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The operation of the telescopic ladder is based on a very simple mechanical principle: the tubular elements that make up the ladder represent the housing for other extractable elements of smaller diameter, which means that the ladder can be extended according to your needs. The telescopic ladders that can be purchased today in hardware and DIY stores are generally made of aluminium, a lightweight material that at the same time guarantees maximum sturdiness. These tools can be conveniently reduced to a minimum size after use and stored in the garage or closet, where they will take up very little space. When you need them for subsequent DIY jobs, small repairs or painting, simply position them in the desired place and extend them until they reach the right height. Therefore, telescopic ladders are the ideal solution for those who want to combine maximum practicality with space requirements, and their use is recommended in the most diverse situations, from the home to the garden. But how much can telescopic ladders be extended? Depending on the models, the extension can be truly remarkable. In fact, there are some models capable of going from 80 to 300 centimeters in just a few seconds! This notable variation in length makes it clear what the versatility and usefulness of similar tools is in domestic environments and beyond. The top of the range telescopic ladders can also exceed six meters in height.


There are two main types of these DIY tools, namely single and double ladders. In the first case, these are simple extendable ladders to be placed on a vertical surface, and when these models are closed, all the steps are close to each other. When the staircase is opened, the tubular elements on which the steps are transversely mounted slide out of each other, allowing the staircase to be fully extended. In the second type of telescopic ladders, the models can also stand alone and it is possible to lengthen both climbing sections of the ladder (or, if necessary, even just one). One of the main advantages of double telescopic ladders is that these models can be used in many different ways: as single ladders to lean against the wall, and in this case they are ideal for example for driving a nail or climbing onto the roof. It is also possible to use them as double ladders, perhaps to paint the ceiling or change a light bulb; and, finally, telescopic ladders can also be used by extending only one of the two climbing sections, in such a way as to create a "lame" ladder that can be placed on steps or garage slides. In addition to these two variants of telescopic ladders, in some specialized shops and on e-commerce portals it is also possible to purchase telescopic latches. These particular models are equipped with two independent climbing sections and a horizontally arranged upper platform, on which it is possible to move from one point to another without being forced to go down and move the ladder.

How to use it

Since it is a tool whose incorrect use can cause injury to people, it is necessary to be familiar with the operation and safety recommendations of a telescopic ladder before using it. The instruction manual attached to the model contains all the necessary information, starting from the maximum capacity of the ladder which is generally 120-150 kg. Telescopic ladders must always be placed on flat surfaces with good grip, and must never be left unattended in the presence of children. To open them, you generally hold the ladder still with your hands, keeping the lower part resting on the ground with one foot and lifting upwards. In doing so, the ladder extends section by section and, once completely extended, the locking occurs using special closing levers. Before climbing the ladder, it is best to make sure that these levers are perfectly locked in position to avoid sudden failures. To close the telescopic ladder, keep the tool in a vertical position, holding the upper part firmly with one hand and, with the other, unlocking the closing lever until the locking system is released. Subsequently the ladder must be closed by sliding it starting from the upper sections until reaching the lower one. When closing the telescopic ladder you need to pay close attention to your hands, because it is not difficult to pinch or pinch your fingers while sliding the elements of the ladder into each other. When using a telescopic ladder, like traditional folding ladders, the rule of common sense always applies: to avoid accidents it is best to pay maximum attention at all times, and be careful to place the ladder at an angle of at least 75° with respect to to the floor in such a way as to guarantee good stability.


The right place for those looking for a telescopic ladder to place in their home are DIY and DIY shops, which generally offer a good range of choices and where it is possible to ask in person for advice and suggestions for acquisitions. Another excellent purchasing strategy is to carry out a simple search on the web, which will provide an assortment of telescopic ladders that any physical store can only envy. Online purchases usually lead to considerable savings, but for many consumers, touching the product firsthand before buying it still represents a prerogative of fundamental importance. How much does a telescopic ladder typically cost? The price range is quite wide, given that this category of DIY products includes ladders characterized by different operating mechanisms and heights. The cheapest simple telescopic ladders generally cost around 60-120 euros, while by moving to double models it is normally possible to spend from 100 to 250 euros. For those who need to use a telescopic ladder outdoors, it is a good idea to check the suitability of the model for this type of use. In fact, most commercially available ladders are not designed to withstand bad weather and can be damaged due to humidity.

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