

Those who prefer to make purchases online can find various deals by browsing the internet. However, remember that when purchasing online you must consider additional shipping costs. Furthermore, since we cannot try on the garments directly, we will have to take inspiration from models we have already seen worn by others, and hope that it will have the same effect on you. On the various sites specialized in the sale of military clothing you will find a vast assortment of items, and various sizes are generally available. Prices also vary depending on the models chosen, but in general there is more convenience than in stores. We took a look around the internet to find some reliable sites that we recommend for making your purchases. The website struck us with its completeness, the order in the structure and the catalog full of garments and accessories. There is also the "Consignment of sale" section, which offers the sale of used items. Shipping costs are canceled if you place an order that exceeds 80 euros. You can choose the payment method that best suits your needs. Another site that you can consult for your online purchases is called On the home page there is a drop-down menu from which you can select the chosen category. There is everything: bermudas, bandanas, caps, military footwear, shirts, military bags, etc. The ordering system is easy and immediate, just register and you can easily enter the site as many times as you want. A point of reference for those who practice hunting and for all lovers of military clothing is We recommend it because it is full of garments and accessories, available in all sizes, for men and women. It is possible to find really advantageous prices. The site is mainly specialized in "soft air". If you're curious, go check it out. Please consult the "occasions" section.

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