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The luggage trolley can be used both for removals or to move tools and packages in a room, and it can also be used to conveniently transport and empty rubbish bins. There are reclining models which, in addition to the two wheels underneath, also have a third wheel which is used to tilt it and transport it more comfortably on three support points. Then there are the electric ones which have a motor that is used to make the trolley move forward without effort on the part of man. In this case, manual control serves exclusively to give the trolley the direction to guide it along the route to travel, but all the effort is made by the trolley itself. The electric motor generates enough force to push it even up a slope or on a ramp, for example the access ramp to a garage or a basement. In addition to the classic model which is reclining and has a relatively narrow shelf, there is also one with a wide base platform, which is long and therefore can carry heavier loads, dragging them but without tilting and lifting them. It is the type of luggage trolley found for example in airports for transporting suitcases, and is in fact very convenient for placing more than one load at a time or even very heavy and bulky loads on its long platform. The model with the opposite concept to the one with the platform is the very light aluminum trolley which can be reclined and lifted with great ease and is equipped with a very narrow pallet base so that it can be conveniently stored in a closet with minimal bulk, to meet the the need to adapt to the limited spaces of the domestic environment of the house.


If you need to lift packages from the ground, it is advisable to purchase the model with two arms which can be just over a meter long and act as forks that lift the package from the ground to place it on a higher shelf, perhaps on a van or a transport truck, or simply on a different shelf of a warehouse shelf. Then we find the trolley that folds on itself, so as to take up as little space as possible when storing it. Then there are stair climbing trolleys, which allow you to carry loads up the stairs without breaking your spine and getting a hernia. As? It's a brilliant idea: the trolley is supported by a small wheel, while higher up there is a much larger wheel that rests on the top of the step and levers to carry the package up with minimal effort. The yield is very high, in fact just think that it weighs 16 kg and can carry a package that weighs 160, while a stair climber that weighs 35 kg can lift 3 quintals and 30 kilos. The weight of the stairclimber during the transport maneuver is balanced in such a way that the center of gravity remains constantly in the center of the tread of the step, in order to maintain maximum safety of use without running any risk of disastrous slipping down the stairs. Despite being quite large, it remains very agile and practical for all maneuvers even in the limited spaces reserved for the stairs of a common home. A truly innovative solution that will avoid having to move by moving the furniture through the windows when there is no real need.

Stair trolley

This technology for climbing stairs is truly innovative and allows you to climb several floors while carrying heavy loads without them appearing heavy. Let's see the parts it is made up of. First of all, the plate where the package is stored can be foldable, so as not to create unnecessary space when the trolley is not in use. Then it is equipped with an electric battery that can be recharged from a simple socket with a common power cable. This battery allows the trolley to do all the effort for you, so that you only have to direct it, while it will carry out the lifting manoeuvres. Obviously, a fastening system is provided for the package or appliance you wish to transport. Yes, you read that right, appliance. In fact, this system allows you to move even refrigerators, washing machines and dishwashers up stairs without problems, up to a speed of thirty-five steps in one minute. How does? The large load-bearing wheels are accompanied by two electronically operated wheels that rotate in a circle giving you the ability to climb the flight of stairs without you having to lift or tilt anything. The trolley does everything by itself with its electric battery, which normally weighs only 4kg and is firmly fixed to the base which generally weighs 16kg. In this way, transporting furniture and packages from one floor to another becomes child's play and you can do everything independently without breaking the elevators and without having to contact an expensive removal and transport company, therefore without having to let strangers into your home and, obviously, without even having to pay anyone. Easier than that! It is certainly an advantageous innovation.


We first mentioned the type of roof rack trolley with the platform. In reality, there are also those with two or three platforms, as well as workshop models which look more or less like a workbench equipped with wheels and therefore easily transportable. Such a workbench may have closed drawers and cabinets for tools, as well as shelves for other types of cargo. Then there are trolley platforms that lift, so as to lift the packages to be able to handle them more easily. These are equipped with four identical wheels that can rotate in any direction, so as to allow more agile movement maneuvers. The least bulky and heavy trolleys are certainly the aluminum ones with folding platform and folding handle. When you close them it will almost seem like they disappear. Then there are those that have a cantilevered shovel to facilitate the positioning of loads on them. In this case these are usually trolleys on two reclining wheels. Then there are those that combine a fixed shovel and a folding shovel so as to be used for different uses, such as that of bags or parcels, which clearly require a different type of shovel depending on the case. We also find luggage trolleys that have a special support for transporting the garbage bag and which can be used in two different ways. In fact, if they are dragged horizontally, they can accommodate large or long packages, while if they are arranged vertically they are suitable for transporting tall loads, such as doors or refrigerators. In addition to the folding handles of the folding type, there are also handles that fold like a telescope, so as to disappear in a much easier and less bulky way.


Obviously there are also trolleys with trailers which, if approved, are suitable for hooking up behind cars so you can transport packages around the city without problems. They are equipped with wheels very similar to those of the cars themselves. But also the other types, the classic and simple ones for manual use and with two wheels, can have different types of wheels depending on the use for which they were designed, or rather the surface on which they must slide with their wheels. For this reason there is the trolley with solid hard rubber wheels, or the one with pneumatic wheels, which resists cushioning better, or the one with pneumatic wheels but iron rims, which are even more solid. A variant are the wheels with nylon rims, which are also pneumatic. Obviously the dimensions of the wheels can vary considerably depending on everyone's different needs. If you want it to be more resistant but also heavier than the aluminum one, you can choose one with a steel structure, which is certainly less manageable but more robust. The steel structure is also available in both folding and telescopic modes. They are all extremely useful models for moving furniture and boxes around the house or garden or, as we said before, even up and down ramps and stairs. In addition to the handles, the platforms are also sometimes adjustable in length and width, so as to adapt perfectly to the different objects you wish to transport. There are trolleys with particularly large diameter wheels which are specially made to avoid the risk of them becoming punctured or worn out quickly with use. And, since the eye also wants its part, there are also trolleys of different colours, both in the structure, both in the tires and in the wheel rims.

Where to buy

It is a tool widely used by everyone and for many different needs, therefore very easy to find on the market, both online and from general or specialized shops. It can also be purchased, in its simplest models, in a normal hardware store or in a specialized DIY store. Of course, there are companies with specific online stores that exclusively produce and sell roof rack trolleys, so purchasing from them could guarantee a better price or quality, or simply specific features that cannot be found elsewhere, as in the case we talked about above, of the trolley specific stair climber for loads of different weights and structures. Then there are online auction sites where you can easily find a trolley, even second-hand but in good condition, or even new, since there are also shops that access online auction sites as companies. Of course, it is advisable to check the feedback recorded by the sellers on these types of sites, to be sure that the order placed and paid online is received and that the luggage trolley is actually delivered to your home within the established times and methods and that the model ordered corresponds perfectly to the one received. On specialized sites for the sale of DIY objects you can view photos and descriptions of the characteristics of each individual model and piece, so you can choose freely while sitting comfortably at home. If you then want to prepare a company order, you can also request the printing of your company brand on the parcel trolley during production, so as to conform it to the company's characteristic colors and design. There is a wide choice, you just need to know what you want!

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