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How to choose a good washing machine cover cabinet

Washing machine covers are functional elements that allow you to improve the design and aesthetics of these appliances: it is a very useful solution for an exposed washing machine, so as to avoid clutter and create a more livable, comfortable, tidy and elegant environment. In fact, in many modern houses of small size there is no real laundry room, but the appliance is placed in the bathroom, in the kitchen or on the terrace. Furthermore, this piece of furniture allows you to create a harmonious overall solution, following the style and dominant shades of the room. There are many models on the market made by various manufacturing companies, different in materials used, finishes and colours: the choice depends on the furnishings of the home and your personal tastes. To choose a good washing machine cabinet you need to opt for an element that combines design and functionality. In this way the appliance is integrated into it. Some solutions are configured as real compositions as they have a washer-dryer column combined with the suspended bathroom furniture, so as to give a modern and elegant connotation to the environment.

Used materials

When choosing the washing machine cabinet, you must first evaluate the materials with which they are built: the surfaces must be resistant and waterproof enough to have a solution that lasts a long time. In fact, this complement is generally inserted in particular environments, for example the terrace, the bathroom, the basement, the balcony or the garage, characterized by a high level of humidity. Consequently, it is necessary to protect the panels from swelling and deterioration. Very often they are made of water-repellent V100 melamine because it is the most used material to make bathroom furniture as it has very high anti-humidity characteristics. Stainless steel or aluminum represent a modern, very resistant solution that requires basic maintenance and is truly durable. Precisely for this reason these accessories are often placed outside, even if they are also very popular indoors. Aluminum washing machine cabinets are distinguished from stainless steel ones by being lighter, however in both cases a higher level of resistance to atmospheric agents is achieved. However, we recommend opting for a painted galvanized metal structure. Other materials that can be used are wrought iron and wood, especially if you want to opt for particularly elegant elements. The various types of wood allow you to have a truly solid and sturdy piece of furniture, capable of supporting other appliances on the horizontal shelf. At the same time, the veins and shades guarantee intriguing results also from an aesthetic point of view. This is the most widespread material in the case of real bathroom compositions, which combine the sink and other accessories with the washing machine. If, however, you focus on a cheaper piece of furniture, which has the sole purpose of containing the appliance, we recommend one made of lightweight plastic materials, for example PVC. Economical, very versatile products, available in an almost infinite range of colors and which last a long time. Resin is used for both indoor and outdoor models as it is extremely resistant: in fact this material manages to effectively protect the washing machine from strong temperature changes and from overheating caused by summer sunlight.

Outdoor and indoor models

Very often indoor washing machine furniture is an evolution of classic sinks and features one or two doors. Once closed, the appliance is invisible. Other solutions, however, have a different structure: in some cases the structure envelops the washing machine without completely hiding it, so as to attenuate the presence of the appliance in the room. In some circumstances the washing machine can be placed outside, for example in a corner of the porch, on the terrace or on the balcony. In this case the washing machine cabinets have absolutely practical functions and there are no purely aesthetic reasons. In fact, even if you place the appliance in a sheltered spot to prevent it from being easily exposed to the elements, it is necessary to guarantee a greater level of protection. There are many materials that allow you to have a functional and quality outdoor accessory: the cheapest solutions are in resistant PVC. These models are highly appreciated because they are waterproof, practical, resistant, durable and require minimal maintenance. Secondly, they do not stain and it is sufficient to wipe the surfaces with a sponge or a wet cloth to remove dirt and traces of dust. For contexts with a better aesthetic impact, however, we focus on metal or resin. However, it must be kept in mind that aluminum or stainless steel products must have been subjected to a particular anti-rust treatment to guarantee the durability and good condition of the element.

Ikea washing machine cover cabinet

Ikea is a brand that offers customers an almost infinite range of furnishing accessories: among the washing machine cabinets, the Lillangen model stands out in particular, compact, practical and with a pleasant design. Equipped with adjustable plastic feet, so as to protect the supporting structure from the humidity of the floors and the surrounding environment. It is characterized by not completely hiding the appliance from view, but by wrapping it laterally. Consequently, the front part remains visible and is immediately accessible. Ikea Lillangen is supplied with handles, adjustable shelves and towel rails at a cost of 79 euros. The overall height is 195 cm as the washing machine is placed in the appropriate lower space, while the upper area is intended for an internal compartment closed by two classic hinged doors of equal capacity. Consequently, it is the most suitable solution for exploiting the height of the spaces in the bathroom or laundry room. In fact, the piece of furniture allows you to efficiently optimize every available centimeter, without neglecting the aesthetic aspect and interior design. The result is truly ergonomic, harmonious and tidy. Generally, the large upper space is used to house bathroom and home cleaning products, washing machine detergents and fabric softeners, spare towels and very useful objects for managing the laundry space. Made of chipboard panels, therefore it has good resistance and durability over time. However, to guarantee the perfect condition of the model it is a good idea to implement some precautions: for example, cleaning is done by passing over it with a cloth just soaked in a mixture based on water and a slightly concentrated detergent.


The prices of washing machine cabinets vary greatly and cover a fairly wide range: in fact, the versatility of the models on the market involves numerous factors that make the costs decidedly variable. The simplest solutions made of plastic or resin materials and equipped with front doors are often very economical. Prices average around 50 euros. If you use more valuable and aesthetically beautiful materials, the costs rise, even significantly. For example, similar wooden models can be found starting from 200 euros. Prices are very variable even in the case of actual bathroom compositions, which combine storage compartments, sinks and sinks. The minimum cost for these furnishings is around 200 euros, but it can even reach 1,000 euros for the more elaborate products, larger in size and with elegant finishes. However, when you opt for elements that develop vertically, they range from 300 to 1,000 euros. This way you have cabinets that allow you to stack your washer and dryer. Factors that can increase costs are the finishes, which must be chosen carefully when placing the appliance in an internal environment to improve the quality of the result.

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